Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs

Peter Joseph

What exactly is a U.F.O.?
ϟ Any object that is aerial in the sky and cannot be precisely named, or identified ϟ Some people associate UFO’s with extraterrestrial beings, although it is not generally the

What are the types of shapes of Saucer-Shaped:
Domed, Flat-Top, Diamond, Double Hat, Domed Shape Cone OTHER SHAPES: ϟ Cigar (Most Common) ϟ Orbed or Sphere Transparen ϟ Cashew t ϟ Transparent Spheres ϟ Plasma Disk ϟ Triangle or Triangular ϟ Black Triangles (Most common triangle UFOs) ϟ Oval-Shaped ϟ Cylindrical ϟ Chevron Shaped
Flat Top Cashew

Black Triangle


Physical evidence of “other had radar ϟ We have
contact with UFOs from military airplanes and ships ϟ Videos, still photos, infrared images ϟ Trace evidence, such as burned soil, increased radiation, broken foliage ϟ Electromagnetic interference ϟ These can include stalled cars, power black-outs, radio or TV interference, or aircraft navigation,

Project Blue ϟ Series of studies Book

conducted by the United States Air Force to better understand UFOs ϟ Started in 1952, although a termination order was sent in December 1969 ϟ All studies were ceased in January of 1970 ϟ Two purposes: 1. To see if UFOs were a threat to humanity 2. To scientifically investigate all UFO-related data

Who are the UFO Hunters?
ϟ The UFO Hunters are a team of investigators that study the UFO phenomenon ϟ A show on The History Channel ϟ VERY INTERESTING SHOW TO WATCH William J. Birnes Producer, Lead Investigator Pat Uskert - Associate Producer, Investigator Ted Acworth Investigator Jeff TomlinsonInvestigator


http ://www.youtube.com/swf/l.swf?video_id=9QZxsM8xWFA&rel=1&eurl=&iurl=h C&hl=en http://www.mufon.com/ http://www.ufopictures.net/


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