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Heloderma Horridus

I will move as I want at my own slow pace

(Massimo, Forsaken p110)

Slowness/lazy (eats only eggs, doesn't use verbs)

Desires eggs - (this is animals main diet)
Fear of Darkness, despite fear she continues to live alone
Speechinterest in structure of language, kids makes own language w/o verbs
Very good sense of humor

This is the only dinosaur that has survived

Fights against the idea of time - a DIFFERENT KIND OF AGGRESSION
The clock goes slower for Heloderma
To impose your slowness on other people is a kind of aggressive attitude
In this way, I can oblige other people to take care of me
If you dont speak my language there is no point in communicating
Compared to Lach or Botha much weaker system, a BASIC SYSTEM, a simple approach to life
If you dont want to notice what I am doing, Ill continue to go on doing it by myself
Like a fossilized animal that continues to survive in its own way
Poison? Heloderma has a poison (similar to Crot-c) - but only uses the poison for defense
You really can do whatever you like to them and they will not react
VERY rare to be bitten, they move very slowly
Even if you don't feed them for days, and give them eggs, it can take them HOURS to start eating
If they do bitethey grip down and dont let go
I will remain who I amI dont want to change at all
If you try to train them to speak they will repeat what they said 30 times the same way
Mind; Indolence, aversion to work
Mind; mistakes, makes talking, omitting words
Mind; obstinate, headstrong
Mind, slowness
Mind, talk, slow learning to
Mouth, coldness, sensation of tongue
Extremities, formication, lower limbs night in bed
Chill, coldness in general
Chil, ICY, coldness of body

Heloderma Horridus
Gen; COLD, feeling in body
GEN; Food and Drinks, eggs, desires
GEN; HEAT, lack of vital
The formication, its not itchiness, but they rub it as if animal walking on their legs
In cold remedies like this, they often lack the feeling or possibility of a warm relationship with others
A deep sense of distance that cant be overcome
To go from sofa to bed already 2/3rds of days energylazy
I hate milk, I love hard boiled eggsdesires eggs
After 2 years of taking Calc-Carb I still feel the same except my purse - humor
My grandparents called me chilliness because I was cold even by the heaterCOLD
I dont know who was more obstinate her or IObstinate