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Stay strong together


2 your health

Wellness begins
with the family
THE family home is every childs
primary learning ground. With
lifestyle-linked non-communicable
diseases claiming more lives each
year, perhaps it is time to go back to
basics and reflect on practices within
the family unit how can we embark
on the path of well-being from our
own doorsteps?
Your Health looks at balanced
eating, physical activities and more
aspects of healthy living for families
based on different age groups of
young ones.

Infants and toddlers (up to

three years)

lunch for
from home
parents to
keep track
of their diet.

l Go outdoors New mothers are

traditionally advised to stay indoors
with their newborn babies, but time
outside can be good for the
latter as long as parents
take caution in not
exposing their
children to germs
and viruses.
Getting your
children suitably
vaccinated is
therefore the
first step in
protecting their
When under
the sun, make
sure your babys
head, feet and
hands are
covered and
dress them in
light clothing. You
can have a picnic in
a park or take an
evening walk to enjoy
natural sights and sounds
Babies can be exposed to water as
early as six weeks old, so you can also
take a family dip on sunny weekends.
Protect babies with sunscreen and
save professional swimming classes
for when they are older than four let
them build strength by splashing and
kicking around first.
l Natural nourishment
According to Dr Loo Hui Min,
resident paediatric and neonatology
consultant at Mahkota Medical Centre,
preventing obesity starts as early as
Studies have shown that babies
who are exclusively breast-fed are less
likely to become obese later in life,
she says.
New mothers must limit intake of
fats cut down on saturated and trans
fats as much as possible. Increase
consumption of fruits, vegetables,
legumes, wholegrains and nuts, says
Dr Tan Nugroho Cipto, obstetrician
and gynaecologist at Oriental Melaka
Straits Medical Centre.

Not just mothers, but fathers too

should eat healthily so they can
prepare to feed their child well
include good amounts of protein,
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and
minerals to build the foundation
of a solid diet.

l Clean slate It is common for

new parents to kick detrimental habits
such as tobacco and alcohol abuse
when their child is born, and rightfully
so according to Dr Norhayati Awan,
obstetrician and gynaecologist at
Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre,
children are more vulnerable to
environmental hazards than adults.
She says, Children are more heavily
exposed to toxins in proportion to
their body weight, and have more
years ahead of them in which they
may suffer long-term effects from
early exposure. Second-hand smoke,
chemical irritants, air pollutants and
cold weather increase the risk of
children developing asthma or
respiratory infections.

Children (four to 12 years)

l Learning to eat Children are
naturally curious and constantly
absorbing knowledge. Parents should
use this time to learn how to craft
balanced diets as a family.
Go grocery shopping together and
let your children pick out recipes and
ingredients while you teach them
about types of food, colours, nutrition,
balance and even basic finance.
Some children are fussy about
eating certain foods, but parents
should nip this behaviour in the bud.
Dietitian and owner of The Food
Expert Clinic Indra Balaratnam says it
is important to encourage children to
try new foods in a way that is not
threatening, and in fact enjoyed by the
whole family.
She says, With small children, you
may have to use little culinary trickery
to include foods that they typically
dislike to hide the taste, texture and
look of it. You can do this by juicing,
blending it into soups or sauces or
mincing or grounding it into a form
that mixes easily with other food.
To ensure children stick to a
balanced diet, prepare their school
snacks and lunches at home. Only
make good food and healthy snacks
available at home and limit eating out.
Replace carbonated drinks with water
or fresh juices.
l At the table Meal times should
be spent away from televisions and
smartphones because they are prime
bonding time. This is the time to catch
up with one another and talk about
the interesting or unusual parts of
your day.
Sitting down for a meal together
is positive reinforcement of the
supportive role your family plays
in your life.

Good, open communication

should start when children are young.
No matter how busy you are, it is
important to spend time with the
children and ask them about their
daily activities and lives, says Dr Loo.

l Fun times together Exercise

does not have to be a chore and an
active lifestyle does not have to be
limited to exercise. For example,
incorporate movement in family
cleaning days by assigning vacuuming,
wiping windows or working the
If their schools are close by, walk
there with your children instead of
driving them there. On weekends,
plan camping trips or treasure hunts
to find new ways to engage with
nature and one another.
Younger children may face an
increased risk of injury due to falls,
so make sure your child is wearing
protective gear when doing active
sports such as rollerblading or riding
a bike, says Dr Tan.
Limiting time with gadgets is also
imperative among modern children
ensure the time they spend with
screens does not exceed reading,
playing and bonding time.
It is in these developmental years
that parents must also be good role
models so children can follow their
Parents play a big part in shaping
their childs healthy living habits, so
they must show them that being active
can be fun, says Dr Norhayati.

Adolescents (13 to 17
l In the kitchen Healthy eating
does not have to be expensive.
Processed foods and drinks are the
items that add up to a hefty grocery
bill, which is why fresh ingredients
are the way to go.
Teenagers who have been exposed
to balanced eating throughout their
childhood should have an idea of
making good dietary choices.
Unfortunately, greasy burgers and
salted chips become more appealing
due to peer pressure and insatiable
appetites, so parents may need to get
creative in the kitchen.
Sausages and frozen nuggets are
pricey, but if you buy a fish fillet or
chicken fillet and coat it with
breadcrumbs, you can easily
make your own nuggets with
a lot less salt, fat and
preservatives, says Indra.
Since the kids are older,
they should get involved
too. Teenagers can be
tasked to prepare a simple
dinner for the family, pick
out fruits and cereals for the
week, or prepare meat and vegetables
for cooking.
Allow them to identify and explore
their culinary interests, whether it is

baking or grilling, and teach them

about the pros and cons of each.

l Get moving Setting goals and

accomplishing them as a family can
keep everyone committed to their
fitness regime. For example, celebrate
special occasions with outdoor
activities such as hikes or Frisbee
matches, or train for a charity walk or
run together.
Encourage teenagers to join school
sports teams and show up to support
them when they are playing.
Take bicycle rides, sign up for a rock
climbing class, play laser tag
whatever activity you choose, decide
as a family and take everyones
interests into account.
You can even turn it into a race or
contest and offer prizes for winners
just to stir the competitive spirit.
l Two-way support Familial
communication and understanding
becomes especially pertinent during
adolescence, which can be a trying
time for teenagers.
Good mental health is undoubtedly
crucial to well-being no matter the
age, so how can parents better support
their children?
As parents, we can say sorry (when
we are wrong) when children watch
us learn to parent better, they respond
and learn how to learn, said family
and marriage therapist Dr Johnben
Loy in a talk show on local radio
station BFM last August.
He also talked about how parents
can better manage and project their
expectations on their children.
The choices children make are
heavily influenced by their parents
beliefs and values because they are
means of gaining love and acceptance.
If these values are inconsistent or
violated by parents themselves,
children struggle to discover their
identity and often rebel.
A strong family unit is happy. Clear
and open two-way communication
enables members of different
generations and perspectives to build
trusting relationships, which is key to
building a family healthy in body and
Spending time together
is important for stronger
family relationships.


your health 3

Cultivate healthy eating habits

MOST breakfast choices in
Malaysia tend to be deficient in
fibre and high in calories due
to the high sugar and fat
As an example, one plate of
nasi lemak with a cup of teh
tarik contains about 500 to 600
calories, which is very high in
energy, while offering low fibre
The Malaysian Association for
the Study of Obesity (Maso)
found an increase in the
consumption of fat and sugar
between 1960 and 2000 and
reported a decrease in the
fibre content of cereals within
the same time.
Choosing a healthy breakfast is
paramount to your health and a
breakfast cereal or snack food rich
in cereal fibre (oat beta-glucan) is
Keep an eye out for foods that
contain reduced sugar and fat
(which mean lower calories
consumed) but are high in fibre
content, as it is the best choice for
you and your family.
High blood cholesterol and high
blood sugar levels do not just affect
adults but children as well.
Children are at high risk of

Oat beta-glucan helps lower cholesterol while

providing dietary fibre, protein, iron and magnesium.

developing high blood cholesterol

if they are obese due to poor eating
habits and lack of physical activity.
Biogrow Oat BG22 Crispy Cereal
is the functional oat bran cereal
that your heart loves. Biogrow Oat
BG22 Crispy Cereal is delicious,
crunchy heart-shaped crisps
manufactured from Swedish oat
bran manufactured in Germany
using the best in processing
technology. A single 30g packet

provides 3g of oat beta-glucan.

Unlike conventional breakfast
cereals that are often laden with
sugar, one packet provides 3g of
oat beta-glucan in a much smaller
daily serving size and with fewer
To achieve better weight
management, a calorie-controlled
diet is absolutely crucial one
packet only has 102 calories.
Consuming 3g of oat beta-glucan

per day will help reduce your

It is also rich in total
dietary fibre with 6.6g
in each packet and is
high in protein, iron
and magnesium.
Oat BG22 Crispy
Cereal can be eaten
straight from the
packet as a
convenient, healthy
snack whenever you
need something
crispy and crunchy
to munch on or
together with
low-fat milk or
High fibre consumption requires
you to up your water intake and
this will lead to improved bowel
movement for optimal gut
health and overall
health improvement.

Beginning at
Give your
children the
opportunity to
savour hearthealthy foods at home

such as Oat BG22 in a variety of

Add Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder
into their favourite fruit smoothie
or mix a packet of Oat BG22 Crispy
Cereal with fruit and yoghurt.
Make a heart-healthy choice for
your family. By choosing Oat BG22
a high-protein, high-fibre natural
food you are giving your whole
family the best start to their
morning and lifelong health.
This article is contributed by
Legosan (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

n For more information,

call 03-7956 2220 or e-mail
These delicious, crunchy
heart-shaped crisps are
perfect as a healthy breakfast or on-the-go snack.


4 your health

CALCIUM is key to maintaining a

set of healthy bones. It is found in
dairy products, various leafy
greens, seafood, legumes and
certain fruits.
Bone development occurs every
day of our lives. Our bodies
naturally remove (resorption) old
bones and replace (absorption)
them with new ones via a process
called bone remodelling. Through
this process, we attain a new set of
bones every seven years.
The pace of bone remodelling
differs between individuals,
gradually slowing down with age.
To prevent diseases such as
osteoporosis, resorption and
absorption must be kept at a
balance with the help of calcium.
Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin,
is essential for building strong
bones because it serves as the
biological glue that helps plug the

Get a calcium boost

calcium into your bone matrix.
Vitamin K has been classified
into a few types, with K1 and K2
being most discussed.
Vitamin K1 is a blood-clotting
factor commonly found in green
leafy vegetables while vitamin K2
plays a crucial role in calcium
Vitamin K2 is further divided
into subtypes depending on the
length of its structure.
Menaquinone (MK-7) is the
natural form of K2s subtypes
found naturally only in the
Japanese delicacy natto, which is
not present in many peoples diet.
Studies have shown that MK-7

helps improve bone density by

effectively depositing calcium
where it belongs in the bones
and teeth.
Without K2, calcium floats freely
in the bloodstream and tends to be
deposited in the arteries, making
them progressively stiff and
narrow (calcification), which
impedes healthy blood flow to and
from the heart.
MK-7 activates bone-building
proteins that are dormant in its
absence. These proteins function to
bind calcium to the bones and
teeth and also keep calcium from
being deposited in the arteries,
thus preventing arterial

calcification and heart disease.

If you are taking calcium and
vitamin D for your bones, it is
important that you also get plenty
of vitamin K2.
These three nutrients have a
synergistic effect that cannot be
achieved when one piece of the
puzzle is missing.
Vitamin D3, a natural form of
vitamin D, helps your body absorb
calcium, but vitamin K2 directs
that calcium to your skeleton
where it is needed.
Without the help of vitamin K2,
the calcium that vitamin D3
effectively lets in might be working
against you by building up in

your coronary arteries rather than

your bones.
Thus, taking calcium together
with vitamin D3 and K2 may be
necessary for bone benefits while
circumventing increased risk for
heart disease.
It is recommended that people
receiving oral anticoagulant
treatment do not take vitamin K2
supplements without consulting
their doctor.
This article is brought to you by

n For more information, contact

Medispec (M) Sdn Bhd.


EDMUND Leong was concerned

for his parents who started
experiencing joint problems
in the knees and shoulders.
They tried various
glucosamine supplements,
different types of herbs and
knee guards but nothing
had long-lasting effects.
Contrary to popular belief,
joint problems are not caused by
the cartilage layer in the joints
becoming worn out. The root of
joint problem lies in a type of
joint-degrading enzyme known
as matrix metalloproteinases
(MMP enzymes).
MMP enzymes normally exist
in our joints in a balanced state.
However, when the body starts
producing too much of these a
avvenzymes, they start breaking
down the cartilage and collagen
that make up the joints and
cause chronic inflammation.
The active New Zealand Green
Lipped Mussel extract, which is
patented as Biolane, works by
inhibiting the destructive MMP
By doing so, Biolane prevents
joint destruction and aids in
joints repair. With antiinflammatory, antioxidant and
marine mineral healing actions,

your health 5

Pain-free joints
Although there
is no cure for
arthritis, Biolane
makes it possible
to control the

Active New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract aids in joint repair and enables
control of arthritis.

Biolanes effects address the

various pathways that lead to
arthritis pathology.
Although there is no cure for
arthritis, Biolane makes it
possible to control the condition.
Patients who have used
glucosamine but have not found
optimal relief should try Biolane.
Just as arthritis does not

Benefits of raw food

I HAD several health problems
and went through three medical
treatments. I was diagnosed
with colon cancer and refused to
undergo chemotherapy. I also
underwent angioplasty
treatment as I had five blocked
Seven years later, doctors
suspected I had bone
tuberculosis (TB) due to a
slipped disc. I had to consume
as many as 18 TB tablets, two
painkiller pills and three
antibiotic pills every day,
says David Lim (pic).
Taking this amount of
medication was contributing to
the increased level of toxins in
my body. When taking these
medications became too difficult,
I decided to supplement my
treatment with natural raw
Ancient Chinese emperor
Shih-Huang-Ti said, Food is the
best drug for maintaining good
health. I consumed two
tablespoons of BarleyGreen, two
tablespoons of Beta Carrot, one
tablespoon of Beta Beet and two
capsules of Probio+Plus three
times a day, he says.
After the second month, I was
back on my feet again with a
greater passion to live.
BarleyGreen is processed from
organic young barley grass and
it is 20 times more concentrated
than ordinary wheatgrass.
It is rich with 16 vitamins, 17
minerals and more than 300
types of live enzymes to help
strengthen the bodys immune
According to research, 2-OGIV contained in BarleyGreen
provides more potent protection
than vitamin E. Its P4D1
promotes the restoration of
damaged DNA in the cells
nucleus and superdioxide

dismutase helps eliminate the

negative effects of superoxides.
Beta Beet contains iron,
vitamin B12 and folic acid,
which are the required
precursors to form red blood
cells, which help to transfer
oxygen throughout the body.
It also plays a significant
role in liver detoxification.
Beta Carrot contains two
potent antioxidants betacarotene and vitamin C,
which can help fight against
free radicals.
Beta Lemon contains
flavonoids, vitamin C and
vitamin E, which help eliminate
free radicals and potentially
harmful particles that damage
our body to strengthen our
immune system.

n For more information, contact

Wellness Concept (M) Sdn Bhd.
Wellness Concept regrets that
we had published incorrect
information in David Lims
testimony in a previous
David Lim did
not undergo

happen overnight, the process of

joints repair and restoration will
also take time especially if the
process involves a metabolic
rebalancing of MMP enzymes.
Users will need to undergo a
treatment course of at least three

months at the right dose before

effects and improvements are felt.
However, Biolane is not a
painkiller and patients may still
need to take painkillers initially
before the benefits of Biolane
kick in.
Biolane has stomach-protecting
properties when taken together
with painkillers, leading to a
reduction in gastric lesions by
more than 50%.
Three months after Leong
persuaded his parents to give
Biolane a try, they were pain-free
and up and about.
This article is brought to you by
the Nuvaceuticals Division of
Nuvanta Sdn Bhd.

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6 your health

A MASTICATING juicer can extract more
juice than centrifugal juicers. The Kuvings
Whole Slow Juicer just got better this year
with the launch of the second-generation
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000.
This latest innovation delivers a
redesigned juicing system for smoother juice
and easier cleaning and maintenance.
The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000
comes installed with the same awardwinning motor with high-torque slow
crushing and squeezing action.
This new model allows Kuvings to squeeze
even more extract from fruits and
vegetables, particularly soft and green leafy
vegetables such as wheatgrass and spinach.
Here are three reasons Kuvings should be
your preferred juicer:
l Wide-mouth design
One of the biggest advantages Kuvings has
over other masticating juicers is its widemouth feed chute design and its patented
whole-fruit juicing system.
Besides eliminating the need for cutting
fruits, this feature slows down oxidation of
fruits used in the juicing process, allowing
you to enjoy your juice before it turns

l Powerful motor
Kuvings comes fitted with a 240W motor
that produces three times the torque of other
masticating juicers.

A consumer study
that conducted a sideby-side comparison between a centrifugal
juicer and the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
found that Kuvings produced 40% more
juice from the same amount of produce. This
is the direct result of the higher squeezing
power from its powerful motor.

l Healthier juice
Nutrients from produce are only absorbed
after the digestive system has broken down
the tough plant cell walls, making the
process slow and inefficient.
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers strong
crushing action is able to break down these
tough plant cell walls to transform
homogenised plant cells into readily
absorbed nutrient-carrying cells.
Studies conducted at NUC Electronic
BioNutrient Lab in Daegu, South Korea, has
found that juice produced using the Kuvings
Whole Slow Juicer contains four times more
nutrients than the average juicer.
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer can be
purchased from major retailers such as
Cold Storage, Isetan, Jasons Food Hall,
Mercatos, Live It Up!, Harvey Norman,
HomePro, Best Denki, Tan Boon Ming, B.I.G.
and DMarket.

n For more information, call 03-5885 4151.

Zesty, natural goodness

APPLE cider vinegars acetic acid switches
on key genes that lead to the manufacture
of fatty acid oxidation enzymes.
These powerful enzymes act as catalysts
and are shown to boost metabolism, block
the bodys storage of incoming dietary fat as
well as break down and dissolve existing
body fat.
To take advantage of its fat loss benefits,
drink apple cider vinegar three times daily.
Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
with one to two tablespoons of raw honey
in a glass of water.
Apple cider vinegar can also promote
younger-looking skin besides making your
hair shine and treating dandruff.
Hair is on the mildly acidic side
of the pH scale and has an ideal
pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Rinsing with
apple cider vinegar will help
balance the pH of your hair
and remove the buildup that
can result from the use of
styling products and cheap
Rinsing will also close
the numerous cuticle scales
that cover and protect the
surface of each hair shaft.
This gives it a smoother
surface to reflect more
light, leaving your hair
shinier, smoother and
easier to manage.
Bragg Live Food
Products has been around
for more than 100 years
and has been a health food

industry leader for generations.

In the early 1900s, Dr Paul C. Bragg was
the first advocate to promote the health
benefits of apple cider vinegar and
introduced Bragg Organic Apple Cider
The best type of apple cider vinegar to
use is one made from organically grown
whole apples with no chemicals or
preservatives added, that is unpasteurised
and contains the mother of vinegar (natural
gelatinous substance formed during the
fermentation step).
Certified organic Bragg Organic Apple
Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated,
unpasteurised, made from the finest fresh
crushed organically grown apples, and
allowed to mature in wooden barrels,
which boost its natural fermentation
Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is
rich in enzymes and potassium. It is
brownish in colour and if held to light,
you will see formations of tiny strandlike substances, which is the mother of
It occurs naturally as connected
protein molecules and is the most
nutritious part of the apple cider vinegar
and is beneficial to digest. As it ages,
more of it will appear at the bottom of
the bottle.
Apple cider vinegar with no artificial
colouring, flavouring or preservatives
can offer you zesty natural goodness.

n For more information, call

1800 880 2273 (CARE) or 03-7785 6288.


your health 7

No sweat
EXCESSIVE sweating can affect ones
professional and social life.
There are two types of sweat glands:
l Eccrine glands are distributed
throughout the body and responsible for
regulating body temperature through the
release of sweat onto the bodys surface.
l Apocrine glands, also known as scent
glands, are found in the armpits and groins.
Apocrine glands are mainly responsible for
body odour as the sweat produced is high in
protein and fatty acids, which bacteria can
break down easily.

Using anti-perspirants is the most common

and effective form of treating excessive
Perspirex anti-perspirants are clinically
proven to provide safe, unequalled
protection for up to five days. Its patented
formulation is fragrance- and stain-free and
kind to sensitive areas of the skin.
The main ingredient aluminium chloride
reacts with water in the sweat glands to
form a deep keratin plug in the gland. This
plug seals the sweat gland, temporarily
halting sweat production.
However, the plug is expelled with
shedding of dead skin cells on skin surface,
resulting in the sweat gland becoming active
once again.
It takes two to seven days for this process
to complete a cycle, which explains the need
to only apply Perspirex two to three times a
Perspirex enables you to remain protected

Perspirex anti-perspirants are safe as well as

fragrance- and stain-free.

even when you shower, swim or bathe, so

there is no need to reapply during the day.
Perspirex is used before going to bed as
the sweat glands are less active at night. For
optimal results, apply on completely dry and
unbroken skin, and let the skin dry after
application and before putting on clothes.
Wash it off the following morning with
soap and water. There is no need to reapply.
For a start, use Perspirex every night until
you have achieved the desired effect (usually
within a week).
For sensitive skin, apply every second
night for two weeks. Thereafter, apply
Perspirex two to three nights a week or as
often as your body needs it. Do not use the
product within 48 hours after hair removal.
The Perspirex Original Antiperspirant Rollon (25ml) and Perspirex Antiperspirant
Hand and Foot Lotion (100ml) are each
retailed at RM59.90 at Guardian Health &
Beauty and other leading pharmacies.

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Keep an eye out for glaucoma

GLAUCOMA is one of the leading causes of
blindness worldwide.
The most common type of glaucoma,
primary open-angle glaucoma, has no
noticeable signs or symptoms except
gradual vision loss. It happens when
channels are partially blocked, causing fluid
to drain out of the eye too slowly and
building up pressure within the eye,
damaging the optic nerve.
Acute angle-closure glaucoma develops
rapidly and symptoms are often severe,
including intense pain and redness of the
eye, headaches and seeing halos or
rainbow-like rings around lights. It occurs
when the iris bulges forward to narrow or
block the drainage angle formed by the
cornea and the iris, blocking fluid from
exiting the eye and increasing pressure
Secondary glaucoma is caused by other
conditions or eye injury such as uveitis
(inflammation of the middle layer of the
eye) but can be easily confused for
symptoms of other conditions.
Normal-tension glaucoma is caused by
damage to the optic nerve despite eye
pressure remaining within normal range.
This may be due to a sensitive optic nerve
or lack of blood being supplied to your optic
nerve, though its true cause is not well
Children sometimes display symptoms of
developmental glaucoma such as large eyes,
high sensitivity to light, cloudy appearance
to their eyes and watery eyes, among
It is caused by angle blockages or

Getting your eyes checked regularly is key to

early detection and treatment of glaucoma.

malformation or develops as a result of other

conditions such as secondary glaucoma.
Do not wait for noticeable eye problems
before seeking a doctor. Regular eye
examinations are the key to detecting and
treating glaucoma early.
It is recommended that all adults have a
comprehensive eye check at 40 years old and
every three to five years after that if you do
not have any glaucoma risk factors.
If you have other risk factors or you are
older than 60 years old, you should be
screened every one to two years.
The goal of glaucoma treatment is to lower
pressure in your eye (intraocular pressure).
To treat your condition, doctors may lower
your eye pressure, improve drainage of fluid
in your eye or lower the amount of fluid
produced in your eye by using eyedrops, oral
medications or surgery.

n For more information, call

03-4022 6222 (KL) or 03-7804 4051 (PJ).


8 your health

Fitness starts at home

EXERCISE in any form mild,
moderate or intense is better
than no exercise at all.
Physical activity with moderate
intensity is good enough to
improve cardiovascular conditions
and reduce the risk of diseases
such as high blood pressure,
diabetes, obesity, heart disease and
A recommendation of moderate
physical activity is to brisk walk for
30 minutes a day, three times or
more per week.
Walking is the most popular
choice whether outdoors or on a
treadmill because anybody can do
it on any given day without special
It is recommended that
individuals should take at least
10,000 steps each day or walk 8km
a day.
One of the ways to achieve this
fitness goal is by walking on a
With the latest NordicTrack C2
treadmill, you can now exercise in
the comfort and convenience of
your own home to achieve your

fitness goals.
Additional features of the C2
treadmill include:
l 20 preset workout
Get the training you want with
built-in workouts designed by a
certified personal trainer to help
you achieve your fitness goals.
Choose from calorie-burn,
intensity, incline and speed

l 20-inch x 55-inch running

The C2 treadmill features a
20-inch by 55-inch tread belt
designed to reduce noise and
friction for a long-lasting workout.
It is stretch-resistant and
engineered to stay centred on the

l 0kph to 20kph digital quick

speed control
Whether you choose to walk,
jog or run, this treadmill
accommodates every workout
with speeds up to 20kph.
You can easily adjust your speed

at the touch of a button.

mimic an outdoor run.

l 0% to 10% digital quick

incline control
With the touch of a button, you
can adjust your incline by up to
10%. Higher inclines reduce impact
on your joints and add variety to
your workout. Plus, you will recruit
more muscle and be able to target
your hips, quadriceps and glutes.

l iFit-compatible
A revolutionary interactive
training programme, iFit
technology helps you get
much more out of each
Track your
runs with
Google Maps,
train with Jillian
Michaels and tailor your
workouts to your specific goals
with this technology. (This feature
requires the iFit wireless module,
sold separately.)

l Spacesaver design with

Easylift assist
Fold your treadmill up and
out of the way for convenient
cleaning and storage. A hydraulic
dampening spring does the heavy
lifting for you, so you can easily
fold your treadmill to save
precious floor space.
l Flexselect cushioning
Get the best of both worlds with
adjustable treadmill cushioning. A
half turn of the knobs offers
superior impact reduction with
cushioning isolators on each side of
the deck. Another half turn of the
knobs gives a road-like surface to

The NordicTrack C2 treadmill is

now available exclusively at all
Fitness Concept outlets nationwide.
Fitness Concept is Malaysias
Largest Fitness Specialist Chain as
certified by The Malaysia Book of
Records with 45 outlets in leading
shopping malls nationwide.
Enjoy the NordicTrack C2

Nordic Track
C2 treadmill.

treadmill package with up to

seven years warranty and
NordicTrack premium accessories
set worth RM572 (terms and
conditions apply).
Check out a range of fitness
products at Fitness Concept stores
to keep you and your family fit and
healthy or visit its roadshow at
Gurney Plaza (Central Atrium)
held from March 30 to April 4.

n For more information,

call 03-8026 2222 or e-mail
or visit

YAP Ming Tian was aware that
he was a snorer but it soon
progressed to him waking up in
the middle of the night gasping
for breath. His daughter, who is
a doctor, recognised it as
Apnoea sufferers are often
diagnosed when they are
exhausted and cannot function
Most people are unaware
that they suffer from it
but it is a common problem.
It interrupts deep sleep and
renders you tired the next day.
Apnoea is potentially lifethreatening as it raises blood
pressure, reduces the flow of
oxygen to the brain and can
possibly lead to stroke, heart
attack and even death.
Sufferers have been known to
experience impaired mental
abilities, troubled emotions,
disrupted work performance,
memory problems, weight gain,
impotence and headaches.
Conventional treatment
methods involve the use of
nasal continuous positive
airway pressure devices and
if the condition is particularly
serious, doctors may
recommend surgery.
Fortunately, Yaps daughter
found a mandibular device
called the Somnoguard that she
felt suited her fathers needs.
The Somnoguard is made
from a flexible material and
resembles dentures. Fitting
involves boiling the mouldable
thermoplastic, cooling it and
inserting it into the mouth for
the correct fit and bite.
Developed in Germany by
medical enterprise Tomed Dr

The Somoguard helped alleviate

Yaps apnoea so he can sleep
through the night.

Toussaint GmbH in cooperation

with ENT (ear, nose and throat)
university clinics of Mannheim,
Germany, the device serves to
shift the lower jaw forward
during sleep. This allows the
respiratory tract to open up
Advancement of the lower
jaw by up to 10mm with 0.5mm
accuracy is made with the
adjustment of a screw on the
Clinical examinations in the
Mannheim sleep laboratory
showed that snoring in 80% of
patients disappeared completely
or almost completely with the
use of this oral device. The rate
of dangerous nocturnal
breathing arrests was reduced
by up to 60%.
When Yap first tried the
device, he slept soundly for the
first time in years. He has since
decided to be a distributor of the
device to help fellow sufferers in
Approved by European health
authorities and the United States
Food and Drug Administration,
the device is convenient to use
and can be stored easily when

n For more information,

call 03-7954 3622.


your health 9

MILK is an important part of diet

that most people drink as infants
and increase in intake as they grow
Milk is one of the most nutritious
drinks available with much health
rewards. It is a great source of
vitamins and nutrients with
several health benefits such as:
l Glowing skin
Drinking two glasses of Marigold
HL Low Fat Milk each day can
benefit your skin. It is fortified
with nine essential vitamins
vitamin A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E
and folic acid making it healthy
and nutritious to give you glowing

l Healthy bones and

Milk is a great source of
calcium, which is essential
for healthy bones. Not only
do young children need it
while their bones are
growing, adults also need it
to keep their bones strong
and prevent osteoporosis.
Milk also gives you
stronger teeth and prevents
tooth decay and cavities.
However, vitamin D is
needed for calcium to be
absorbed by the body.

Packed with nutrients

Marigold HL Low Fat Milk
contains 25% more calcium than
most milk brands and is fortified
with vitamin D. It helps to prevent
osteoporosis and ensure overall
health besides keeping your teeth,
nails and hair strong and healthy.

l Healthy muscles
Milk contains protein, which
helps build new
muscles, improve
muscle recovery
and prevent

muscle breakdown during

This means that milk is a
good post-workout drink for
muscle recovery and rehydration.
Marigold HL Low Fat Milk contains
56% more protein than ordinary
milk, which you can consume after
your next exercise to give your
body all the nutrition it needs to
recover while replenishing fluids
lost during your workout.

l Keeps you healthy

and slim
To enjoy the
health benefits
of milk and stay
slim and trim,
choose Marigold
HL Low Fat Milk,
which contains
only 1% fat
compared with
most milk that

Marigold HL Low Fat Milk gives your body the right balance
of nutrients.

contains 4% fat.

consumption of fruits and


l Easier on the stomach

Compared with ordinary milk,
Marigold HL Low fat Milk contains
75% less lactose, so it is easier on
the stomach and suitable for
people who are lactose intolerant
or commonly experience digestive
discomfort such as gas, bloating
and diarrhoea when consuming
regular milk.

l Lower blood cholesterol

Those concerned about high
cholesterol levels will benefit
from the plant sterols in Marigold
HL Low Fat Milk with Plant Sterols,
which have been shown to lower
blood cholesterol by blocking
cholesterol absorption by the body.
Drink two glasses of Marigold
HL Low Fat Milk with Plant
Sterols daily as part of your
balanced diet and include regular

Marigold HL Low Fat Milk

is formulated to complement
different lifestyles. It is high in
calcium and protein content and
low in fat and lactose, besides
being fortified with nine essential
vitamins, all of which give your
body the right balance of nutrients
that it needs.
Many health-conscious
Malaysians choose to drink
Marigold HL Low Fat Milk,
Malaysias No.1 pasteurised
low fat milk.
Marigold HL Low Fat Milk is
available in plain, chocolate
and strawberry flavours as well
as with plant sterols that can help
lower cholesterol levels.

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in this StarSpecial.

10 your health


Rice revolution
THE last National Health and Morbidity
Survey in 2011 showed that one in seven
adults above the age of 18 are diabetic and
many are not even aware of being diabetic.
Despite the advances touted by drug
companies at the launch of every new drug
to treat diabetes, only two-thirds of diabetics
under medical care achieve good control.
It is possible to achieve good control by
consuming a healthy diet. For those whose
staple diet is rice, one strategy is to reduce
harmful carbohydrate from rice when
cooking it.
Rice contains starches that exist in a
combination of amylose and amylopectin.
The ratio of these two components
determines if a particular carbohydrate is
classified as rapidly digestible starch (RDS)
or slowly digestible starch (SDS).
Having a ratio of higher amounts of
amylopectin molecules to amylose molecules
classifies rice as RDS, which means it has a
high glycaemic index.
Foods with high glycaemic index cause
blood glucose to rise quickly, stay high longer
and consequently spike blood sugar levels.
In comparison, SDS breaks down slower,
making it a healthier choice as it does not
raise blood glucose levels quickly or keep it
high for long.
The Grayns RevoCook technology used to
cook rice in the Grayns rice cooker does not
let rice boil. Boiling rice causes the cell wall
of the rice grain to break down and allow
amylose molecules to leave the rice grain.
The gelatinisation temperature is held long

Rice cooked in Grayns Rice Cookers provides

energy without spiking your glucose levels.

enough to ensure only the RDS molecules are

removed from the rice grain and dissolved
in water. The end result is that rice cooked in
the Grayns Rice Cooker has a higher amylose
to amylopectin ratio, which makes it an SDS.
The end product is carbohydrates that
provide needed energy while being slowly
digested and released into the bloodstream
without spiking blood glucose levels.
Dr Amir Farid Isahak, senior medical
specialist, will be conducting a short talk on
the above subject matter at Kuala Lumpur
Gold & Country Club Karaoke room on April
16 from 9.30am to noon.
Register by e-mailing tonycareen@gmail.
com or WhatsApp/SMS at 019-232 0888
Careen. Seats are limited to only 50 people
on a first-come-first-serve basis.

n For more information, WhatsApp/SMS

019-232 0888 or 012-219 7168.


THE evolution of surgical techniques has

resulted in a new field of surgery collectively
known as minimally invasive surgery with
which surgeons use tools such as a
laparoscope (a small tube with a light source
and camera) to both diagnose and treat
surgical conditions through small incisions.
Carried out by a team that typically
consists of one surgeon and two assistants,
minimally invasive methods are becoming
more widely preferred because they are
proven to be as effective as open surgery, but
safer and more convenient.
According to Dr Tan Nugroho Cipto,
obstetrician and gynaecologist at Oriental
Melaka Straits Medical Centre, laparoscopy is
most commonly used in hysterectomy
(removal of the uterus), ovarian cystectomy
and the removal of the foetus in ectopic
pregnancies (when the foetus develops
outside the uterus).
It is also useful in diagnosing and treating
various conditions such as chronic pelvic
pain, infertility, endometriosis and fibroids.

your health 11

Less invasive treatment

Modern methods
How is laparoscopy performed?
First, a camera is inserted into a 10mm to
12mm incision, which allows us to visualise
the pathology. Then, accessory ports of 5mm
to 10mm are made on the left and right side,
through which we insert instruments to
operate under the skin, says the centres
obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Norhayati
Women who underwent a hysterectomy
(uterus removal) in the past had to take
months off to recover from surgery wounds.
With laparascopy in the picture, this is no
longer the case.
In a laparoscopic hysterectomy, creating
a small incision between the cervix and
vagina allows the detached uterus to be
removed through the vagina, explains
Dr Norhayati.

Dr Norhayati Awan.

Dr Tan Nugroho Cipto.

There is also a variation called

hysteroscopy in which a hysteroscope
(similar in function to laparoscope) is
inserted through the vagina to examine
the cervix and uterus.
Hysteroscopy can be useful in diagnosing
conditions such as abnormal uterine
bleeding and for operative purposes such
as polyps (harmless mucous membrane
growth) removal, says Dr Tan.

fully recover from open surgery.

With shorter hospital stays post surgery,
patients are able to resume their day-to-day
lives sooner and at greater comfort, says
Dr Norhayati.
As with all surgeries, though, patients
must be aware of the risks of laparoscopic
Possible complications involve bruising
around the skin incisions and accidental
damage to structures inside the abdomen,

Efficient advancement
Laparoscopy wounds heal faster because
the smaller incisions bleed and scar less.
Patients are able to recover within a week
as opposed to the months they could take to

such as bowel, bladder, ureters or blood

vessels, says Dr Tan.
This is rare but, if it occurs, an
emergency traditional operation (open
surgery with larger incisions) may be
needed to correct the damage.
Patients who have had previous surgery
are at greater risk of developing
complications, as are those with malignant
tumours that could spread.
This is why great consideration is
needed in selecting patients who are
suitable for surgery candidates must first
attend a health screening to allow doctors
to gauge overall fitness.
After surgery, patients typically require
basic care procedures such as pain relief
and dressing before they can continue to
recuperate at home.
Laparoscopy has come a long way in
aiding gynaecological surgery and
continues to be improved upon. For
example, instead of creating four ports for
individual instruments, surgeons can now
fit up to four instruments through one
Technological advancements allow
doctors to work with 3D images instead of
the previous 2D, and there are remotely
controlled robotic arms that can assist
surgery surgeons hope the latter and
more will soon debut on Malaysian shores.

n For more information, call 06-315 8888.


12 your health

ACCORDING to World Health

Organization statistics, there were
12.3 preterm births per 100 live
births in Malaysia in 2011. This
number is still about the same
Preterm is when a baby is
born alive before the 37 weeks
of pregnancy is completed.
Very little is known about
the underlying causes of preterm
births, says Dr Loo Hui Min,
resident paediatric and
neonatology consultant at
Mahkota Medical Centre.

Minimising risks in
Measures can be taken both
preconception and periconception
(after conceiving) to reduce the
risks of preterm labour.
One way to reduce the risk of
preterm birth preconception is
planning your pregnancies to
ensure they are adequately spaced
out; ideally, pregnancies should be
18 to 24 months apart.
Other risk-reducing measures
include ensuring the mothers
pregnancy weight is optimised
avoid a body mass index lower
than 18.5kg/m2 or more than
25kg/m2 and maintain a healthy
and nutritious diet supplemented
with folic acid and appropriate
All this can improve the overall
health of the mother and baby.
Preconception medical check-

A good head start

ups for medical conditions such as
diabetes or hypertension and
sexually transmitted diseases
should also be carried out so that
treatment and management can
commence immediately.
Periconception care includes
check-ups to screen for conditions
such as gestational diabetes and
hypertension, and maintaining a
healthy diet with folic acid and
iron supplementation.
Women with a previous history
of preterm birth should get
themselves screened to ensure
their cervix is not structurally
weak, advises Dr Loo, explaining
that the weight of the baby may
cause a structurally weak cervix to
open before the baby is ready to be
In this case, your doctor may
suggest a placement of
circumferential stitches to
strengthen the cervix.
Multiple gestation pregnancies
(more than one baby at a time)
should also be closely monitored,
as these types of births are often
preterm due to there basically not
being enough space in the uterus
for all the babies to grow to full
Women who have early signs of
labour should immediately seek

Dr Loo Hui Min.

medical attention.
It is possible for the obstetrician to
prolong the pregnancy and slow
down labour with medications,
explains Dr Loo.

Managing risks to babies

Babies born premature are at

risk from myriad complications

that mainly arise due to incomplete
For example, immature lungs
may lead to difficulties in
breathing, an immature liver may
lead to the baby being jaundiced or
an immature immune system may
leave the baby highly susceptible to
Mothers are often given
antenatal corticosteroids at least 24
hours before giving birth to reduce
morbidity and mortality in the
preterm baby.
These medications are
known to reduce the risk of
respiratory distress syndrome
(a condition caused by lung
immaturity that results in the lungs
collapsing) and intraventricular
haemorrhage (bleeding into the
brain) in preterm babies, among
Dr Loo explains that one of the
most common problems premature
infants face is sucking, swallowing
and breathing incoordination.
Preterm babies often need
help to feed and are more likely
to aspirate (get food in their
These infants should also be
monitored for necrotising
enterocolitis, a rare condition that

affects the intestinal wall of very

premature babies.
Premature babies also have
very little body fat and need good
thermal care and so are often
placed in incubators, says
Dr Loo.
The severity of the risks these
babies face depends on how
premature they are. All these
babies require specialised care
by trained professionals.
Therefore, it is important to
ensure you deliver your preterm
baby in a centre that is able to
handle the mother and baby care
effectively, says Dr Loo.
She advises prospective parents
not to be discouraged by the risks
of premature births.
Good maternal healthcare
from preconception to birth
significantly decreases the risks of
preterm labour and birth. Parents
should educate themselves about
these good practices and be
aware of all possibilities, she
Further, modern advances in
neonatal care means that the
outcome for preterm babies is
generally favourable.

n For more information,

call 06-285 2999.