Fountain Hills, AZ

April 2016

Our Vision:

Living God’s love.

Our Mission :
calls us to . . .

Reach out to all with faith and love.

From Arlene Stewart, Elder
Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church
1 John 1: 7…. “ But if
we walk in the light, as
he is in the light, we
have fellowship with
one another, and the
blood of Jesus, his son, purifies us from
all sin.”

Through the efforts of many, many
people who served on committees
such as : Exploration/Planning; Development; Building; Financial Support and Kitchen, we are blessed to
have and enjoy these buildings.
When we look at all that takes place
in the Fellowship Center and Adult
Center in just one week ( see the

John writes about having fellowship with
other believers. Christian Fellowship is
first grounded in the God’s Word, the
underlying strength that ties us together.
Fellowship is mutual, depending on the
unity of believers. It is renewed daily
through the Holy Spirit. Fellowship combines social and spiritual interaction, only
through true relationship with Christ.
On April 13, 2005 we dedicated the
$1,000,000.00 building we now call the
Fellowship Center and Adult Center.
They were dedicated as places to be used
to the glory of God as we are called to
minister to our community. The Fellowship Center was to be a catalyst that
unites us as a community of faith.

Calendar of Events for the Week in
the Sunday Bulletin) then multiple it
by 52... they certainly are used to
the glory of God!
It is my pleasure to have been asked
by Session to step into the shoes of
some pretty remarkable ladies who

have managed, cared for and
worked very hard as Fellowship
Center Manager; Helen Quigley
and Helen Roesch. They did the
hard part, setting into place all that
we enjoy of our wonderful kitchen
and dining spaces.
The job of Fellowship Center Manager involved coordinating, monitoring, and prioritizing the many
uses of the facilities, equipment,
rental fees and the kitchen space.
This position interfaces with,
Building and Grounds, the Administrative Coordinator and the leaders of the many groups that use
these facilities.
I am now searching for those group
leaders and others who will work
with me to ensure that our Fellowship Center and Adult Center continues to be used to the glory of
Arlene Stewart, Manager

Evangelism tip
We draw people to Christ not by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right
we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it.
— Madeleine L’Engle
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

In Touch

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Focus on Finance

Rev. Bill Good
Pastor/Head of Staff

Pastor Ken Brown

Feb. Income

$ 41,709


$ 33,308

Associate Pastor

Feb. Expenses

$ 30,230


$ 32,059

Marta Ludwig

Yr to date Income

$ 77,106

YTD Budget

$ 70,117

Yr to date Expense $ 62,733

YTD Budget

$ 67,620

Administrative Coordinator

Debbie Fisher
Director of Music Ministry

Dorothy Parris

Caryl Bates

Lynn Medley

Linda Lull
Class of 2016
Sally Atchinson
Bob Lull
John Skewes
Arlene Stewart
Class of 2017
Mary Alice Bivens
Bonnie Hollabaugh
Aleyne Larsen-Craig
Helen Roesch
Ron Waldo
Class of 2018
Norm Collins
Yvonne Ellingson
Jerry Miles
Helen Quigley
Jack Reynolds
Moderator: Nancy Wulfmeier
Class of 2016
Suzie McCready
Dorothy Rudack
Donna Sims
Nancy Wulfmeier
Class of 2017
Michele Hasley
Mary Lee Lehrich
Cynthia Linton
Linda Warren
Class of 2018
Sandy Larson
Elvira Ruiz
Ray Schmidt
Bob Titus

We are ahead of budget for the month of February on the income side and we
have kept expenses below budget so far. Year-to-date Income vs Expenses
have us with a surplus of $14,373, a good place to be
in the first two months
of the year. However, we
need to keep this pace up in order to make it through
the summer months when the income slows down
until the fall.
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our
church and its programs.
Linda Lull, Treasurer

On the Inside:
Arlene Stewart, Elder .. .. . … .. .. … . … .. .. .. . . .. .. .. ..
Focus on Finance .. .. .. ..… … … … .. . … .. . .. … . .. . .
Conversations with the Presbytery . .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. . . . . . .
National Day of Prayer.. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . .
The Way on Wednesdays.. .. .. .. … . .. … . .. .. . .. . . . …
Mission Ministry . . … . . . .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . . . … .. . . . . ..
Thank YOU from Pastor .. … . .. .. .. . . . . . . .. .. .. .. . . .
Presbyterian Women .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . … .. . . .. . . .. ..
How Can You Help? … .. . . .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . .
Lockboxes for Seniors. .. .. .. … … … .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . ..
Not Yet a Member? .. .. .. . . . … . … . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .
Concert Series 2016 Thank You… … . … … .. . .. .. . ..
Columbarium U.S. Military Medallions . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. ..
Rummage Sale . .. … .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. . . . .. … .. .. .
Christian Formation .. . .. . .. .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. .
Christian Formation: Kid Community . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ..
FHPC Foundation.. .. … .. .. . … .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . .
Facebook. .. .. … .. .. .. .. . .. … .. .. . .. … … . .. .. .. .. . . ..
Library Footnotes.. … .. …. .…. …. …. …. …. …. ……
Music Ministry .. … … .. .. .. .. …. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . ..
Member Spotlight...Did you Know? .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . … ...
Necrology for 2016… .. … .. . . .. … .. … . .. . . .. . . ……
Housewarming Gifts Thank YOU! .. .. .. .. .. . . … .. . . . . .
April Birthdays .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .
Prayer for the Church for April .. … .. .. .. .. .. .. …. . … ..
Rummage Sale . . … . . .. . . . . . . . .. … .. . . . . … .. ... .


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April 2016

Conversations with the Presbytery
Meetings with the Presbytery
Administrative Commission
By the time you read this we will have had a round of
meetings with the Presbytery. It looks like about onethird of the congregation will have participated. Your
Session has invested countless hours in researching this
situation at your request. We ask that you give about an
hour to tell the Presbytery how you feel. Your Session
is committed to doing what the congregation believes is
God’s will for this church.

So you missed last weeks meetings? It’s not too late!
We will have another round on April 10th at 1:30 pm.
Please attend; we need your opinion- whatever it is. Call
the church office today and reserve your spot.
Jon Brockelman
Clerk of Session

On May 7, the country will observe a National Day of Prayer. Fountain Hills will celebrate at the Fountain Park amphitheater.
The NDOP theme for 2016 is “Wake Up America.” The scripture is
Isaiah 58:1a, “'Shout it aloud, do not hold back, raise your voice like a
Guests are invited to enjoy complimentary hot dogs, beverages, and
desserts from 5:00 to 5:45 pm at the park before the program. The program will start at 6 p.m. The local NDOP Committee continues to
emphasize the importance of prayer as a testimony to who God is,
what we believe and the fact that our Nation was founded upon the
truths of God's Word. The focus of prayer for April is the church. The
committee asks people, “Pray for an increase of vitality, renewal and vision that is from God for the church community, so the
church will be revitalized as a caring, committed community for His Kingdom. See prayer on pg 20.

WOW – The Divine Conspiracy: a deeper journey with Dallas Willard
Many of us were introduced to philosopher and sage Dallas Willard through our recent explorations of John Ortberg’s Soul
Keeping. Willard was a passionate follower of Christ who felt deeply, thought clearly, and spoke wisely of the importance of
cultivating spiritual life.
Now we go deeper with Dallas Willard as Pastor Bill facilitates a 6-session DVD study of one of Willard’s best-known books,
The Divine Conspiracy. Gracefully weaving biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship and spiritual practice into a
series of intimate conversations, old friends Willard and Ortberg explore the central themes of the book in an engaging manner
which challenges us to new ways of integrating our lives and our faith.
In terms of resources:
Be advised, the book is not an easy read, but rewards those who are willing. Although not necessary for the class, you may
purchase a copy here:
ie=UTF8&keywords=the%20divine%20conspiracy&qid=1458658566&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 The cost is $15.56
Perhaps a better suggestion for most of us is “The Divine Conspiracy Participant’s Guide”, copies of which will be available in the church office or at class on the first night or two. The cost is $10.
The Divine Conspiracy begins on Wed., April 6th and will again be offered at both lunch and dinner times. The midday session
will gather for lunch at Noon and class will run from 12:30-1:30. The evening session begins with Chef Arlene’s famous cuisine at 5:30 followed by class from 6:00-7:00.

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November 2012
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In Touch

Mission Ministry
Blankets Plus Mission
Project -- Funds raised from

Jack Reynolds, Elder

the Blanket Sunday collection on
March 13th for Church World
Service totaled
$2255 but donations will continue for another
week or two.
We thank Gary
and Barbara Oakeson for their
continuing efforts to raise awareness of the world’s poor as well

Citrus Fruit Collection – The citrus fruit campaign
for EHFB has concluded. We thank Art Spalding,
Murray Jones, for their efforts. They collected many
boxes of grapefruit and lemons for the Food Bank. The
Mission Committee extends their thanks for this now
annual campaign.
Mission Committee Invitation – Our committee
holds an open meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month
at 4:00 in the church conference room. If any member
has a special mission cause and would like to share it
with us, please feel free to attend or contact Jack Reynolds, elder, in the church office.

as to all those who donated.

Fish Fry for EHFB -- The Extended Hands Food Bank
Fish Fry on Friday, March 4 (which FHPC
members served) was a record breaking event.
286 meals were served in 2 ½ hours non-stop.
We thank all members who participate in this
fundraising event for EHFB. The next opportunity to serve will be Friday, April 1. Please
contact Terri Schmidt if you are able to participate

Heading Home? – Attention “winter birds!” In preparing your FH home to return
north for the summer, please consider donating any remaining goods
– packaged or frozen to Extended
Hands Food Bank. FHPC member,
Art Spalding has volunteered to
come to your home, pick up food
and deliver to the EHFB. If this is of interest, please contact Art @480-837-1781.

To say that Anabelle and I were
overwhelmed by your love and
kindness would be understatement of the worst order. Your
individual gifts were a great
blessing: your thoughtfulness was
even more so. And to those of
you who were kind enough to gift
us with money – well, we cook dinner on the new BBQ and read
stories each night in the reclining chair you bought us.
For the moment, please accept this as a down payment on a personal thank you note. We are working on the real thing and promise to get them to you soon. We hope you won’t imagine our delay as a sign of lack of gratitude; but, rather, as one of the busyness of life in this particular season.
Much love to you all,
Anabelle and Pastor Bill
More photos on page 19

In Touch

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April 2016

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Mission Ministry
With Easter arriving early
this year, cards have already been
mailed out to our “ChurchConnected Military” as shown
weekly in the Church bulletins and

to MANA House with all the leftover men’s clothing from our recent Rummage Sale. Huge thanks
to Butch and Susie for bringing
the items to my garage where they
were picked up almost immediately and delivered.
Please remember that
there are two boxes for
you to place your donations located at Church.
One is in the Narthex
on the table and/or
floor and the other one
is in the Fellowship
Center located on the
left side as you enter or
you may also drop off
any items at the Church
office and they will call
me. Thank you very

One by one he took them from me,
all the things I valued most,
until I was empty-handed;
every glittering toy was lost.
And I walked earth’s highways, grieving
in my rags and poverty
till I heard his voice inviting,
“Lift your empty hands to me!”
So I held my hands toward heaven,
and he filled them with a store
of his own transcendent riches,
till they could contain no more.
And at last I comprehended
with my stupid mind and dull,
that God could not pour his riches
into hands already full.
— Martha Snell Nicholson

Look to Christ
In the last month, two full
deliveries have been made to our
veterans at MANA House and at the
Veterans Hospital/Home in Phoenix. One delivery to the Hospital
was 6 boxes of magazines, books,
videos, CD’s, DVD’s and puzzle
books collected over the last few
months. The second delivery was

Donna Sims,

The man who has struggled to purify himself and has had nothing but repeated
failures will experience real relief when he
stops tinkering with his soul and looks
away to the perfect One.
While he looks at Christ, the very things
he has so long been trying to do will be
getting done within him.
— A. W. Tozer
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

“His Glory”
God sends rainbows after showers
arching ’cross the freshened skies.
Every rainbow shows God’s glory.
Every wonder tells his story.
God sends Jesus down from heaven
Offering mercy, hope and life.
On the cross he showed God’s glory.
Every blessing tells his story.
God sends me forth into this world
Sharing love that offers life.
And I hope to show God’s glory
In the way I tell his story.
— Mary Ann Sundby

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December 2011
page 6

In Touch

Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team for 2015-2016
Moderator, Maurene Gerson
Librarian, Barbara Oakeson
Vice-Moderator (Program), Sandi Thompson
Historian, Office Angels
Secretary, Bonnie Matty
Search Committee, (open)
Treasurer, Maria Berry
Membership Directory, Arlene Stewart
Publicity, Ilene Berg
Bible Study Coordinator, Maria Berry
Mission Coordinator, Sandy Larson
New Member Contact, Carol Fuls
Circle Leaders
Morning Circle, Suzie McCready, Joy Fick
Afternoon Circle, Martha Baxter
Evening Circle, Judy Irvin
Hooked on Books, Leader, Jan Hoff
Out ‘N About Leader, Nancy Wulfmeier

April 1
9 a.m.
April 5
1 p.m.
April TBA
1 p.m.
April 10 Both services
April 14
9 a.m.
April 16
9 a.m.
April 18
7 p.m.
April 20
9:30 a.m.

Acts 2:44-47

Coordinating Team Meeting, Adult Center, FHPC
Afternoon Circle, Fountain View Village
Afternoon Circle, Fountain View Spa
Gifts of Women Worship Service
Morning Circle, Adult Center, FHPC
PWP Spring Gathering, Faith Presbyterian Church
Evening Circle, Evelyn Hrunek’s home
Hooked on Books, Fireside Room
Out ‘N About, Streets of New York

April 23

8:30 a.m. Overview of 2016-2017
Bible Study, Gilbert Presbyterian Church

October 28-30

Synod Triennial Gathering
Franciscan Renewal Center

The Hospitality of Living Water—Compassion
Bible Study Help - Pastor Bill will meet with Circle Bible study leaders at 10 a.m. on April 7 in the Library to
help them prepare the lesson.

ALL women in the congregation are urged to participate in the Women’s Choir on Gifts
of Women Sunday, April 10. There will one rehearsal on Thursday, April 7 at 6 p.m. in
the sanctuary.
Share your gift of voice to help us fill the choir loft as we sing praise to the Lord!


10 AM

PW’s Spring Gathering will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 in the Fellowship Center. A carry-in brunch will begin at


a.m. followed by a short business meeting.
The 2016 Birthday Offering celebrating the blessings in the lives of Presbyterian women
will be received. After reviewing numerous proposals, the Creative Ministries Offering
Committee chose four projects to receive grants from the 2016 Birthday Offering. Your
gift will help at-risk youth in Kansas and Florida, girls in South Sudan, and individuals
living in California in manufactured homes that are in dire need of updates. The grant
amounts for these worthwhile programs will depend on gifts received in 2016.

page 7
The program for the Spring Gathering
will be a musical performance presented by the newly created “Act
Out!” Outreach Program sponsored by
the Fountain Hills Theater and underwritten by Boeing Crystal Vision. This
traveling performance company features an inspiring group of young vocalists whose performances are designed to delight and entertain audiences
of all ages. These performances are exciting and diverse featuring a variety of
uplifting songs from Broadway and beyond.

April 2016

2016-2017 BIBLE STUDY
The 2016-2017 Horizons Bible Study “Who is Jesus?
What a Difference a Lens Makes” will be reviewed on
April 23, 2016 at Gilbert Presbyterian Church, 2335 E
Guadalupe Road (south side of
Guadalupe two blocks east of
Gilbert Road). Registration
begins at 8:30 a.m. and the discussion will begin at 9 a.m.,
ending at 11 a.m. Leaders Chris
Casanova and Beverly Phillips
will lead the overview.

Presbyterian Women in Presbytery of Grand Canyon will
host their Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at
Faith Presbyterian Church, 16000 N Del Webb Blvd, Sun
City West. The theme is Mission Matters Because God’s
People Matter. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Keynote
speakers are:
Winnie Fritz - 2015 Citation of Merit recipient,
“Worldwide Settings and Innovation Mark of the
Health Care Careers.”
Judy Persons – serves as Vice-Moderator for Mission
Relation s for the Churchwide Coordinating Team
Bonnie Thompson – Global Exchange Representative
to the Caribbean
Registration is $10 which includes lunch and is due by
April l6, 2016. Make checks payable
to PW in the Presbytery of Grand
Canyon and mail to Natalie Herrick,
15566 W Las Verdes Way, Surprise,
AZ 85374

Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the
Southwest will be hosting their triennial gathering on October 28-30, 2016 at the Franciscan Renewal Center, 5802 E Lincoln, Scottsdale. The theme is “Who Is Jesus?” and activities will include worship, Bible study, fellowship, music, meditation, workshops, choir and free time. Speakers
include Judy Yates Siker, author of the 2016-2017 Hori-

zons Bible study, Kathy Reeves,
personal coach and Amy Poling
Sutherlun, Pastor at 1st Presbyterian Church, San Marcos, TX.
The cost of registration is variable
depending on your participation.
Please see Donna Yordy or
Maurene Gerson for complete
registration information.
Ilene Berg


Out ’n About—Out to Lunch

Hooked on Books will meet on Wednesday, April 20th at
9:30 AM in the Presbyterian Church Fireside Room. Helen
Doh will review the book "Presence" by Amy Cuddy.

Out n' About will have lunch at noon on Wed., April 20th
at "Streets of New York". Located at 16841 E. Shea Blvd.
#101, in the Target Center, Fountain Hills. Contact Nancy Wulfmeier at 837-3021 for reservations.

Books you no longer want may be brought for the
Book Exchange All women interested in reading and discussing books are invited to attend. For further information
contact Jan Hoff (480-836-7551)

Come have lunch with us!

In Touch
How can you help?

page 8

Lockboxes for Seniors

Fry's Community Rewards Program
The more our church family shops at Fry's, the more monetary support our church will have. Won't you consider registering to allow Fry's to donate a portion of your grocery
expenditures to our church programs?




How to Re-Enroll for the
Fry’s Community Rewards Program
* Go to
* Click on ‘Sign-In’.
Enter your email and password, click on ‘sign in’.
Click on your name (top right hand corner),
under ‘Account Summary’ scroll down to
“Community Rewards”.
Click on ‘Edit’ under Community Rewards.
Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO
number or name of organization then select
‘search’. (You can get the NPO number from
your organization.) It is #84123
Under ‘Select Your Organization’, click on the
circle next to your organization.
Click on ‘Enroll’

** FREE **

If you have re-enrolled correctly, you should see a
green box with ‘Your enrollment in the Community
Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for
participating!’ You will also see the information listed
under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page.

Heavenly showers
All God’s blessings go together, like links in a golden chain. If he gives converting grace, he will also give
comforting grace. He will send “showers of blessing.” Look up today, O parched plant, and open thy leaves and
flowers for a heavenly watering.
-- Charles H. Spurgeon
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

Not Yet A Member?
*If you are attending our church and don’t have membership in another church, you can join our church by profession
of faith and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism or, if you’ve already been baptized, you can join by reaffirmation of faith in
Jesus Christ.
*If you belong to another church, but would like to transfer your membership
to our church, we can arrange for a letter of transfer from your current membership
church to ours.
*If you are a winter visitor and are an active member of another church “back
home”, you can become an affiliate member at our church here and maintain your full
active membership there.
For additional information, please contact Aleyne Larsen-Craig at 602-625-6201, Sally
Atchinson at 480-837-1054 or call the church office at 480-837-1763.

Sally Atchinson

& Aleyne Larsen-Craig

page 9

April 2016

Pat Covault Memorial Concert Series... 2016
Thank You!
I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make the Pat
Covault Memorial Concert Series a real success this year! It does
take many hands to keep this program running smoothly. Thanks to
National Performing Artists, Linda and Bill Covault, the set up
crews, the ushers, the ticket takers, the ticket sales ladies, Marta
Ludwig, Lynn
Medley, the Hilltop Hospitality
Crew and to each
and everyone who
bought tickets for
the concerts.
The Dynamite Divas

We are looking forward to another season of great entertainment in 2017!!!
to all of you!!

Celebration Singers on Palm Sunday

U.S. Military Medallions
for our Veterans
for our Columbarium niches are now available. Please call or stop by the church office
for more information.


page 10

Rummage Sale 2016

page 11

April 2016

Rummage Sale 2016
New Addition to our Rummage Sale:

Bake Sale

Helen Roesch
Linda Warren
Jane Realdsen

In Touch

page 12

Christian Formation
Christian Formation Opportunities:
10:15 AM Sabbath Day Bible Study
10:15 AM Elementary Life with God
11:15 AM Blessed Beginnings Nursery
11:15 AM Preschool Life with God

• The Way on Wednesdays
12:00 PM Lunch & Bible Study
5:00 PM Elementary “Big God Story”
5:30 PM Dinner & Bible Study

Committed Youth Rehearsal
3:45 PM on Wednesdays

Women’s Bible Study Circles
(Sept thru May)
9:00 AM 2nd Thursday
1:00 PM 1st & 3rd Tuesday
7:00 PM 3rd Monday

Men’s Bible Study on
7:00 AM in the Adult Center

Spiritual Life Group
6:00 PM 1st & 3rd Monday

Need volunteers for:

Clean up after event
Running computer

Call church office 8371763. No experience necessary. We will train.
Don’t send resume, we
trust you. Many benefits.

VBS FOR 2016
July 25-29, 2016
We are joining with Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church to pursue this joint VBS Cave Quest adventure. Plus, Logan and Evan
Cain (see the bottom of the next page) and their zany team will be
back by popular demand.
We could use your help, too. Better still, we need your help. Will
you please consider where and how you might be able to volunteer your time, energy and enthusiasm?

page 13

April 2016

Christian Formation
Kid Community
At 4:00 pm every Wednesday during
the school year our kids gather together for fun, for music, for food, for
prayer, for worship, for
friends, for stories, for
crafts, and most of all,
for getting to know
Jesus better. Who are
“our kids?” They are
kids you know, and
kids you don’t. We
have a dozen in all.
Some come from Fountain Hills; some come
from Mesa. And for
some, this is their only
exposure to God’s
truth. We are planting seeds in these
young lives, and we are trusting that
the harvest will be plentiful.
What do we do? At 4:00 pm the kids
meet with Debbie Fisher for a time of
“unwinding” after school. This is a
time for conversation and, of course,
snacks, provided by Arlene Stewart,
who also lends a listening ear when
needed. This is a special time for the
kids as they each get a chance to tell
about the day’s events. After that, it’s
time to bring out the instruments,
some of which are brought from

home. The kids love to sing and
they’re pretty good, as was demonstrated by their performance at the
Christmas Eve service. What a great
While the kids are with
Debbie, the rest of the
team - Judy Irvin, Matt
Jefferson, and Cheryl
Kenna - are getting
ready for the next part
of Kid Community.
This preparation involves a time of prayer
for our kids, because
this ministry isn’t just
about keeping the kids
busy for two hours. It’s
about teaching the next
generation to not only
love the Lord, but to live for the Lord.
It’s not easy for kids today with all the
messages our society throws at them.
That’s why Wednesdays are so important at Fountain Hills Presbyterian
Church. Just like adults, kids need a
time to connect with God and wipe out
the negative influences of the week.
And what better way than to hear
God’s Word? We use a curriculum put
out by David C. Cook as our foundation. The curriculum provides power
point presentations (being mastered by
Matt), suggestions for games and

crafts, and also ideas for how the kids
can respond to the message. It’s always
gratifying when we see the kids make
commitments – even though sometimes
the commitments are forgotten by the
time they get to the car to go home. It
doesn’t matter. Grain by grain, pebble
by pebble, stone by stone, brick by
brick, foundations in the Word are being built. These foundations will support these kids as they go into their
teenage years and beyond. We’re not
only teaching them about God’s love,
we’re showing them His love. It’s demonstrated by those of us who are “in the
trenches” with them, and also through a
loving church that opens the doors and
invites them in, providing food, instruments, crafts, Bibles and a fantastic
place to be together. God has blessed
FHPC with an abundance of resources,
and we are using those resources to
teach children. There’s no higher calling, and we all have a part in it,
whether we’re physically with the kids,
or just in the background supplying the
resources and loving them from a distance. Our love shows – these kids’
lives are being enriched, week by week,
and for those who don’t otherwise attend any church at all, their lives are
not only enriched, they are changed…
-Cheryl Kenna

Last summer Logan and Evan Cain (twin brothers) were a meaningful part of our summer ministry experience. They took an active role in Vacation Bible School, leading in worship with joy and enthusiasm.
“Home by Another Way” (our contemporary service on Sunday morning) also benefited from the twins
showcasing their musical abilities in the band. Plus, they designed their own outreach to other young
adults like themselves here in Fountain Hills.
Evan and Logan are eager to return this summer. While they are home for their
summer break from Azusa Pacific University this year, they want to engage in
those same activities and do even more. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they
invested here at FHPC and they were grateful for the time we invested in them.
“I am looking forward to building into the minds and hearts of these twin energetic and enthusiastic brothers,” Pastor Ken insisted. “One takes Greek and
wants to be a New Testament scholar. The other takes Hebrew and wants to be
an Old Testament scholar. Yet they are twins. So very different. So much alike.”

In Touch

page 14

Report of the 3rd Annual FHPC
Foundation Corporation Meeting

Following a question and answer period, the new Foundation By-Laws were approved
by a voice vote. Per the ByLaws, funds were distributed
to the Technology Committee. Ron Waldo, chairman,
explained how implementing
all campus wi-fi, the Sanctuary camera, computer for the
Music Department, upgrading
the Library software, and
financial software brought the
church into the 21st century.
Debbie Fisher explained how
the new computer helps her in
managing the Music Department. Barbara Oakeson reported on the improvements
with the Library software.

The February 21, 2016 Meeting began
with prayer by Pastor Bill followed by
the introduction of the Members of the
2015 Trustees. The support personnel
were acknowledged and thanked. Barbara Oakeson and Susan Phillips were
recognized and thanked for their three
year commitment and dedication to the
Foundation as Trustees. Jean Ipema and
Gary Oakeson were welcomed as newly
elected members to the Board of Trustees. Helen Roesch was welcomed as the
new secretary replacing Jean Ipema.
Dawn Lau was thanked for handling all
the arrangements for the meeting.
Matt Jefferson reported on the status of
the Arizona Community Foundation and
the Socially Responsible Pool in which
the Foundation is invested. This pool
showed the greatest profitability of the
four pools managed by ACF for the calendar year. It was announced that as of this date, February
21, 2016, the Total Foundation Value is $681,895.80 The
Foundation is made up of $560,500 in bequests,
$105,535.66 invested and $15,860.14 cash.

In closing, the Board of Trustees thanked those in attendance for coming and showing their interest in the future
of the church.

Ben Fast

By-Law changes were brought to the floor by the Trustees.

You can play a part in the future of your Church. Consider investing in the Foundation, a perfect charitable way
to leave your mark and final testimony of your faith in the
More photos on next page...

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation
“An Investment Today for the Life of Our Church Tomorrow”

Members of the Board of Trustees are available to answer your questions.
Give them a call!

Foundation Board of Trustees
Gary Oakeson
Matt Jefferson
Roy Nickel
John Skewes


Jean Ipema
Dawn Lau
Ben Fast


page 15

April 2016


Jean Ipema, Barbara Oakeson, Susan Phillips, and Ben Fast
Debbie Fisher, Matt Jefferson and Ron Waldo

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Go to our website and click on Facebook on our home page. When you are there also click on the like it
icon. When you do that you will get news feeds directly from our site whenever anything new is
added. It is just another way to stay connected.

In Touch

page 16

Library Footnotes
The Atonement Child
By Francine Rivers
Live was going very
well for Dynah Carey
She had a strong faith in
God, had a loving family
and was looking forward
to marrying Ethan who
was studying to become
a pastor.
Both were
attending New Life, a
Christian College.
She also enjoyed part time work at Stanton Retirement Home. Walking back to college one
night from work her life was brutally changed
forever. She was stalked by a stranger, dragged
into bushes, savagely beaten and raped. The
rapist was frightened off by a neighbor who
heard her screams and called the police.
As a result of the rape Dynah became pregnant with the
rapist’s child. What were the decisions she would have to
make? Should she abort or should she carry the child?

How would her friends and her fiancée Ethan (who had
previously written an essay against abortion), react to her
pregnancy? What about New Life College - could she
still attend classes, being pregnant and single.
How would her parents support her in her
decision? Would the pastor she consulted
help her? After all the negative and positive well-intentioned advice she received, it
was inevitable that Dynah would have to
depend on her faith in God to reach a final
decision. Her strong faith was being
tested. What was her final decision? I am
not going to tell you. Francine Rivers is a
Christian writer and in this book she discusses rape with pregnancy from different
perspectives. This is a great book for
group discussions. Borrow it from the
Church Library.

Review by Imogene Strom

Avoiding temptation
Our 10-year-old loves playing on his father’s tablet but may use only the touch screen because he’s misused the keyboard and stylus. One day, after receiving permission to play, he detached and handed over
the forbidden objects. His dad said, “Just leave them there,” but our son replied, “No, I might be tempted to
use them.”
We routinely pray, “Lead us not into temptation,” hoping God will almost magically keep us out of trouble
even as we stray close to enticements. We buy high-calorie treats while intending to “eat healthy.” We visit
bit-box stores and spend money we don’t have. We gather with gossipy friends, fully aware that such talk is
sinful and harmful.

Staying sharp
The English word character comes from Greek for a sharp-pointed instrument. Much of this original
meaning is implied in the word as we use it, for isn’t character the means by which we make an impression
on the world? ‘To be sure, the instrument itself is not a finished product [but] a mere tool; but, like many a
fine instrument, character improves with use. Our actions and reactions temper the blade and make the
edge powerful or impotent. We each must forge our own character, be responsible for keeping it in condition and be responsible for its results.
— Author Unknown
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

page 17

April 2016

Music Ministry
What an extraordinary experience given us through
our Lenten journey.
blessed we are to be involved with such a life changing experience. We have the
direction, the challenge and
the never dull, forward momentum which has never
changed since Christ was
revealed through the
Debbie Fisher, Director of Music
Prophets. I am grateful
to those in our Music Ministry for being so able
and willing to move with the Spirit of the journey, providing such sensitive and effective music to accompany the rich content of our worship services. A special thanks to those who
offered their talent through vocal solo's enhancing our Anthems, and to our instrumentalists who provided accompaniment to our
hymns and special pieces. The congregation
still continues to express their appreciation of
you to me. It's all part of our heart and
soul. It becomes natural to just do it, to praise
God through music.
Two events will occur in the month of April
involving music. First is the "Choirfest". Being
held at our church this year on April 3rd at 2:00
p.m. in the Sanctuary. This event is sponsored

by the FHCCA and has been occurring for over
20 years. It is an hour of music provided by
Choirs from our town and Rio Verde, in support
of music in our churches and community. Not
to be missed! Our next exciting event in worship is the "Women's Sunday" the following
week, April 10. This service is the feminine
side of worship, with ladies leading the service. This means we need to load up the choir
loft with ladies!
CALLING ALL LADIES!! There will be a rehearsal on Thursday Evening, April 7, at 6:00
p.m. in the Sanctuary. Please consider joining
us for this beautiful service. We will be losing
some of our singers that have to head back to
their other home prior to this event, and we
need extra voices. I do know some of you have
lovely voices in the congregation, and we
would absolutely love to have you sing with
us. Please grab a friend and meet us April 7 at
6:00 p.m. to sing God's praise! Thank you!
"Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song,
His praise in the assembly of the faithful".
Psalm 149: 1
Deborah Fisher
Director of Music Ministries

Healing and community
In [the] healing texts, Jesus does not just cure people’s diseases
and cast out their demons and then say, “Mission accomplished.”
He’s always after something more than that because the healing is
never fully accomplished until there is a restoration to community.
People are healed of disease, and then he tells the folks just standing around watching to go get them something to eat. The widow’s
son is raised from the dead and then [Jesus] gives him back to his
mother. And … the man healed of demons is then told to stay with
his people and speak of what God has done. In the Jesus business, community is always a part of healing. Even though community is never perfect.
— Nadia Bolz-Weber, Accidental Saints
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

In Touch

page 18

Member Spotlight …. Did you know?

Art and Jo-Ann Spalding are both life
long residents of Michigan. Although
Art and Jo-Ann graduated from different high schools in Royal Oak, they
were introduced by a mutual friend at
The University of Michigan. Their first
date was a double date to see a live
performance of Sound of Music at the
Fox Theatre in Detroit. The return trip
in the back seat remains a topic of debate between them. Married in August,
1966, they became the parents of three
boys. Their youngest, Douglas, suffered many years with clinical depression before taking his own life. Eldest,
Gregory, is a middle school social science and English teacher in Woodland
Park, Colorado, with 2 children. Kevin
is a CPA and Vice-President of a wood
products distribution company operating in North America, with 5 children
and 2 stepchildren. Art and Jo-Ann
have been coming to Fountain Hills
annually for 5+ months for 10 years
after buying a lot in 1998 and having a
home built in 2005. They are affiliate
members of FHPC.
Jo-Ann was born in Detroit, the second
of five children. Her family lived in
Detroit, Dearborn and then Royal Oak.
She graduated from Royal Oak Kimball
High School and then went to The University of Michigan where she received
her BS degree in Nursing in 1964. She
worked in pediatrics at the University
Hospital and did some private duty

nursing. After marrying Art, she worked
for the Detroit Visiting Nurses Association while Art completed law school.
When they moved to Grand Rapids, she
took a position as Head Nurse in Pediatrics at Blodgett Hospital. Preferring to
stay at home with her children, she took
a 19 year maternity leave! When their
youngest child started high school, JoAnn took a refresher course and returned to her nursing career as a nurse
consultant for Lutheran Social Services.
She supervised the medical care of developmentally delayed children in foster
homes licensed by the agency. She resigned in her early fifties to help her inlaws who were both struggling with
cancer and because of the birth of her
first two grandchildren. Her seven
grandchildren are the light of her life.
Over the years she has served on the
boards of the Wyoming Jaycees Auxiliary, the coop preschool her children
attended, Young Law Wives, the Grand
Rapids Bar Auxiliary, U of M Alumni
group, and Parent Teacher Associations.
She has always enjoyed cooking, baking, reading, hand work, cake decorating, and learning to play the piano. JoAnn was raised as a Catholic and joined
the Presbyterian Church when she married Art. She is an ordained ruling elder
and an ordained deacon.
Art was born in Oakland County,
Michigan, where his Dad was born and
raised in Royal Oak. When he was 5
years old, his family moved to Leetsville, a very rural area near Kalkaska in
northern Michigan, where his Mom was
born and raised. For 5 years he attended
a one room school house and reached
the pinnacle of his academic achievement in the second grade when he had
an A average for the entire year. After
moving to Highland Park (surrounded
by Detroit) and Berkley (again Oakland
County) he finally settled in Royal Oak
where he graduated from Royal Oak
Dondero High School in 1958. After
starting college at Wayne State University in Detroit and considering many
academic ventures, he finally graduated

in December, 1964, with a BBA from
The University of Michigan. Looking
for a job in late 1964 led to a common
question: what is your draft status?
No job offers led Art back to the savings & loan where he worked while at
WSU. The draft board called in January and asked for an interview. At the
conclusion of the interview, the clerk
asked about his plans. Being a quick
thinker, Art replied: “I’m going to law
school”. Well, that’s great she replied,
send us a copy of your acceptance. He
left thinking: I better take the LSAT
and apply to law school. By some
strange turn of events, he was accepted at WSU Law School, where he
graduated in June, 1968 and avoided
(which is legal, in contrast to evaded)
the draft. During his last semester of
law school, he accidentally noticed a 3
X 5 card on the bulletin board near the
placement office indicating that a law
firm in Grand Rapids was looking for
an associate to practice business and
real estate law. He responded, was
offered a job, accepted and is now a
mostly retired, part-time, lawyer with
the same law firm. In the 1970s, he
chaired a Jaycee committee which
founded what is now a well established mental health agency for adolescents. He has served on many committees, the Planning Commission and
as an elected Trustee in Plainfield
Township where he and Jo-Ann have
lived for the last 33 years. Wintering
in Fountain Hills has meant new golf
buddies, new church friends and no
snow. April is his favorite month (no,
not because he was born in April) with
the great temperatures, flowers everywhere and spring in the air. Art has
been a member of a Presbyterian
church continuously since 1954, is an
ordained ruling elder, has served as
the Moderator of the Presbytery Permanent Judicial Commission and has
said repeatedly: I will die a Presbyterian. His favorite Presbyterian quote
is from the Westminster Confession:
God alone is Lord of the Conscience.

God does not ask your ability, or your inability. He asks only your availability.
-Mary Kay Ash

page 19

April 2016
Hospitalized? Call the church!

With deepest sympathy we list
those members who have passed
away in 2016.
Patricia Culley
Ralph Berry

If you are sick, hospitalized or home recovering from illness, we want you to call the church and let us know! In a congregation like ours where people leave in droves for extended
summer months, it is easy for the staff, elders and deacons to
assume, when we don’t see someone, that they are simply
“vacationing away”. The truth is that some of you are sick and
we are not aware of it.
You can help us by simply letting one of the staff know of your
situation. We have an excellent support system in place due to
the diligent efforts of our deacons. Help us serve you by communicating your situation.

ÂjxÄÄ wÉÇx? g{Éâ zÉÉw tÇw yt|à{yâÄ áxÜätÇà‹A

XÇàxÜ à{Éâ |ÇàÉ à{x }Éç by à{ç _ÉÜwAÊ
Matthew 25:21

Pastor Bill and Anabelle with Helen Quigley
overwhelmed by the housewarming gifts!

Thank You!


Gary Oakeson
Madison Reynolds
Donna Ryan
Nate McGuire
Robert Thompson
Helen Roesch
Natalie Vitellaro
Kristi Robinson


Jo Strehlow
Peg Inglis
Robert Larson
Patricia Tuttle
Irene Cain
Paula Eberspacher
Althea Halchuck


Karen Ford
Bob Titus
Linda Warren
Douglas Busche
Debby DeBernardi
Ron Christie
Peter Carillo
Amy Martinson

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church
13001 N. Fountain Hills Boulevard
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Prayer for the Church for April
Gracious Father, stir up the gift of your Holy Spirit in us, who are Your church.
Help us to always love one another, to study, to understand and stay true to
Your Word.
Help us to provide a loving atmosphere where children will find You.
We pray for protection and good health for our pastors, staff, teachers and their families.
We pray that pastors and congregations will stay true to the Bible.
Protect and empower all the Christians in the world to stand up boldly for
You as they spread the good news of Jesus Christ with the people they meet.
Continue to help our Christian communities gather together and be a true light
on the hill where all can sense the Love of Christ.
We pray for the persecuted Christians in the world.
We repent for our wrongdoings and ask for your forgiveness.
We love you God and praise and thank you for sending your son
Jesus Christ to die for our sins.
In Jesus’ name we pray.

In Touch is published monthly; deadline for each issue is the 15th of the month before publication.
News and information should be submitted to the church office in hard copy, or email to Editor, Marta Ludwig; Proof Readers: Jean Ipema; Staff Photographers: Gary
Oakeson & Michele Hasley;

What Fun!
Sale Sign!
(left to right:
Jo Nelson, Bob Lull,
Helen Quigley and Letha
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