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1. Nonconforming laboratory work can be identified by any staff of the

organization and information is given to the Quality / Technical Manager
2. Quality Manager Fills up the nature of Nonconforming laboratory work
on Nonconforming Laboratory Work Analysis format 4.9F-01, and if
required the work and/or laboratory certificate is held up.
3. Non conformance is evaluated, investigated and recorded along with
all corrective action taken on the Nonconforming Laboratory Work
Analysis format 4.9F-01. The corrective actions are taken as per the
section 4.11 of the Quality Manual.
4. Evaluation of the action(s) taken is done by the Lab Head/ Quality
Manager / Technical Manager.
5. Quality Manager / Technical Manager take the decision about the
acceptability of Nonconforming Laboratory Work and if necessary client
is informed, and work/test certificate is recalled.