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Farrukh Tanveer


Title: Statistical analysis of received

signal strength in fog for FSO links
Introduction (What?):Introduction:Free space optics (FSO) is a rapidly developing
wireless technology. As free space optics provides higher
data rate and larger bandwidth, so it prefers over wireless
communication technology. Moreover, it is emerging in the
field of communication as fourth generation technology .

Issue:Due to the presence of attenuators like fog, haze and

rain the statistical analysis of received signal strength in
free space optics is required.

Literature review:Recent researchers have modeled free space optical

links through liquid water based modeling technique.
However Through statistical analysis free space optical
links can be modeled more precisely. The fog attenuation
and fog free events can be distinguished more precisely
through this technique.

Farrukh Tanveer


Hypothesis:It provides statistical analysis of the received

signal strength present in free space optics.

Farrukh Tanveer


Methods (How):Sliding window technique was applied on different

fog events. The fractal size intervals were calculated for
different fog events through sliding window technique.
Then the Variance and Probability density functions of
different fog events were computed by taking the fractal
size of 30 seconds and 300 seconds.

Results (How):When the fractal size was 30 seconds, the graphs of

Probability density functions were normal curves with one
upper peak value of
-23.5dBm and with one lower
peak value of -29.5dBm with variance of 6.366. The upper
peak value of graph was the maximum fog attenuation
and the lower peak value was fog settled down event. But
when our fractal size was 300 seconds then Probability
density functions very multimodal curves with different
peak values depicting changes in fogs behavior and the
value of variance remained same. So, the best choice was
300 seconds.

Discussion (Why):This work plays an important role in the

modeling of fog events. It also provides new idea to

tackle with different fog events.