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Leslee Jones Bullock

2319 North Woods Court

Canton, MI 48188

Angell Elementary
1608 S. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Principal: Gary Court

With humility I apply for this posted principal position. Statistics might suggest that I am not supposed
to be applying for this position, but because of my lifes experiences I am more than qualified to fulfill
the duties. Collectively, a village raised me and I am prepared to be the leadership of this village to help
lead, mold, inspire and develop the future and those who teach them.

Imagine being a wanted baby born from love and having all the support that your family knew how to
give. Now imagine that the ones giving this love and support are heroin addicts and one is also an
alcoholic. Can you also imagine that because of the time this baby is born, the birth of crack cocaine is
upon her? Continue to imagine growing up in a house where domestic abuse took place, where the lights
werent always on, where being asleep one night one would wake up to shots being fired from every
direction, where your older brothers felt the responsibility to become men early and as a result you have
to visit them in federal prison for the better part of childhood. Despite this and more, this child becomes
a productive member of society who leads, influences, motivates and inspires others by serving. I am an

Education is important to everyone even when it does not look apparent, and I get it. My parents devoted
themselves to helping me with homework, attending field trips and volunteering as much as they could
for as long as they could. They always wanted the best for me unconditionally as I do for the youth of
our community. They made sure that I knew the importance of getting an education and using it to help
myself and others. I excelled in school because of my village: teachers, neighbors, family and friends
saw my potential and nourished it with praise, love, and support. I was afforded opportunities that have
allowed me to be in places I should have never been based on my background being a poor, black female
from the inner city. Attending the University of Michigan and attaining a Bachelors of Education along
with attaining a Masters of Educational Leadership and Supervision from Wayne State University are
two examples.

Many of our students face similar lives as I did and it is important that they see a face of compassion and
one that has personal connections to the lives that they live. Students come from diverse backgrounds.
All need to see that extremely hard work and insistence on excellence result in high achievement. The
community needs to know that the circumstances that afflict them are not the ending but rather a
beginning to a story of rising above and impacting the world.

Ive shared my story not looking for pity or for others to look down on me, but to share my vision for
our youth that is larger than one group of students at a time. Students that have similar experiences and
those that have very different experiences from me deserve to see what determination looks like from all
perspectives. A hard work ethic, the ability to take risks and learn from them, positive self-esteem, and
motivation are what develops character in our youth and the professionals that guide them. Let me lead