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Drew krommenhoek

DBQ 14
In todays society there are many different things an individual can do to
commit evils for one owns benefit or to use power to take advantage of the weak.
The same happened in England during the industrial revolution. The evils of the
industrial revolution in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries were addressed with new governmental duties, unions, and child
worker restrictions.
The first of the many ways that society addressed or in other words controlled
the evils that began to occur during the industrial revolution were the governmental
duties. There are multiple governmental duties that were brought to attention in the
packet. The first as stated in (5) that producers of goods and services only to
the extent that assisting them benefits the consumer, was to make sure that any
product or service was made and sold to the benefit of the consumer. This made it
so nobody could take advantage of the people who would buy their product and so
the producer could not make defective items and then sells them to make money.
(6) document 6 is about how government should allow all males of lawful age to
vote on most all laws that are being passed through the government. (7)
document 7 also talks about governmental duties to eliminate any evil that may
be caused. Document 7 specifically talks about how people with power tread on the
people who are weak under foot. So one of the other governmental duties is to keep
the powerful from using those without power. (8) In this document it talks about
how if the communists were to overthrow the government that everyone would
have the duty to rise up against them in rebellion to keep them from controlling the
The second way society addressed the evil in the industrial revolution was
unions. In document (1) it talks about how if anyone was to manipulate or mess
with other workers or their wages they would be committed to jail. This is mainly
addressing the evil of people lying or manipulating other people so they can
improve their own pay. In document (2) the union like stated in document 1 were
made to protect those who were employed. Everyone who is employed has a right
to be treated the same as any others in the same occupation the union is the group
that enforces the law in this area.
The last way society addressed the evil in the industrial revolution was child
worker restricions. In document (3) says that nobody under the age of 9 can work
and the working day for those workers would be limited to twelve hours. This was
done to keep from having children who were too young to work in the factories;
both to keep them safe and also to keep money from going to one family then to
another family. In document (4) about 31 years later they again restricted the age

of young workers to 18 and only for 12 hours. This may have been to correct
anything that the previous act did not cover.