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Knowledge, a Way Forward

2-day In-person Seminar:

Risk Analysis and Design of Experiments (DOE)

in Process Validation and Development
Philadelphia, PA

May 12th & 13th, 2016

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Steven Wachs
Principal Statistician, Integral Concepts, Inc
Steven Wachs has 25 years of wide-ranging industry
experience in both technical and management positions.
Steve has worked as a statistician at Ford Motor Company
where he has extensive experience in the development of statistical models,
reliability analysis, designed experimentation, and statistical process control.
Steve is currently a Principal Statistician at Integral Concepts, Inc. where he
assists manufacturers in the application of statistical methods to reduce
variation and improve quality and productivity.

This course is designed to help scientists and engineers plan and
conduct experiments and analyze the data to develop predictive models
used to optimize processes and products and solve complex problems.
DOE is an extremely efcient method to understand which variables (and
interactions) affect key outcomes and allows the development of
mathematical models used to optimize process and product performance.
The models also provide an understanding of the impact of variability in
controllable and uncontrollable factors on important responses. The
concepts behind DOE are covered along with some effective types of
screening experiments. Case studies will also be presented to illustrate
the use of the methods.


(Seminar for One Delegate)

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2-day In-person Seminar:



Risk Analysis and Design of Experiments (DOE) in Process Validation and Development

Day One

Day Two

Lecture 1: Introduction to Experimental Design

Lecture 1: Developing Mathematical Models

Developing First Order Models

What is DOE?

Residuals /Model Validation

DOE vs. One-Factor-at-a-time studies

Lecture 2: Developing Mathematical Models (cont'd)

Terminology, Denitions, and Concepts
Solving Models for Possible Solutions
Sequential Experimentation
Optimizing Response(s)
When to use DOE

Lecture 3: Fractional Factorial Designs (Screening)

Common Pitfalls in DOE

Structure of the Designs

Identifying an "Optimal" Fraction to Run

Lecture 2: A Guide to Experimentation (Methodology)


Planning an Experiment


Implementing an Experiment

Analysis of Fractional Factorial Experiments

Analyzing an Experiment
Other Designs
Case Studies

Lecture 4: Introduction to Response Surface Designs

Lecture 3: Two Level Factorial Designs

Central Composite Designs

Design Matrix and Calculation Matrix

Box-Behnken Designs

Calculation of Main & Interaction Effects

Optimizing several characteristics

Graphing & Interpreting Effects
Using Center Points

Lecture 4: Identifying Signicant Effects

Describing Insignicant Location Effects
Determining which effects are statistically

Who Will Benet:


Product and Process Engineers

Design Engineers

Quality Engineers

Personnel involved in product development

and validation

Laboratory Personnel

Manufacturing/Operations Personnel

Process Improvement Personnel

Analyzing Replicated and Non-replicated


2-day In-person Seminar:



Risk Analysis and Design of Experiments (DOE) in Process Validation and Development

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