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Funding & Check Requests

A How-To with the UCSB Residence Halls Association

This infographic is brought to you by Le Tang, the Media Coordinator, and Menelik
Dagnachew, the VP of Finance. We hope it serves its intended purpose and helps
with any nancial matters related to your position.
Happy programming!

Signature Authorizations Required

(Two signatures required)

RHA President
RHA Vice President of Finance
RHA Administrative Vice President
Alternate: Asst Dir of Student Leadership or Asst. SLC

Project CARE:
(Two signatures required)

Mandatory: Project Care Director

Asst Dir of Student Leadership or Asst. SLC

(Two signatures required)

Mandatory: One NRHH Co-President

Asst Dir of Student Leadership or Asst. SLC

Community Council:
(Two signatures required)

One Co-President
Community Council Treasurer
Mandatory: Assistant Resident Director

(Two signatures required)

Mandatory: Floor/House/Village Representative

Mandatory: Resident Director or Assistant Resident Director
Resident Assistant only sign o for NTE check requests

You cannot sign o on your own reimbursements, get an alternate signature!

RHA Funds Signatures

* Check requests
require two
* If check request is
made out to a signer
then they cannot sign
o on the request. You
cant sign for your
own reimbursement.

RHA Check Request Form

* These forms can be found in the San Nic RHA
* If you dont know what type of funds you want or
need to use, contact your RHA VP of Finance.
* This form can also be used to journal money into a
Requested Funds account for Hall Council, Floors
& Sta.
* Receipts for reimbursements are due no later than
3 days from original event date.

Not To Exceed (NTE) Checks
* Use NTE checks whenever possible!
Plan ahead for NTE checks by turning them in at least 3 days before
you need them.
* Give enough lead time to allow the check to be processed!
This is so as to avoid not having a check or using your own money to
purchase materials.
* These checks can only be made out to companies, not people.
* At time of pick-up, you receive the check and the blue sheet.
* Return the blue sheet along with the original receipt to the RHA
Finance Desk. Receipts are due back 3 days after the event.
* If receipts arent turned in on time, this tool may not be available
for future use.

Special NTE Cases


* Checks made out to Costco require you to use the RHA

Costco Card. There is a Costco card for each area: San Cat,
CHI-5, and Farside.


* Contact RHA (x4877) at least 3 business days in advance of

use date. After use, return card to RHA.


* Checks for the UCSB

Bookstore are to be made
out to UC Regents.

* Starbucks, Best Buy, and

In-N-Out dont accept

* Make sure to bring your blue sheet with you to Kmart! The manager may want to see it.
If youre

the budget...

* Re-evaluate. Do you need everything in your basket?

* Write the check for the maximum amount.
* Pay the dierence out of your pocket. Submit a reimbursement for the dierence.

Online Purchases
* We can only do * Will only be
accepted if
for online
purchases, we
packing slip
cannot do NTE
is attached
to check

* You must wait until order arrives to turn in
your request.
* Include itemized order conrmation/invoice if
slip doesnt include prices.
* Person who opened package must date and
sign that everything was received!

* If packing slip is not available then the original address label

on the package must be attached.
* Sign and date mailing label.
* Include print-out of itemized order conrmation/invoice.


And thats all!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email

Menelik Dagnachew at <>!