The verbs below are based on Cognitive Domain (Blooms’ Taxonomy

Cite Count Define Draw Identify Indicate List Name Point Quote Read Knowledge Recite Recognize Record Relate Repeat Select State Tabulate Tell Trace Write Application Predict Practice Relate Report Restate Review Schedule Sketch Solve Translate Use Utilize Comprehension Associate Express Classify Extrapolate Compare Interpret Compute Interpolate Contrast Locate Describe Predict Differentiate Report Discuss Restate Distinguish Review Explain Translate Estimate Analysis Distinguish Experiment Infer Inspect Inventory Question Separate Summarize

Apply Calculate Complete Demonstrate Dramatize Employ Examine Illustrate Interpret Interpolate Locate Operate Order

Analyze Appraise Contract Criticize Debate Detect Diagram Differentiate

Arrange Assemble Collect Compose Construct Create Design Detect Formulate Generalize

Synthesis Integrate Manage Organize Plan Prepare Prescribe Produce Propose Specify

Appraise Assess Choose Critique Determine Estimate Evaluate Grade Judge

Evaluation Measure Rank Rate Recommend Review Score Select Test

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