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LENGUA MODERNA I. LENGUA EXTRANJERA: INGLES, Grado en Lengua y Literatura Espafiolas Convocatoria de febrero 2014 Modelo 2 Nombre y apellidos, Centro Asociado al que pertenece DNI Feléfono, Correo electrénico Responda a las 30 primeras preguntas (tipo test) en Ia hoja de lectura éptica y al resto en la hoja de examen, 1— Choose the best option: (3 points) 1.Reading __ good novel is a great way to relax. aja b) the 9- é) with 2.___ tourism industry is booming in Thailand. a) in bya ©) the a- 3. Subtitlers are experts ___ the translation of fms, TV programmes, videos, etc. a) in bjon ©) with d- 4,Please put the money ___a safe, this house doesn't look very secure. a) at bjon ©) over dyin 5.Why don't we meet__ Friday _ evening atabout 19:00? a)bylin the b) —/at ©) on/— 4) thefin the 6. | won't be long, I've got just _ things to do in town. a) abit byafew ojany d) many 7.1 know a woman who won __ euros playing the lott a) a millions. ) millions ©) a millon )a million of 8. At___university level, there are many things that are expected from you as a student. a)— b) the ©) an 4d) some 9. The longest river in England is__RiverThames. a)~ b) the ©) this da 10. How did you__ that? I'm very impressed a) make b) do Q- d) eamt 11.) procession _b) proccesion ©) proccession 4) procesion 12. a)obviouslly b) obvioussly ©) obviously 4) obviouosly 13.) inginuousness b) ingenuousness _c) ingenousness ) ingenousnes 14. a) improuvisation _b) improvisation ©) improuvisationne —_d) improvisation 15. a) accommodation b) accomodation ©) acommodation _—_d) accommodationne 16. This is the house __ had a great Christmas decoration. a) where ») that oythan 4) in which 17. The doctor had __ time to think in the emergency room so he acted immediately aja byfew o)litle ¢) the 18, We got _ mosquitoes last summer. a) lots bymuch cjalot 4) many 19. I've got__ books to read for the weekend, so I'l be entertained a) some few ) enough ©) plenty 4) too 20. Who ___was coming with us on Sunday moming? a)you say ») you said ©) did you say ¢) you did say 21.Every single summer, we __ to Ibiza for a holiday. a) are going b) go c)use to.go ) were going 22.Quentin Tarantino _ some very famous films so far. a) hasmade b) made ©) will make 4) was making 23.1 didn't go to bed soon because |___until midnight last night. a) havebeen reading b) will read ©) was reading d) have read 24.When [finished work, |___ home directly because | wasn't feeling very well a) have gone b) went ©) g0 d) had gone 25.1 think that if |_my CV, |___ more chances to get a job in the next few months. a) would improvelwill have _b) improve/would have ©) improvedthad 4d) can improve! will have 26,___ you _ Paula know about the news if her health conditions weren't so delicate? a) would/let b) wiliiet ©) dortet 4d) hadilet 27-Everything ___ on your way of thinking, a) depend b) depends ©) Is depending d) have depended 28.1 don't mind __ the bed, but | hate __ the ironing a) doing/making b) doing/doing ¢)makinglmaking _—_d) making/doing 29.There isn’t___ here to answer your questions. a) nobody b) somebody ©) anybody ) everybody 30.1 think you'd ___ stop thinking about it or you'll get a headache, a) well b) best ©) good 4d) better Il Translate the following sentences from Spanish into English: (3 points) a) Es uno de los mejores amigos de Maria y también es un buen amigo mio. b) Si ahorras suficiente dinero, podras venir de vacaciones con nosotros. ) Los nifios se cortaran si no dejan de jugar con ese cuchillo Ill -Composition: (4 points) Write a short essay talking about a trip you would like to take (about 80-100 words),