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OLEMASTER CHARACTER RECORDS TABLE OF CONTENTS How to Use This Book. 2 Warrior Monk Front Page. 3.14 Layman Common Man 5 Magician Common Ore 4 Mlusionist Dwarf 5 Cleric Greater Ore 6 Animist Grey Elf 7 Mentalist Half-elf 3 LayHealer Half-ore 9 Healer Halfling 10 Mystic High Elf 11 Sowerer High Man 12 Ranger Mixed Man 13 Paladin Wood Elf 14 Monk ied 15-18 Magent 91-94 ‘Thiel 19.22 Rogue 2h26 Weapon Page. 95 Spell Page. 96 signer: i ICe STAFF: Designer: John Curtis Sales Manager: Deane Begiebing ae ee Managing Editor: Coleman Chatlon; Interior Illustrations: Wayne Reynolds Presitent Petes Felon: Cover Illustration: David Martin CEO: Bruce Neidling Project Specific Contribution Sales, Customer Servic, & Operations Staff Dave Patni Pagemaking: John Curtis; (livia Johaston, Monica Wilson: Cover Graphics: Don Dennis; Print Buyer: Kun Fischer Editorial Contributions: Coleman Charlton. Editing, Development, & Production Staff. Sohn Custis, Don Dennis, Wendy Frazer, Bruce Halic, Jason O, Havkins, Nick Morawitr, Jessica Ney-Grimm, Michael Reynolds Shipping Staff Dave Mortis, Daniel Williams. Copyright 1995 by Iron Crovn Enterprises, Ine... Al rights reserved. .... No reproductions without authors’ permission Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Inc. P.O. Box 1605, Charlottesville, VA 22902 First U.S. Edition, First Printing 1995 Biock oe : ISBN 1-$5806-247-5 SEGDSESRIE GE GEG RIEGEL ERIE GE GEG EGE GE GE GEGE GE GE GEG ER GH HOW TO USE THIS BOOK This book is divided into three main parts: the collection of front pages, the collection of skill pages, and two extra pages (Zor use when the normal skill pages are not enough). Fronr Pace ‘The front page of the character record sheet is race specific. Select the front page that corresponds to the race of your character. If your race is not represented in this book. you can use the blank record found in the RMSR. ‘There are some specific entry notes for the front page: Racial Stat Bonuses — All racial stat bonuses are entered for you in the Stats section, Resistance Rolls — Listed with each RR is the standard racial modifier (ie. the base) for that RR. Simply record the rest of your bonus (from your stats) to the left of your base RR, Soul Departure — The standard soul departure time is listed Recovery Multiplier — Multiply all recovery times by this to determine the actual time needed to recover from an injury. For example, if @ broken arm would take 12 days to heal and you have a recovery multiplier of 0.5, you will actually heal in 6 days. Body Development Progression — The standard progress for the Body Development skill is listed SKILL Paces ‘The next part of the book contains skill pages broken down by profession, Select the four pages that correspond to your profession. If your profession is not in this book, you will have to use the record sheets provided with the RMSR The skills are grouped according to their category (as presented in RMSR). At the top of each skill grouping isthe category information forall the skllsin that category. This category information includes any profession bonus (the standard profession bonuses are already filled in), the stat ‘bonus, the rank bonus (and number of ranks), any special bonus, and a total, Also noted is the progression that each category (and the skills under that category) use. Finally, the standard cost is shown for the skill category and skills The skill listing has a place for indicating how many ranks the character has in each skill, Also available is a place to indicate the classification (Occupational, Every- ‘man, or Restricted) of the skill. For the skills that have standard classification (for that profession), the classifica tion entered for you. Finally, isa place to total outthe full skill bonus (including rank bonus, any bonus from items, the category bonus, and any other special bonuses), ‘There are a few special notes that must be made Spell Skills — For each spell using profession, the open tnd closed lists for that profession are given. In addition, for the Pure Spell Users, a place to indicate other realm lists and other base lists ate shown, Semi Spell Users have less space for spells (because they have a few weapon skills on that page). If there is not enough room toindicate all ofthe spells that your character knows, you can use the Spell Category/Skill Record Sheet (on page 96). Weapon Skills — For each nonspell using profession, a listof all the weapons is shown, Simply indicate the cost assignment for each weapon category. For spell using professions, there isa slot to indicate what weapons the character has learned (in primary and may'be the second: ary and tertiary weapon categories). You must indicate the stats associated with the weapon category (as the costs are already entered). See RMSR fora full listing of all weapon skill category costs, Cina nen COMMON MAN Experience Points| Level Player Campaign (GM): —_ Race Common Mas ie Racial Special Sut, Character Name: Profession Star Boaus Bonus onus ‘Training Packages Asility a Constitution Memory Reasoning “Armor Type: Self Discipline MMP: ‘Weight Penalty ‘Missile Penalty Realm: Empathy Intuition Quickness Penalty eae Quickness Bonus, Adrenal Defense Strength Shield Bons Magic (Spells, Items, ete): — Total DB RESISTANCE ROLLS Channeling (ta: Essence (8. Em Mentalam (3x Pel (Chunks (In En CChan’Ment ln + Pi EqiMent (Em + Po ‘rane (Em + In + Fy PowonsDiesse («Ca Fear (x50) Quickness ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS, Ranks Bonus Skill Ranks Bonus RACE/STAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 12 rounds Recovery Muliphier:x_L Body Development Progreston: Oreede2el PP Development Progresion ° " "COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Saree Attack/ Weapon Ranks Bonus F Ste bitsislop cycle = = prsihour resting — Prsateepcyete ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: —_ sex: Skin ‘Apparent Age Actual Age: ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height: Weight Location Weight Description Hair eyes: Personality Motivations Alignment: BACKGROUND INFORMATION. Nationality: Home Town/City Deity: Patron/Lord: Parents Spouse Childers Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points Permission gronted to photocopy for non-commercial. petsona use © Ion Crown Enterprises inc. All gh reserved Conca mes) COMMON ORC Race: Connon One Racial Special Stat Profession STAT Bonus Bonus Bonus ‘Training Packages. Agility Constitution Character Name: ees Memory = Reasoning Armor Type | setrvisciptine MMP: Weight Penally Empathy Missile Penalty Intuition See Presence Quickness Bonus: Quickness Arenal Defense: — Stcength MecGRe et COMMONLY USED SKILLS Magic (Spells, ems, ete) Total DB: Ranks Bonus Skill RESISTANCE ROLLS: Channeling (3x10 Essence (Em) Mentalism (3x Bev ChanVEse (In + Em (ChawMent In + Pe) EsiMent (Em + Pr) Arcane (Em ¢ In Pr PoisonDiseas (33 Co} Fear (3x80) RACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 1 rounds Recovery Multiplier: x 05. Body Development Progression: Os6+302 P Development Progression: (COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Recover: __hits/hour resting ed be C1 — hitssteep ete PPsihout resting — PPsisleep cycle ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: — Sex: Skins Apparent Age: Actual Age ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height: Weight: —_ Location Weight Description Hai Eyes Personality Motivations Alignment BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home TowniCity Deity: Patronflord; Parents Spouse: Childrens Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points Petmission granted to photocopy fr non-commercial personal use. © Iron Crown Enterprise, Inc All ight reserved Cina eee DWARF Experience Points Level Players ——— Campaign (GM): Race: Racial Special Stat Profession STAT Bonus Bonus Bonus Training Packages: | Asiity Constitution Memory Character Name: Realm: Reasoning ‘Armor Type J sett Discipline Wet Peng [emir Male only — inston Preece vines Steg Quickness Penalty Quickness Bonus Adrenal Defense Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, Items, et: Total DB: RESISTANCE ROLLS: (Channeling (x to} Essence 3 Em) ‘Mentalism (3x (Chan (Jn $ Em) CGhanvMent In +P ExvMent (Em + Pr): Arcane (Em + In + Pr PossonDisesse (3 xo} Fear (3450) TRACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 21. counds Recovery Multiplier x 0.5 Body Development Progression Sze PP Development Progression: ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS Ranks Bonus Skill Ranks Bonus ‘COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Recovers histhour eaing Attack/Weapon Ranks Bonus F Str Bt — hitssleep cyte —— _ — PPsihour resting a — PPsisleep cycle ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex Skin Apparent Age Actual Age ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height: _ Weight: Location Weight Description Hie: Eyes Personality Motivations: ‘Alignment ‘BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality: Home Town/City: Deity Patron/Lord: Parents: Spouse: Childcen Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points ‘esmission granted 10 photocopy for non-commercial, personal use. © Iron Crown Enterprises Inc, All rights ererved fea GREATER ORC Experience Points Players _ Campaign (GM): Character Name: Race GneateR Onc Basic Racial Special Stat Profession STAT Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus ‘Training Packages. | Agility i] Constitution =] Memory oe Reasoning Armor Type: Tse isciptine Mp: __ ‘Weight Penaly Missile Penalty: Empathy Inwition Quickness Penalty pen Quickness Bonus: ‘Adeenal Defense: Strength Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, Items, et) Total DB. [RESISTANCE ROLLS: CChanaeling (3 ne ——— Essence (3x Em Mentalism (3x Po CChaniEs (ln + Eo CChaniMent (tn + Fe EsMent (Em Ps) ‘Atcane (Em + In + Pa PoisonyDisease (x Fear 38D) RACE/STAT FIXED INFO! Soul Departure: _1_ rounds Recovery Multiplier: x 0.5 Body Development Progression: O+7e3+21 PP Development Progression: Quickness ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS) Ranks Bonus Skill ‘COMMONLY USED ATTACKS, Recovers _—hitsvhour resting Ranks Bonus F Ditiseep cycle PP shou resting — PPslsleep cyele ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: —_ Sex: Skin Apparent Ag Actual Ager — ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height: Weight: Location Weight Description Hale Eyes: Personality Motivations Alignment BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City Deity Patron/Lordi Parents Spouse: Childe Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points Permission granted 1 photocopy for non-commercial, personal ue. © Iron Crown Enterprises, lnc. Al sights esrved Cintecele a GREY ELF Experience Points| Rice (Gane EF Profestion STAT “Training Packages: Asiliy | constitution —— | Memory Real x Reasoning ‘Armor Type MMP: Weight Penalty: Missile Penalty: — Intuition Presence self Discipline Empathy ‘Quickness Penalty Quickness Bonus: ‘Adrenal Defense Strength Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, tems, et) Total DB: Quickness Character Name: Players ‘Campaign (GM): Basic Racial Special Stat Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus -~ #2 — Cy ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS Ranks Bonus Skill RESISTANCE ROLLS: ‘Channeling (Ea Essence (x Em) Mentalism (3x) CChanikss (la + Eo (Ghani (In + Po Es Men (Em + Ps) Arcane [Em 4 Tn Pe) Poson/Disease(9xCo} Fear (3xSD) "RACE/STAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure:_2_ rounds Recovery Multiplier: x_2_ Body Development Progression: A0°623+2 PP Development Progression: Recover: __ hitshhour resting T hritssleep cycle — PPymoue eestng Paisleep eyle ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex: Skin Apparent Age: Actual Age Height: Weight: Hale Eyes Personality COMMONLY USED ATTACKS, Ranks Bonus F Str BF Ranges ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Location Weight Description Motivations ‘Alignment: _ ‘BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City Deity Patcon/Lord: Parents: Spouse: Children Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points red to photocopy for non commescal personal we. © Iron Crown Enterprise, Inc All nights reserved Corea) (Character Name: ace: Profession Training Packages Realm ‘Armor Type: MMP: Weight Penaliy; Missile Penalty ‘Quickness Penalty: Quickness Bonus: — ‘Adrenal Defense Shield Bons Magic (Spells, ems, et Total DB RESISTANCE ROLLS: Channeling (In Exence (3 x Em Mentalism (3x Pre (ChanlEss (In + Em) CChaniMent in + Esser ‘Arcane (Em In+ Pe Poson/Diseaxe (8x Co 0148 Fear 3x80} “0 RACE/STAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 6_counds Recovery Multiplier: « L3 Body Development Progression: D751 PP Development Progression: Recovers __hits/hour resting hitssteep cycle ~ PPsthour cesting — Pesisteep eye Player: Campaign (GM) Racial Bonus 2 Speci STAT Bonus Asilty Constitution Memory Reasoning Self Discipline Empathy Intuition Presence Quickness Strength ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS, Ranks Bonus Skill "COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Ranks Bonus F Str BF Stat ROLE TRAITS, Appearance: Sex Apparent Age. Height: Hair Personality Skin: _ Actual Age: — Weight Byes: ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Location Weight Description ‘Motivations ‘ligament ‘BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City: Deity Patran/Lard Parents Spouse Children Other: ecmisson granted to photocopy fr non-commercial personal use, © Iron Crown Enterprise. All ghtsresereed Exhaustion Points Power Points: Cinemark mee) HALF-ORC Race: Proiession Training Packages Realm: ‘Armor Type MMP: ‘Weight Penalty Missle Penalty (Quickness Penalty: Quickness Bonus: Adrenal Defense: Shield Bonus: Magic (Spell, Items, ete) Total DB: (Character Name Player Basic Bonus Racial Bonus ‘Special STAT Bonus Agility Constitution Memory Reasoning Self Discipline Empathy Intuition Presence Quickness Strength ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS| Ranks Bonus Skill ‘Campaign (GM): __ Stat Bonus GB =) Co Co C4 co [ema Oo —] So Ranks Bonus RESISTANCE ROLLS Channeling (3x10) Essence (9x Em) Mentalism (3x Fe CChaniEss (ta + Em) CGhawyMent (ta + Pe EsJMent (Em + Po ‘Arcane (Em + In +P PoisonDiseate (3 x Co Fear (SSD) TRACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: rounds Recovery Multiplier: x0. Body Development Progression: 27-421 P Development Progression! Recover: __ hit/hour resting bisisleep cycle — pPsfhour resting — pPsisleep cycle COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Ranks Bonus F Str BF ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Skin ‘Actual Age Weight Byes Sex Apparent Age Height: Hair Personality ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Location Weight Description Motivations Alignment BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City Deity PatroniLord Parents: Spouse: Childrens Other Exhaustion Points Permission granted ro photocopy for non-commercial, personal se. © Iron Crown Enterprises, In, Al ight reserved Power Points Ceci) HALFLING Experience Points Level: Player: (Campaign (GM): —_ Race HALSUNG Racial Special Stat, Profession: sTaT Bonus Bonus ‘Training Packages Agility Constitution (Character Name rai Men feasoning ‘Armor Type —— } sate Dizciptine MMP: Weight Penalty Missile Penalty: Intuition * Presence Quickness Penalty: Quickness Bonus: (Quickness Adrenal Defense Strength Shield Bonus Magic (Spells, Items, et: ‘Total DB: Empathy ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS Ranks Bonus Skill RESISTANCE ROLLS: == ‘Channeling (3 In) Exence (3 Em): Mentalism (3x Chan‘ (tn + Em ChanvMent (In + EadMent (Em + Pr) Arcane (Em + In + Pa Posson/Disease (3x Co} Fear (3x80) RACE/STAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 18 rounds Recovery Multiplier: x 0.5 Body Development Progression: wore P Development Progression: ‘COMMONLY USED ATTACKS ‘Attack/Weapon Ranks Bonus F Str Recovers __hitshour resting ~hits/sleep cycle PPsihour resting — PPsisleep cycle ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex Skin Apparent Age Actual Age “COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height: Weight Location Weight Description Hai Eyes Personality Motivations Alignment: —_ BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City: Deity atron/Lord: Parents: Spouse: Children Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points: Pesmission granted ro photocopy for non-commercial, personal use © Ion Crown Enterprises, Inc. Al ights reserved Cinta Race: Profession: STAT Training Packages: _ Airy Constitution Memory Reasoning Self Discipline Empathy Intuition Reals ‘Armor Type MMP: Weight Penalty Missile Penalty: Presence ‘Quickness Penalty Quickness Bonus Quickness ‘Adrenal Defense I Strength Shield Bonus: —— ‘Magic (Spells, Items, ete) RESISTANCE ROLLS: (Channeling (30 Exence (3 Em ‘Mentalism (3x Pr (Chandéss Un ¢ Em CChaniMent (n+ Pi En/Ment (Em # Po “Atcane (Em + In PD Poison/Disease (3 x Co Fear GSD) RACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 1 rounds Recovery Multiplier: x 3 Body Development Progression ae PP Development Progression: Recovers —_ hilshour resting eae hitssleep evele — PPsthowr resting = praisteep cyte ‘Character Name: Player: Campaign (GM): Racial Special Stat Bonus Bonus Bonus as CE) 2 S J I o i) & Cc ‘COMMONLY USED SKILIS| Ranks Bonus Skill ‘COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Ranks Bonus F Sir BF ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex Skin ‘Apparent Age: Actual Age Height: Weight: Haie Eyes: Personality COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Location Weight Description ‘Motivations Alignment: ‘BACKGROUND INFORMATION: ‘Nationality: ___ Home TowniCiy Deity: _ Patron/Lord: Parents: Spouse: Children Other Exhaustion Points: Power Points: Permission granted ro photocopy for non-commercial, personal use. © Iron Crown Enterprise, Inc, All night reserved Ciencia HIGH MAN Experien Hic Maw Profession Training Packages — Realm Armor Type MMP: Weight Penalty Missle Penaly Quickness Penalty Quickness Bonus: ‘Adrenal Defense: Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, Items, et. Total DB: RESISTANCE ROLLS Chang (30) ssence (3x Em (Character Name Player: — ‘Campaign (GM): Basic Bonus Racial Bonus Special svaT Bonus Agility Constitution Memory Reasoning Self Discipline Empathy Intuition Presence Quickness Strength ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS. Ranks Bonus Skill Stat Bonus CI CJ S Co Cy SS Sg = i=] i] Ranks Bonus Mentalsn (3x F Canis (In + En (ChanMent (ta +P) EsgMent (Em + Pe}: Arcane (Em + In + Pr PoionDisease (93 Ca Fear 3x50) RACE/STAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 10 rounds Recovery Multiplier: x0.75 Body Development Progression Oe7e5+3e1 PP Development Progression: Recovers __ hitsIhour resting — hitsisleep cycle = ppsihour resting — pPaisleep cycle (COMMONLY USED ATTACKS, Ranks Bonus F Ste Ranges ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sexi Apparent Age:__ Height: Hie Personality Skin Actual Age: Weight: — Bes: Motivations Alignment BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City Deity: PatroniLord Parents: _ Spouse: Childrens Other: Exhaustion Points Permission granted to photocopy for non-commercial personal use. Iron Crown Enterprises Ine All rights reserved Ciintaare nee MIXED MAN Experience Points Level: layer sees eee eee ‘Campaign (GM): Race Maxim Maw Basic Racial Special Stat Profession star ‘Temp Pot Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Training Packages Asility —_—- Cl | constitution —~ 2 _ 6 Memory Oo Realm: Reasoning oO Ammor Type Self Discipline ‘Character Name: Empathy Intuition Weight Penaliy re Presence ‘Quickness Penalty Quickness Bonus: Quickness ‘Adrenal Defense: | Strength Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, items, ete) Total DB: ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS Ranks Bonus Skill Ranks Bonus RESISTANCE ROLLS: Channeling (3 I) Essence (3 Em) Mentalism (3 xP) CChaniEs (In + Eon) CChawMent(tn+ Fr EsMent (Em + Fe) Arcane (Em + In + Pr PoisonDisease(3x.Co} Fear (38D) RACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: I rounds Recovery Multiplier: x9 Body Development Progression Sammrtreetr i P Development Progression: ONLY USD ATTA Recovers ___ histhour vexing Attack’ Weapon, Ranks Bonus F Str BF Ranges hitslsleep eye ~ PPuthour resting ——— — = ppuisleep cycle ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex Skin Apparent Age: Actual Age; ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Height; Weight: Location Weight Description Hair Eyes Personality Motivations: Alignment. ‘BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality Home Town/City Deity PatroniLord: Parents Spouse: Childrens Other: Exhaustion Points: Power Points Permission granted to photocopy for non-commercial personal use, © ron Croven Enterprises, Inc Al rights reserved Cc) WOOD ELF Experience Pointe Race: _ Wooo Eur Profession ‘Training Packages: Realm ‘Armor Type MM: ‘Weight Penalty Missle Penalty: — Quickness Penalty: Quickness Bonus: Adrenal Defense: Shield Bonus: Magic (Spells, Items, et) Total DB: RESISTANCE ROLLS: Channeling (3 xn Character Name: Player ‘Campaign (GM) Racial Bonus 4 Basic Special STAT Bonus Agility Constitution Memory Reasoning Self Discipline _ Empathy Intuition Presence Quickness Strength ‘COMMONLY USED SKILLS Ranks Bonus Skill Stat Bonus f=) oO © CI fee O | Oo Oo = Essence (x Em Mental (3 ChanvEss Un + Em (Chan Ment tn Pr EsMeat (Em + Pe Arcane (Em + In + Py Piso Disease (3x Ca Fear (35D) 107100 RACEISTAT FIXED INFO: Soul Departure: 3_ rounds Recovery Multiplier x 5 Body Development Progeession D6 PP Development Progression: Recover hitshour resting hitssleep cycle — PPsihoue resting = prsistep cycle “COMMONLY USED ATTACKS Attack/ Weapon Ranks Bonus F Ste BE Ranges ROLE TRAITS: Appearance: Sex = Apparent Age: — Height: Hie Personality: Skin Actual Age Weight Byes ‘COMMONLY USED EQUIPMENT Location Weight Description Motivations ‘Alignment BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Nationality: Home Town/City Deity: Patron/Lord Parents: Spouse: Childeens Other: Permission granted 1 photocopy for non-commercl personal we. © Iron Crown Enterprises Inc All ight eerved “Exhaustion Points: Power Points en) ‘Anwon HEA eso Bons “Anitenc” Grinasncs Freon on “es sks “sna sgeguens Se Eitmun Poresion Sandu spa Bons Gino PopeionStandnd spel StiProgeson Sond Tout gery tons Sipe Smad Tou ce aie Po hen ons tomes Category Progreion:Stndicd spt ona Beg Ching Forme: SUF sna Teal Catony Bons sn cee Reuter Se Sten foes Sof Lester ome ‘Shine rome — Sulteraing eres Sonne mes — Tipepe walking — Bane ‘Anwons Menem Potion Bones stones ‘su Bom Cg spe ShaTFrogrso Sadar acer Bu CEE ‘a 7 Racks Rank em pe Chain roe "AWARENESS PERCEPTIONS Potion Sona: InesD4n ‘ut Bon "AnnsTice ACTIVE rots Bonar Siegen Progra Sandi spud bem ‘ShiProgreson: Samdur Mine font — TAwanwis + SEARCNING Prateon Ron Pcictmpree Shi Pepto Sanrd Toul category Bom Vimeo ome [soit Gow Rk em Gat Spe Reading Trasks Bones: TARTISTIC® PASSE rotenone ask on 205 Pinky” Rak Bons igor Peron sda spol Bom staing Boner a ‘Anuierie> Brawn Profeion Rana ‘eo Bom Rank cone 23 fan Bon atgoryProgrsion Standard spc Bos ShiTPeogrerton Sande a cago Pome. Tem Cat Spe Sense Sh) Bones Sere ee) Boner Sense (Tae) ne "ATHLETIC ENOURANCE Protea fone fncsewe on ApQueny Sts tan Forme Rank Cont 26 Ranh ask Boo ome: ager Progresion Sundrd Special Bons = Boni ‘ShalPegemtn Stare Tou caer Bn sah Tia Gan Boor Divito Prfeaon fone Det Games Bonus casso ‘ia Bon. Boning = an Sheer enn tones Sing Benet Shi Pegemon se Tbk paca Seaming Bornes ‘sa sa ‘Ranke Ce ask Tem Cat Spe Jumping = Powershroing far Weise ting Cimon ‘Reale Ce Tank Kem Gat Spee Bey Development reer cea ue t any Character ‘Cownat Maxeuvens Profeion Bos Lone = Ganenat Protesion Rone AgeQusso ‘iu Bos le ‘Sut Bon Rank Cost 9 Fk na ak Som: ask coat Ud ik Sons: EategoryProprsion 0-9-1-0+0 specl Bonus Category Pogretin: Standard spe Bons: Sti Peprsion Combed Tout ery Bon Sit Poereton Standard ‘Toul cateey Bones Sa aca, Be Oa Rank Hem Ge Spr ‘sa Tem Gn Soutien ome etre Bones Sool Bom ora Loe at Scototing Roms Heradey Bom Two men Comat ee Howey fone = Piorophy — Ponce Se Rom Somes ‘Comnusicarions| Preteen tones — Bere eeMet Eon ‘Su Boren Reto Bam Rank Cone 3193 Franke nk Bom ets Cite Propeasion Sundrd spel Bo some ‘a Ranks Can Tone» Macieat Profan Boras nese sat ‘ton Lange toe Rank one 6 Aan Bore nse Boma Category Progen: Standad Sgecal Bor: guage a Stipe Sunda a caer Boe Conpoige Bonen ro Up Realng Fone J spattoce” Bae Boars Symbol ove ome Tone Oncor Profen Bon Proteaon Boman MesReeMe ‘Sat Bonn Agrees Sut Bonu Rank Cast 97 FRante_ank bon Rank Gone ne Rinne Rank Roms. (itegory Progestin: Standard special Bone: Cates Prorestion- 0-0-0 speci on Shi Popeme Sndud ‘Tota catego Boma : ‘sa ark Oa om Ga ones Dragon lave Puce — foneet Xow. Bones insert Srruis Prt Bowes Lon Tecnica Prteon Bena Citgo Progen Sandd special Bom: Gye Prgesion Standard ~ spe Bons ul Cate Bas ‘ShilBrgrctr undid Teta caer Bon Rank fem Ga ‘a Wake Chen Rank Spe Cesk ore Somme SoreLore fone: Trading tore ones —— anes Tartvince Potion Bono Gtgor Fogreion sandr ~ spel on Maan Ants Stevens Frtenn ome — errno I anh con 3 ia an Bomar sk ‘hanks Cine em Citgo Progen: Standard spec Hon: Bk femc: Shi ropeston Sard ‘Tex category Bon: OM ‘a ‘Ranke Teeropaton Being onus User Sinking Degree Bone ropa Seng egre? Benue Path Speating Bose String Dee Bornes Segue owes — Sing Degree 4 Bemies Teale Bees — Taakng ores Pome ritetetnenenyen naman penrdin omncmentmrpem ne mrp ‘Mania: Ars» Sweers Profesion Bonus. __ | ScIENCE/ANALWTIC™ BAS Pratnior Bons eset ab ResMeoRe ‘iu Boman sa Rank tem Gat Spee Tor | su TFRanks Cl, king Sermo: BE SD ack ana — 'SCENCANALYHNC- SPFCIALIZED Posen ese Ghegry Pogo: 9-00-06 sev Bom “Ourp00K Awa Proteon Sonus Shipman: Combine! 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