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Apostles Lutheran School

Miss Schleusener
April 26, 2010
408-578-4800 (school)

Jesus Time: God Makes Solomon Wise
We see that God comes to Solomon in a dream. God asks him what he would want.
Solomon asks for wisdom. God answers his prayer and also gives him wealth and fame.
Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
The children will say this passage to me on Friday. They are doing an excellent
job. So far no one has needed to recite it in a group. Great Job Kindergarten!

Solomon as King
We see how Solomon rules God’s people in a godly manner. He worships the one true
God. People from far away visit him and consult him. He later begins to worship the
false gods of his many wives and begins to set a poor example for God’s people. He has
many problems as a result of it. Later in life he changes and returns to the one true

Writing Math
• Act out some and some more, “+”
Writing Process • Compare and measure
Begin sentences with a capital letter. End with a • Count by 10’s to 100
punctuation mark . ! or ?. Write with a space • Write 5’s
between each word. • Record the answer to a question on a
Group Writing • Evaluation for mid-terms
Write safety trips before the field trip.
Write about nouns and describe them.
Write a class book similar to “Over in the
• Sharing ideas, listening to others sh

Social Studies/Science
This week talk about where we find water. What absorbs water? What objects move on water?
Transportation and safety rules

Shared Literature: Hush a Thai Lullaby Music and Movement
Letter: Uu
Challenge: /th/ Music Theory: play percussion
instruments with songs

Listen to the violin story from Vivaldi.
Vocabulary: small, big, lean, fat Recognize different musical instruments in
the story.
Sight words: here, there, where, said

Listen for the location of __: u
Puppy, snuggle, hug, run, tug

Parts of the word: puppy (2), tug (1),
snuggle (2)

Which word is different?: My puppy
likes to chase bugs. My puppy likes to
chase drums.
Calendar of Events
April 21, 2010
Monday- Return folder
Tuesday-Full Day All children attend
Return the folder
9:00 drivers arrive for the field trip
9:15 depart

Wednesday- Return the folder
8:45 Women’s Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall

Thursday-Full Day
Return the folder
9:15 dress rehearsal for the School Musical (older children)

Friday – chapel
Return folder

April 30- School Musical
May 3-No School (Track Meet for the older children)
May 13-K-8 Ascension Service 7pm
Jr K-8 sing
May 14-Teacher Collaberation Day 11:45 Dismissal
May 18-Kindergarten Track and Field Day
Parents may sign up to help us. Look for a list after Easter break. Time for the Track Meet and Lunch
May 31-No School Memorial Day
June 3-Kindergarten Graduation at 11
Friends and family are invited to attend the 11:00 a.m. program.
Parents will come at 10:45a.m. to help the children prepare for the graduation.
Refreshments follow the Graduation Program
Classes Dismiss at Noon

Monday: count by 10’s

Tuesday: some, some more
Dad bought two bikes, our neighbor had two more. How many bikes all together?

Wednesday: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ask members of your family. Make a graph.


Read with your child everyday.

Thursday or Friday: play a game, work on a project together, go outside and plant flowers while they
help or ride a bike
Use this time to bond with your child and listen to them. This is the time when they relax and share with
you what they are learning or challenges that they have. This is a time to teach them what to say or do.
This is a great time to listen.