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MECH 3351 Design of Mechanical System

Final Project
Fall 2015
Assigned: November 30th, 2015

Due date: December 16th, 2015.

Problem Description
Shown in Figure 1 is a gear reducer with input torque given as The output
torque is 480 The pitch radii for gears G1 and G2 are r1 0.75in and r2 1.5in .
An analysis on the reaction forces is shown in p88 of the textbook. The goal of this
project is find the dimensions of the two shafts by considering the following additional
1. The shafts are expected to run more than 106 rev and thus fatigue life is treated as
2. The slopes of the shafts at the two ends shall not exceed 0.01 rad.
3. The maximum deflection in the shaft shall not exceed 0.02 in.
4. Targeted reliability of the design is 95%.
The followings are what you shall consider:
(1) Make reasonable justification of material selection including how it is processed,
and show clearly the properties of the materials used in your design.
(2) Use your own factor of safety n from the stochastic analysis.
(3) Justify empirical factors, such as notch factor, whenever possible.
General Remarks:
Two to five students per team. Communication with the instructor will have to be
through the contact person you elect.
Further information will be sent out as necessary using e_learning.
Define responsibilities of the members and explain in the report.
All members will get the same score for the project; therefore make sure all your
team members make fair share of contribution.
You should try to optimize your design whenever possible, i.e. minimizing the
weight, sizing bearings right, etc. Such efforts should be reported properly.
Text book can be used as the main reference; however should not be the only
Provide references when you use others work or ideas or data (such as allowable
stress of the material you use) or equations. Well-known facts or equations, e.g.
the beam bending stress equation, do not have to be cited.
Justify any assumptions you are going to use. Explain the basis of a decision
when you make it.

Use concise (short, but clear) description; however make sure your report is
understandable by others.
Use drawings and illustrations as proper.
Report should be in word document.

The report may consist of:

Design Analysis
Assumptions and plans
Detail analysis
Summary and Conclusions
Estimation of weights (for shafts only)
Needs for further work
Reference List
Appendix (here you may add hand-written calculations or sketches)

Grading: 20% of the final grade

Evaluation will be based on the idea, completeness of the design analysis,
understanding of the subjects, quality of design, and reporting skill.

Figure 1. Gear box with layout.