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Operation of


Mr. K. H. KHAN

Check condenser vacuum 760 mm Hg


Check all preset requirements are over


Before HP/LP by pass station are brought

into operation check
1.ESV- IV are closed
2. Oil system of By pass pass station put
into operation by switching on its motor.
3. Vacuum in the condenser is 600 mm Hg.
4. Condensate flow to system throw off
devices in the condenser are established by
opening the motor operated value.

Ensure that the values of the by pass system

are fully closed by reading the respective
position indicator.



Set the temperature set point of HP by pass

station at 200 c
Put the pressure controllers and slave
positions of each HP by pass value on manual
Put the LP by pass values of auto mode.

Put the control loop of LP BP valves on auto

mode with pressure loop in circuit with the
help of selector switch by making the
contact in R position.

Check that the high pressure Turbine

evacuating valves and by pass valves across
NRV on cold RH line are tightly closed.






Do it with the help of

Do it with the help of
Set the temp. set
point on LP by pass
station at 200 c with
the help of PB by
reading is valve on
Switch over the temp.
control loop of LP BP
valve on auto mode
with the help of PB
Set the pressure set point
as 6.00 ata with help of

After the internal super heater flow has

been established through start up vent ,
open the drain valves of MS ,CR & HR lines
and also open after LP by Pass drain valve.

Open fully the MS valves for HP by pass with

the help of push bottom and then open the
boiler outlet MS valve.

Watch the rise of metal temp. of MS, CR, HR

After 50c SH is available at the super
heater outlet open the by pass valve of MSV
for heating the pipe lines up to turbine.
Open the ESV to CVs drain valve.






Check the
temperature control
loop is running

If heating rate of
steam lines exceeds
prescribed limits,
adjust the position of
HP by pass valve from
the control desk to
bring down the
temp. .within limit.

Open ESV by 10-20 mm as per the scale and

heat the steam admission pipe up to control
valves to a temp. of 150 C


Open the by pass valve across the NRV in the

cold reheat line and the main valves of HPT


Check the steam pressure in hot reheat line

to be less than 1kg/m2 (gauge) before
starting the heating of steam admission pipe
up to control valves of 1PT


Open the 1V to CV drain valve.


Open the under ccplor valve servo motor by

abou t 10.15 mm as per the scale.
Close by pass valve of MSV & NRV in the cold
reheat lines when steam parameter before
MSV are 20-25 kg/m2 and temp. 250-300c
and steam admission pipe of HPT and 1PT
are heated upto 150 & 100 respectively.



Heat the steam

admission pipes upto
control valve to a
temp, of 100 c
Check that control
valves of IPT remains
closed completely
during the operation.


Close ESV & 1V

Bring the Control of LP by pass valves on
mannual mode with the help of PB
Manual close the HP by pass valves with the
help of PB



Rise the metal temp.

should not be more
than 4c per
When the pressure in
the reheat lines
comes to condenser
pressure manually
close the LP by pass
with the help of P.B.

Note the various metal temp. & diff. exp. Of

HPT 1pt & LPT


Open the drain valves of HPT 1 PT & HPT and

LP extraction valves.


Open ESV, 1V, content valve of HPT and 1PT

completely with the help of control gear.


Turbine is Ready for rolling.


Note Difference in
pipe temp. which
should not be
more than 10c ,
continue flange
and stand heating

DATE:- 05-05-2012