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Member of the public: Hello! Can you help me with just one question?

Im doing a
work about cloning and I dont know what to think about it.

Philosopher: I already know whats your question! Let me guess: you want to know
something about cloning?

Member of the public: Oh, yes! Thats the point!

Philosopher: Oh , i would to love to help you but unfortunately i don't have any
opinion about genetic modificaition .

Scientist 1: I heard it well? You want to know something about the genetic

Member of the public: Yes! Whats your opinion?

Scientist 1: Well, I think it represents an advance in medicine, as well as the cure and
treatment of diseases such as cancer, getting better the peoples life quality. By the
way, genetic modification extend human life.

Scientist 2: I dont agree with that argument because genetic manipulation can cause
new diseases and loss of human individuality, by not telling the high cost of that.

Member of the public: I agree with scientist 1 because cloning should aim society
interest and use cloning for their own benefit. One the other hand, I agree with
scientist 2 because it wont be possible to predict clone personality.

Philosopher: My opinion is that God made us to live less. We born and we die, because
thats the circle of life. Diseases exist for some reason.
I think it's against humanity's nature. This is playing with the rights of human
specie, because humans were created by Divine Sr.

Scientist 1: Butwith genetic modification, we can conserve stem cells used later to
heal some organs. Another example is an alternative to infertile couples.

Philosopher: A baby it's not considered a living creature, because it's not able to think .

Member of the public: In my opinion, a clone has less value than a normal person
because it is a lower class.

Scientist 2: I totally disagree with scientist 1! Cloning can also destroy family

Philosopher: I think that , who we are, depends more on our history than our genetical
heritage: nature must follow their natural path.

Member of the public: With your opinion, I conclude that clones could be interesting
but they will never be so special like the people who gave them life.