Life is a risk« and every step we make leads to our future. Once you·ve said no at this very moment, you might·ve lost the biggest opportunity you·ll ever have. No one knows how to play life perfectly. Yes, life is a game, for me. All of us, each one of us, every individual is a player; we all have different ambitions, different characteristics but we all have the same goal and that is to ´WINµ or in other words ´SURVIVEµ. When it comes to surviving, two major words are inside it: First, cooperation; this is the unity we build with one another. The friendship we create to understand each one of us. The love we share to maintain balance and peace. Second, contradiction; this is the battle we start to win, to survive.. The conflict we arise to be the best though we don·t need to, because He is the very best. The war we erect to win the race, though there is no race, just an endless road of trials and success. Problems may come, and happiness may go, but misery is a choice. We may encounter problems, but beneath it we will always find happiness. Our family will never leave us, and if they do, we have our friends, if ever they leave us too, we can always turn to Him. Our Creator, Our Savior, he will never leave us; He is simply a shadow behind our backs. He might even be in the air we breathe and every breath we take He cleans our soul« He may even be in the rain, every drop that touches our skin, is the number of our sins being forgiven. We all have up·s and down·s, sadness and happiness and all of it is part of the very thing I call LIFE.

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