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ee Multi-Tiered System of Support Tier (MTSS) Beets Tier ll Behavior Plan ‘Student: QRBURIM Teacher: Stevenson School: West Grade: 4 Date Plan Will Start: 02-01-16 Copies attached to show attendance, retentions, and testing history: ‘What behaviors are you currently observing? ‘What is student currently doing behaviorally? ‘Ms not focused/on task about 80% and has to be redirected of the time during a 90-minute classroom period of Instruction and classwork assignments. His classwork is being negatively affected because of his inattention. Also we Cannot evaluate his true understanding of concepts due to his inattention and time off task /e between now and the next Tier 2 meeting? Be specific to describe what you would like the student to do instead of the behavior described above. ‘SHB will be focused and will remain on task 40% of the time with 5 redirection cues or less from teacher during a 90- inute period of classroom instruction and classwork assignments. What is the intervention method to be implemented (who, what, where)? Include information about rewards if used and how student can earn those rewards. ‘Sima will receive a rating of 1 (Poor) 2 (Fair) or 3 (Good) on his behavior report card in his behavior folder during each ‘80-minute period of classroom instruction and classwork assignments in each of 4 academic time frames during the ‘school day. If he receives 2 Good ratings that day, he will get to go to the classroom candy bucket. If he earns 2 or more Good ratings 3 days that week, he will get to have some one-on-one baseball ime in the gym on Friday afternoon