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2 Thessalonians

Project for Truth

Welcome to our new sample translation of 2 Thessalonians. This translation is updated and corrected
using the most accurate information available, rather than changes based on commercial copyright
differences and marketing, religious traditions or other fables of questionable origin. Many translations of
the past were created because of the desire for greater political power, for religious control, or more
recently as a marketing tool to generate or increase profits for corporations. Some translations had the
right heart, but have proved difficult to understand, had critical errors and omissions, or were poorly
translated. Great effort has been taken with both accurate understanding and translation in this new
translation by Bible Vision. Both ancient and modern historical knowledge has been consulted. The
original language terms have been updated to a more current modern grammar, used to encourage better
understanding. Hebrew rather than Greek terms and understandings have been used wherever possible or
practical. Words that have become commonplace to the point of being meaningless, or that have been
blurred in modern usage are updated to facilitate more precise understanding. Religious words have been
replaced by words that are easier or more concise. For example, the word holy is replaced by set
apart - which is the intended expression of scripture. More importantly, the cornerstone of this
translation has been continual prayer and the Counsel of our Abba Father through His Ruach.
Among the immediately noticeable differences you will find in reading are the 'Divine Names' used and in
'Divine Titles.' Hebrew is used over Greek. Instead of the title 'Lord' is the corrected title 'Master.' Instead
of 'God' is the corrected Hebrew title 'Elohim.' Instead of 'Holy Spirit' is the original terminology 'Set
Apart Ruach.' Rather than the typically accepted Name of our Savior 'Jesus Christ' is His actual Hebrew
Name and title, 'Yahshua Messiah.' The corrected Hebrew Name 'YHWH' is used for 'Elohim' as
appropriate. Changing these helps to restore the original meanings and intentions of the original texts
where the English language is concerned.
We trust you will find the difference refreshing and educational. There are some surprises, as you never
stop learning from scripture.

2 Thessalonians
Chapter 1

Paul and Silas and Timothy to the assembly at Thessalonica in Elohim our Father and the
Master Yahshua Messiah: 2 Favor to you and peace from Elohim our Father and Master Yahshua
Messiah. 3 It is to our credit to express our gratitude to Elohim always, for making the Way
around for you brothers, that you are deserving because of your extraordinary belief and the love
that each one of you has toward one another in abundance. 4 Therefore, we ourselves rejoice for
you in the assemblies of Elohim for your patient endurance and belief through all your
persecutions and afflictions that you bear; 5 an indication of the righteous judgment of Elohim,
that you are considered entirely deserving of the kingdom of Elohim over which you indeed
suffer; 6 that Elohim will righteously repay affliction to those afflicting you. 7 And you that are
afflicted will rest amidst us in the Master Yahshua, revealed to depart to the skies in the midst of
His powerful messengers 8 in blazing fire, bringing forth retribution on those who do not know
Elohim, and who do not obey the good message of our Master Yahshua Messiah, 9 who will pay
the price of judgment with eternal destruction for departing the face of the Master, and before the
exaltation of His strength 10 when He comes, exalted through His set apart ones and admired
among all believers, because our witness to you was believed in that day. 11 To this end, we pray
always about you, in order that our Elohim considers you worthy of His invitation and fully
satisfies all the delights of righteousness, and the works of belief with power,
so that the Name of our Master Yahshua Messiah is exalted in you, and you in Him, precisely
as the favor of our Elohim and Master Yahshua Messiah.
Chapter 2

Because of the presence of our Master Yahshua Messiah, even our assembling together to Him,
now we entreat you not to be quickly agitated in mind, nor alarmed; neither in ruach, nor in
word, nor in letter as if through us, because the day of Messiah is present. 3 Let nothing deceive
you according to any other way - that except apostasy comes first and the son of destruction 4
that is set over and proudly exalted over all named gods or objects of honor; so that he is as
Elohim, set in the living place of Elohim, exhibiting himself as though he is Elohim. 5 Do you
not recollect that I told you this while I was still with you? 6 And now see what possesses him.
He is revealed at the appointed time. 7 For the secret power of lawlessness is already active.
Only he that possesses at present possesses until what comes to pass from their midst. 8 And
then, the lawless will be revealed - whom the Master will consume, whose ruach His mouth even
put away by the appearance of His Presence. 9 The presence of the lawless has been according to
the effective operation of Satan through all power and signs, even lying wonders 10 and from all
deceit, unrighteousness with the perishing; because they did not receive the love of the truth or
salvation. 11 And for this reason, Elohim sends them the effective operation of error. They
believe the lie 12 so that all are judged that do not believe truth, but pleased through
unrighteousness. 13 Now we should give thanks at all times to Elohim, who made the Way
around for you - brothers loved by the Master, because Elohim from the beginning took you into
salvation through the Set Apart Ruach and trust in truth; 14 towards which He called you through
our good news, towards possessing the praise of Master Yahshua Messiah. 15 Then accordingly
brothers, persevere and hold the precepts which you were taught, whether by the Torah and the

2 Thessalonians
prophets or whether through our message. 16 Now our Master Yahshua Messiah Himself and
Elohim, even our Father have loved us, and has brought everlasting encouragement and
beneficial expectations through favor, 17 encouraging your hearts, even setting you fast with every
beneficial word and deed.
Chapter 3

Another matter remains brothers. Pray a hedge about us, in order that the Word of the Master
runs a thorough course and is magnified, just as it is with respect to you, 2 also that we may be
drawn away from injurious and wicked men, because not all men believe. 3 Now the Master is
trustworthy, Who will set you firmly and keep you away from wickedness. 4 Now we rely on the
Master's charge over you, even that you agree and purposefully declare to others. 5 Then the
Master will guide your hearts into the love of Elohim and into the endurance of Messiah. 6 Now,
declare the message brothers in the Authority of our Master Yahshua Messiah. Set yourself
firmly, away from every brother that walks disorderly and not according to the teaching that was
received from us. 7 Because you know in what way it is necessary to imitate us, because we were
not disorderly among you, 8 nor eat more than any man's bread for free,but engaged in labor and
toil night and day, not to cause a burden to any of you, 9 not that we possess no authority, but so
that we set a pattern for you to imitate us. 10 For this reason, even while we were with you, the
same we declared to you: because anyone that doesn't delight in work will not eat; 11 because it is
reported that some walk around you, giving themselves wholly to disorder; not even one works,
except for engaging in frivolous pursuits from house to house. 12 Now, this sort we charge and
counsel through our Master Yahshua Messiah, in order that all in our midst work with propriety,
eating their own bread. 13 Now you, brothers must not be weak in living righteously. 14 Now, if
anyone does not obey our word through this letter, take note of that one, and do not associate
with that one, in order that they be turned around. 15 Yet, do not regard that one an adversary,
but warn them as a brother. 16 And the Master of peace Himself grant you peace through all, in
all ways. The Master be in the midst of all of you. 17 The greeting of Paul in my hand, which is
the sign in every letter thus written. 18 The favor of the Master Yahshua Messiah be in the midst
of all of you. May it be so.

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