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Knowledge, a Way Forward

2-day In-person Seminar:

Validation and 21 CFR 11 Compliance of Computer Systems:

Intermediate to Advanced
(Without Stay) Price:

May 9th & 10th, 2016

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


(Seminar for One Delegate)

(With Stay) Price:


(Seminar for One Delegate)

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Angela Bazigos
CEO, Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley

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(48 Hours) prior to the date of the seminar.

Angela Bazigos, is the CEO of Touchstone

Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc. "Your Passport to Compliance". She
has 30 years of experience in the Lifesciences industry spanning

Seminar Pricing Includes (With Stay)

Project Management, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs and has

a patent aimed at speeding up Software Compliance.
Ms Bazigos is a member of the SQA CVIC (Society of Quality

2 Days Stay

Assurance Computer Validation Initiative Committee), ASQ, DIA and

RAPS and consults to investment groups on Lifesciences investments

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Break-Fast and Lunch

Computer Systems Validation (CSV) also known as Software Validation is

High Tea

all-pervasive in the Life Sciences Industry. It is a requirement of all the

predicate rules, as well as 21 CFR 11 and Annex 11. However, unless
one knows how to implement CSV, it is often very hard to detect the
requirement for CSV, and very hard to determine what needs to be done,
to meet domestic and / or international regulations or business continuity
requirements. In addition, the FDA has stepped up 21 CFR 11 inspections
that include CSV.
This course will build on the Validation and 21 CFR 11 Compliance Basic
Course, to give hands on experience on executing on the computer
systems validation of a system, and to discuss related activities such as
Validation Master Plan, Infrastructure Qualication, Project Management

Pack of 3 Webinars will be

provided which has been done in
the past on similar subject



2-day In-person Seminar:

Validation and 21 CFR 11 Compliance of Computer Systems:

Intermediate to Advanced

Why should you attend:


VP of IT


Director of IT


Quality Managers
Project Managers (for CSV / IT)

Medical Device
Radiological Health
Blood Products

Validation Specialists
Database Administrators

Companion Animals

System Administrators


Directors / Senior Directors of Discovery


Day One

Day Two

Lecture 1: Introduction / Background

Lecture 5: CSV Detailed Study (Cont'd)

Introductions / Participants' Understanding

Participants' Objectives for the Course (Please
come prepared to discuss)
Lecture 2: Requirements at a High Level

Types of Requirements

Traceability Matrix
Verication and Testing
Exercise Creating Validation Scripts
Exercise Creating Traceability Matrix
Lecture 6: Other Documents

Validation Plan
Difference between User Requirements &
Functional Requirements

Test Protocols

Test Reports

Lecture 3: Detailed Requirements Study

Validation Report
Gathering Requirements
Entity Relationship Diagram
Process Decomposition
Risk Assessment for Requirements

Validation Registry
Lecture 7: Special Topics

Project Management for CSV

Infrastructure for CSV
Process Decomposition

Exercise on how to create Requirements

Lecture 4: Design

Design Specications

Selecting software for 21 CFR 11

Test Tools for CSV
Lecture 8: Change Control & Business Continuity

Software Conguration and Build

Change Control
Exercise on how to create Design

Implementing Business Continuity for CSV

2-day In-person Seminar:



Validation and 21 CFR 11 Compliance of Computer Systems:

Intermediate to Advanced

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