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REQUIRED PRACTICUM EVALUATION BY MENTOR SE ah X_Year1 ___Year2 Ed Admin Candidate _ Kelly Rose Semester Spring Year 2015 UsUnsatstctory NO Not Key _D=Distingushed __ Proficient BeBase {Incampets) Observed Performs as a competent, Performs as successful Performs with minimal Requires more — ‘experienced adminsratorbeginningndmnisrtor competency: regular efentonipeetice supervision required Please check each of the following competencies in the space that best represents your judgment of the administrative candidate's | performance in relation to the WI teaching standards. ‘L.Gontent The teacher understands the cenral concepts tools of nquy, and structures ofthe disciplines she orhe teaches and can create leaning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful or pupil. 2Devolopment The teacher understands hew chidren wih bread ranges ef ably learn and provides instruction that supports their intelectual, socel, and | personal development ‘Diversity The teacher undersiands bow pupl fern he approaches to icaming and the bavirs thal impede learning and can adept insrucion to meet {ne dverse needs of pups incuding those with disables and excostionalies ‘Instructional Strategies’ The teacher understands and uses avarely of Instuctional strategies, including the use of technology, to encourage eiren's development of rica thinking, problem eolving, and periormance shi ‘SEnvironment The teacher uses an understancing of individual and group molvaion and behavior o create a learning environment that encoureges poste ecil interaction, active engagement in learning, and sa motwaton ‘.Communication The teacher uses eMfectve verbal snd nonverbal ‘communication techniques as wel as instructional media and technology to fester sclve inquiry, colaboration, and supportve intrecton in the classroom. ‘Tinstruetional Planning The teacher organizes ard plars systematic instruction based upon knowledge of subject mater, pup, the community, and curiculum goals ‘Assessment. The teacher underaiands and uss Tornal and FYormal assessment stratecies to evaluate and eneure the continuous nelecual, social _an physical davelooment ofthe pup 8. Reflection The teacher is a reecive praciioner who continualy evaluates the effets of his or her choices and actions on pups, parents, professionals ih {he leaming community and others, and who actively seoke out cpportunities to gow profesional ii ‘10Collaboration The Teacher fosters ealonships with schoo! coTeagues, pares, and agencies in the larger community to suppor pup leaning ard well being and acts with integity faeness, andin an elical manner. ‘Administrative Standard 2 The adminisvator leads by facitating he ‘evelopment, arculaton, impementaion, stewardship ofa vision of leering that | ithared bythe schoo communi x ‘Administrative Standard 3 The adminisiralor manages by advocalng, ‘nurturing, and sustaining @ school culture and instucional program conducive to M pupllearing and sat ratessional grout. KK P< IP KK Kx PK IK ‘Administrative Standard 4 The administtator ensures management of the: corgarizaton, operations, finances, and resources fora safer, efficient, and Ke effective leatning environment. | Administrative Standard 5 The administralor models collaborating with families 4 ‘and community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources. ‘Administrative Standard 6 The administrator acte with integiy,faimess, and Ta an ethical mannex. ‘Administrative Standard 7 The administrator understands, responds to, and Interacts wih the larger politcal, socal, economic, legal, and cutural context that affects schooling. OVERALL COMPETENCE: (Ci we’) B_ INCOMPLETE EXPLANATION AND COMMENTS: Please type: This form will be reproduced as it is submitted, Kelly Rose has done an excellent job in year one of her practicum. She has been actively involved in attending school board meetings and provided supervision at ‘numerous athletic, music and parent involvement activities. Kelly has also taken part in some planning at the admin level. In addition, Kelly has played a pivotal role with the implementation of the PBIS program at Darlington Elementary Middle School this year! She has seen, first hand, that building administrators seldom put in just an eight hour day. ‘This spring, Kelly and I have been working on scheduling for the 2015-16 school year. She has had first hand experience with the challenges of scheduli {s shared between buildings, as well as when one half of the building revolves around bell schedules and the other half doesn’t. Kelly has excelled at looking at all pieces of the scheduling puzzle. look forward to exposing Kelly to more administrative duties during year two of her practicum. ig when staff Ed Admin Candidate a evaluation has been read by the candidate) i f =) i oS a- Mentor Signet PE. we Date SJ pe **** A signed copy of this form must be itcluded in the candidate’s portfolio,