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Personal Response

News is information about something that has happened recently. We live in a

world where we are highly dependable on technology and through that, news is
spread like a virus from one end of the world to another. From my perspective, I
agree with the stimulus.
Firstly, mostly highlighted news is about important countries like France, USA,
China, etc. This encourages social media, newspaper, magazine, news channels
and radio to only spread news related to the interest of the society to keep their
ratings up. This can be demonstrated with the recent events that occurred on 13th
November 2015. On that day, Paris received terrorist attacks that had 127
people killed. Beirut also encountered two suicide bombings which killed
around 40 people. However, social media puts much emphasis on Paris attacks,
leaving Beirut unattended. This clearly shows discrimination and inequality on
the news that is shared to the outside world.
Secondly, individuals only want to hear news that they are interested in. For
example, news related to Africa are always associated to poverty, military
attacks and the spread of malaria or HIV disease. For example, the Boko Haram
issue was highly exposed ad it reflected badly upon Nigeria. However, it is not
common to hear good news about African countries. During the summer,
Nigeria had one of the largest elections in Africa. The re-election of the
governing system meant a great deal to the citizens of Nigeria as they were
hoping to move forward with a less corrupted government but it was not
recognized world-wide. This shows that society is keener on hearing about bad
occurring events compared to good ones, which constitutes to the stereotypical
notions on a group of people.
I personally believe that news should not only be highly publicised on
influential countries as individuals should be aware of the good and bad events
that are happening, no matter how small or big the countrys contribution is to
the world. To sum up, news allows people from other parts of the world to be
up-to-date with latest events that happen in other places which to some extent
only provides information related to certain countries more and not the whole