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Where is the Love?

Chris Zachrich

CP English, Period 5

V all the groups in the U.S. today, I believe there is one that possibly has the hardest

time getting their point across. They work hard, day in and day out trying to ind ways to express

their ideas but they cannot seem to get any more support and i nothing is done to change this,

we may lose them orever. To try to ind a way to save them, I have decided I will try to see

things rom their point o view and try to show just how logical their opinions can be. For my

research paper, I challenged mysel to write it about why same-sex marriage should not be

legalized. A ter three days o research, I regret to in orm you that, with the in ormation I ound,

there is no logical reason whatsoever that same-sex couples should not be able to get married. I

have tried so very hard to ind a logical argument against it but I was not able to get any reasons

against it. I I may use an analogy, their argument is like a large bucket with a hole in the bottom,

except the hole is as large as the top. Also, the bucket does not actually exist but they re use to

accept that and pour into it anyway. Be ore I started my research, I thought o a ew reasons I

thought I could go urther with but when I tried to make them work, I could only ind arguments

against them. The reasons I thought same-sex marriage should not be legalized are because a

majority o people voted against it, there would be less procreation, and it would complicate laws

by rede ining marriage.

In the United States o America, we have a democratic orm o government. Vne o the

most important parts o a democracy is the act that we, the people, have a say in what happens

by way o voting. Vne thing people get to have a say in is i each state will allow same-sex

marriage. As o January 6, 2010, states that allow it are Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire,

Massachusetts, and Vermont; Cali ornia, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, and

Washington DC do not allow same-sex marriage but do recognize marriages legally per ormed

in a state that allows it (Kathy Belge, 2010). Though there are many people who voted against it,

same-sex marriage seems to be gaining some ground in the states. This, while taking into

account the dwindling amount o homophobes in the U.S., it would appear as though it is only a

matter o time until the country inally recognizes that, although people are di erent, the only

quality we should be paying attention to when deciding who people are allowed to spend the rest

o their lives with is love.

Vne advantage heterosexual couples have is the ability to have children by themselves.

Some people believe that, due to their inability to procreate, same-sex couples should not be

allowed to get married. However, people seem to be looking at this rom an angle that does not

appear to be very logical. Allowing same-sex marriage would not stop procreation and, as ar as I

can tell, it would not slow down its rate in any way. Even i that were true, it would not

necessarily be a bad thing i there was less procreation. The population o the world has grown

by more than two-thirds since 1963, which means there are much more people using up the

Earth¶s resources (Larry West, 2010). I the growth rate o the population continues as it is, we

may eventually have many more problems providing or them all. That being said, there is not

much gay people can do to stop procreation and do not seem to be causing the problems

associated with it. There ore, it is di icult to say why people that have the strange idea that

same-sex marriage would a ect procreation would have a problem with that.

The de inition o marriage by law is adequately speci ic when stating who can get

married, more speci ically stated by the Federal De ense o Marriage Act rom 1996 that states

that marriage is a union between a man and a woman (Heather Ann Gannon., 2008). Though it

has an obvious legal de inition (Farlex, Inc., 2010), some people have this odd concept that

marriage should be allowed or couples that truly love each other and plan to spend the rest o

their lives together. This is obviously a oreign concept to most people who oppose same-sex

marriage, mostly due to their belie that the legal advantages o marriage are more important than

the love that used to be necessary to make marriages work (Mary E. Hunt, 2008). Another

argument used against same-sex marriage is that traditional marriage is between a man and a

woman and they believe that traditions involved with marriage should be kept. It seems like it

should make sense, but the more I think about it the more I wonder why people would try to

orce people to abide by traditional marriage. I have seen many women working and providing

or their amily instead o cooking, cleaning around the house, and staying home to take care o

their children. Is it sa e to assume that people that try to keep traditional marriages also are

against women being able to work and men deciding not to work and take care o housework?

Through all my research, I have only been able to prove one thing to mysel . That would

be that opposing same-sex marriage does not make sense. Gay couples do not seem to be

harming the country in any way, yet homophobes and the like re use to acknowledge that. The

concept that marriage should only be between a man and a woman does not seem to have any

logical de ense. There are some people that think same-sex marriage should not be allowed

because they and others voted against it, although many other states and countries allow it.

Vthers think that gay couples¶ inability to procreate is cause enough to prevent their marriage,

although even i they did a ect the rate o population growth they may very well prevent many

problems involved with resources and the environment. A third argument is that it would

complicate laws involving marriage, even though marriage has been altered over the years and

changing the de inition would only involve changing a ew words in laws. I know I may seem

insane to some people or thinking this but I believe that this world would be a much better place

i we stopped thinking o people by a ew traits and allowed them to live their lives happily, not

stopping them rom enjoying some o the most important parts o li e; and o course, love is one

o those.


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