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Name: Shawn, Stephanie, Sarah

Foundations of Technology

Unit 3 Design Group: Construction

Appalachian Trail Activity


You and three-four of your friends decide to hike part of the Appalachian Trail, the
whole trail is a total of 2175-mile trail running from Georgia to Maine. Your team
will be dropped off in New York and picked up at Harpers Ferry. The team will be
starting when school ends for the year in June. Your team will consist of an expert
in each of the following subjects on the trip:
- Energy & Power
- Manufacturing
- Construction
- Information & Communication
- Agriculture & Transportation
- Medicine & First Aid


Construction is the systematic process of erecting structures that meet human

needs while following specific processes and using available resources.
Each person is responsible for making sure that their Hiking Team is well prepared
for this trip by knowing their own subject and packing the resources needed for
this trip within their subject. Your fearless and supportive leader/teacher will be
meeting you ONCE with a ration of supplies that you come up with within the
weight limits.
Your Design Group is in charge of informing the rest of the teams about the
knowledge you gained of Construction.



1. Research your topic from the information given

2. Now that you are an expert in your topic access your scenario what
information and materials would you need within your Hiking Team. Create
a list neatly compiled and complete list.
3. Complete the Vocabulary Crossword
4. Create Vocabulary Cards
a. Front: Vocabulary word
b. Back: Definition WITH a chart/picture/memory helper
5. Design an activity that will only take 30 minutes maximum to relay the
information to the rest of the class. ALL students must be able to pass the
Manufacturing Quiz with the information given from your activity.
Computer w/Internet Access

Construction Vocabulary Words

Residential Construction
Commercial Construction
Floor Plan

Wood Frame Construction

Straw-Bale Construction
Structural Insulating Panels

Construction Quiz

Insulating Concrete Forms

Adobe/Cob Construction
Earthship Construction

Name: Shawn, Stephanie, Sarah

Foundations of Technology

Unit 3 Design Group: Construction

Selected Response Items

1. Part of a communitys infrastructure that helps to support the functioning of a school are:
1. Police and fire departments
3. Museums and parks
2. Roads and utilities
4. All of the above
2. Construction is a systematic process; which of the selections below is NOT in the proper
1. Site preparation, setting
3. Completing the site, building
foundation, building the
the framework, installing
2. Enclosing the structure,
4. Building the framework,
installing utilities, finishing the
enclosing the structure,
installing utilities
3. Building a framework includes putting up wall studs and
1. Pouring concrete for the
3. Landscaping the outside
4. Installing utilities
2. Framing the roof
4. Homes are built with materials that are readily available. In the eastern United States,
wood is most often used. What available material could be used in the desert southwest?
1. Rock/stone
3. Adobe
2. Steel frame
4. Straw bale
5. Structural insulated panels have the ability to insulate as well as
1. Conduct electricity
3. Act as a concrete form
2. Collect rainwater for reuse
4. Support weight
Assessment Instrument - Brief Constructed Response (BCR)
Students are expected to respond to one of the questions described below. Students should provide examples to clarify
their response.

1. Infrastructure is the underlying base or basic framework of a system. Discuss how

construction of residential and commercial buildings relies on existing infrastructure. Cite
examples for the local community.
Well the existing infrastructure usually is used and sometimes the ground is leveled for building
and you can sometimes add on to the old infrastructure and thats a benefit a foreman because
of less money.

2. Structures are constructed using a variety of processes and procedures. Discuss how local,
state and national building codes impact the construction industry. Discuss how
sustainable construction techniques are impacting the construction industry.
Most people cant get a permit and you cant get approved for anything (half the time) and
when you do you better be right on your measurements because you cant go and have more
area then you were approved for
Brief Constructed Response Item Rubric

Below Average


Response demonstrates an implied, Response is written technically Response is written technically and precisely.
partial, or superficial understanding and precisely. The answer
The answer demonstrates understanding of
of the text and/or the question.
demonstrates understanding of the topic and cites specific examples.
the topic.


Use of Related

Response lacks transitional

information to show the
relationship between the content
and the support to the question.


Response addresses the

question, includes pertinent
information, and remains
focused on the topic.

Response uses minimal supporting Response uses expressed

information to clarify or extend
and/or implied supporting
information that clarifies or
extends meaning.


Response addresses the question, cites

specific examples, includes pertinent
information, and remains focused on the
topic. Details are clearly stated and do not
detract from the response.
Response uses clear and concise examples
as well as supporting information that
clarifies or extends meaning.

Name: Shawn, Stephanie, Sarah

Foundations of Technology

Unit 3 Design Group: Construction