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John Keel - Disneyland of the Gods

John Keel - Disneyland of the Gods


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Published by Tracer Tong
Another stunning book by the paranormal author John Keel.
Another stunning book by the paranormal author John Keel.

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Published by: Tracer Tong on Apr 28, 2010
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Several years ago a short story appeared describing how the flying saucers arrive on Earth and their
pilots quickly win us over with their wisdom and kindness. They even offer to transport large
numbers of earthlings to another planet for a new, more fruitful life. Millions of people clamor to
make the trip. Huge spaceships arrive to collect these willing emigrants.
In the course of the story, a book discarded by one of the spacemen falls into the hands of a scholar
who laboriously translates it. The book is titled, How To Serve Man.
The story ends with the revelation that it is a cookbook!
While the little apochryphal tale was only pure fantasy, it revived the earlier warning of Charles
Fort. He wrote that he suspected this planet was owned by something or somebody; that we are all
The late Ivan T. Sanderson, a great Fortean thinker, reached a similar conclusion. He suggested that
the earth was a gigantic farm and that we – mankind – are only the crop.
Sounds silly, doesn't it? To think that cannibals from outer space might one day land and solve our
overpopulation problem overnight.
But if you give it just a little thought, you will realize that billions of people have understood and
believed this very thing for thousands of years. This belief is the foundation of all our great

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