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Lesson Plan

Grammar: Articles


Learning Outcomes:

Moral Values:
Teaching Resources/Aids:

Prior Knowledge/Skills

Set Induction
(5 minutes)

Wednesday / 26th January 2011
9.45 a.m. – 10.45 a.m. / 1 hour
3 Cerdik
“Articles (with singular nouns)”
‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Understand how the three different articles are used
2. Identify which article is correct for different nouns
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Write at least 5 correct articles for five words
2. Categorise words according to the correct article by pasting the correct
answer on the manila card prepared
1. Grouping and categorising
11.5 Hardworking
12.3 Helping one another
1. Group chart
2. Individual chart
3. Reward stickers
4. Powerpoint presentation
5. Worksheet 1
6. Worksheet 2
7. Manila Card
8. Envelope containing pictures
9. Tack-it
1. Pupils have learnt about singular and plural nouns
2. Pupils have learnt about common and proper nouns

Teaching Strategy
1. Teacher introduces the
reward charts to pupils.
(i) Group chart
(ii) Individual chart

Language Content
“Class, today I am going to tell you
about the reward charts.”
“The first chart is the group chart.”
(show chart)
“The second is the individual
chart.” (show chart)


1. Group chart
2. Individual ch
3. Reward stick

Teacher reminds group leaders that they must make sure everyone in their group does the task. Listen carefully. and that it is up to the teacher to decide who gets which sticker. “Remember. 3.Lesson Plan Grammar: Articles 2. Pupils are divided into 3 groups. Suhana. Syukri Group 3 (Tiger) Leader: Aisyah (M) Members: Amirul. If I am happy with you.” “Group leaders are responsible for their group members. You cannot tell me what sticker to give you. I will give you the smile sticker.” “You will be divided into 3 groups.” .” 6. “I will give you one smile to start with.” Group 2 (Dolphin) Leader: Imran Members: Aisyah (R). Teacher reminds pupils that the reward chart is very important. I will choose who gets the sticker. 5. “Now I will explain how the charts work. Syahmi. Teacher explains about individual reward charts. (refer to attachment) 7. Syahrizan 4. Teacher explains how chart works (please refer to attachment). Teacher gives each pupil one starting point (1 smile) for the week. Group 1 (Eagle) Leader: Alif Members: Noriza. I will give you the unsmiling or sad sticker. Adina. If I am angry at you.

Whoever gets all smiles for the whole week. you will get something special from me. boy Proper nouns: Alif. “This chart is for both English and Pendidikan Seni. dog. books “Give me some examples of common nouns. cake.g. girl. .Lesson Plan Grammar: Articles Presentation (20 minutes) 8. computer. 3. (write words on board) 2. There is usually an ‘s’ at the end. “I will give everyone one sticker at the end of every class.” 9. will get a certificate. Pupils recall what they know about singular and plural nouns. Melaka “Today we are going to learn about articles. Pupils recall what they learned about common and proper nouns.” “They are ‘a’. including for Pendidikan Seni. TM: Powerpoint presentation “What do you remember about singular and plural nouns?” Notes: (i) singular nouns are for something CCTS: that is only one in number Grouping and (ii) plural nouns refer to things that categorising are more than one in quantity.” 1. girls.” “If you get all smiles for one week.” Example of answers: Common nouns: cat. The sticker will be awarded at the end of every class. Teacher tests pupils with two or three words. Masjid Tanah. Examples: Singular plural Apple apples cat cats box boxes bus buses “Is this a singular or plural noun?” e. and ‘the’. ‘an’. Teacher introduces the articles to pupils.

e. f.” “‘an’ is used for consonant sounds” Vowel sounds: a. t. e. d.” “You must think of which article is the correct one for your noun. y. I am going to give everyone one noun. j. i.Teacher shows chart of letters that make the consonant and vowel sounds. o. read this dialogue. k. an apple orange igloo iguana the sun moon girl girls “Now. u). Teacher explains how articles are used.Lesson Plan Grammar: Articles (i) ‘a’ (ii) ‘an’ (iii) ‘the’ 4. s. Teacher explains how ‘the’ is used. “‘a’ and ‘an’ are used for singular common nouns. h. I. c. focusing on ‘a’ and ‘an’ first. Pupils try to identify which article is correct for the noun they get 6. g. w. v. m. p.” . r. u Consonant sounds: b. honest: ‘h’ makes a vowel sound University: ‘u’ makes a consonant sound Examples: a cat box bus girl 5. x.” ‘the’ can be used for both singular and plural nouns. l. o. . ‘the’ is used when you want to talk about something specific. q. z Exceptions: Hour.” “‘a’ is used for vowel sounds (a. “For example. n.

Manila Card 2. “See me when you are done.” “You will get 1 envelope. They must decide which article is correct for each word.5 Hardworkin LO1 Teacher’s notes: Make Suhana and Amirul: . 1 manila card and some tack-it. Imran and Aisyah M) will come and get the materials for your group.” Teaching Materials: 1. Tack-it CCTS: Grouping & categorising Moral Values: 12. “Now. Each group will get:  1 envelope containing flashcards  1 manila card  Some tack-it “Group leaders (Alif. Pupils gather in their groups. (Teacher demonstrates) 4. They must fill in the correct article for each object in the worksheet.Lesson Plan Grammar: Articles Imran: I ate an apple from this box.5 Helping on another LO2 .” 2.” 3. Envelope containing pictures 3. Focused Practise ( 20 minutes) 1. using only ‘a’ and ‘an’. Pupils answer worksheet 1. Worksheet 1 Moral Values: 11. Pupils are reminded to go to teacher when they have completed their worksheet. Group leaders will take the materials.” “You must choose which article is correct for each object. Aisyah: Which apple? Imran: The green apple.finish Worksheet 1 Communicative Practice (15 minutes) 1. “I want everyone to be in their groups. I am going to give you this worksheet. They must paste the pictures “Put each picture under the correct according to the correct Teaching Mater least understand how to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ .” 2.

Teacher awards stickers to each person. Pupils have 10 minutes to complete the task.” “The group that gets all the answers correct will get 2 smiles. 2.Lesson Plan Grammar: Articles category on the manila card 5. Pupils recall what they have learnt. “So what did you learn today?” “Can you tell me which article is correct for elephant?” *write random nouns on board and ask pupils to give the correct answer .” 6. The group that gets all correct will get 2 smiles category. Closure (5 minutes) 1.