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Trayven Call

Class of 2016
Senior Reflection

Through my time here at Westminster College I have faced a multitude of
challenges and successes. The main goal of my higher education has always
been to learn and take full advantage of every opportunity presented to me in
the performing arts industry. Along the way I have gained more than I expected.
I have an awareness and holistic perspective of myself and the world around
me. I am a different person. My brain and body are wired to handle the rigorous
life of an actor, and I am prepared to handle any challenge presented to me.

The College Wide Learning Goals (CWLG) are designed to help student’s
pinpoint specific fields of comprehension within their own unique experience.
Upon reflection I can confidently declare that I have reached a level of
Excellency for each one of the five CWLG’s. This is not an ego trip, I am not
perfect in each field, but I know myself well enough to improve what needs to be
improved and own what I believe I do well in.

The first CWLG is Critical and Analytical Thinking, which is defined as
being able to absorb and use information in a concise and clear way. As an actor
my job is to do this every day for the rest of my life. Currently there is not a day
that goes by where I am not analyzing or questioning why something is the way
it is, or behaves the way it behaves. In my actor training I have observed
characters, peers, and people and asked, “Why is that?” I am now able to break
down a situation; listen for the intention, look at what is being done, think about

what the most effective way to enhance the main point of the lesson or goal
might be, and contribute accordingly. I do this for my character work while doing
scenes, monologues, and full length plays of any genre. This mindset also
contributes to my daily life while attending meetings, listening to my family, and
guiding fellow students.

The second CWLG is Creative and Reflective Capacities, the abilities to
approach an endeavor by accessing all its potential and moving forward, as well
as recollecting a situation looking at it for what is in that moment and again
moving forward. The best example I can think of was when I was charged with
creating a ten minute one person show; designing my own lights, writing my
own script, completely created by me alone. I had to somehow birth a full
themed show about a passion of mine and develop a minimal of three
characters. I ended up creating an abstract piece, expressing my passion of art!
I have many more examples of thinking creatively and my opinions, thoughts,
fears, and reflections are all documented in my journals. As an actor at
Westminster College you have to practice the art of journaling. My journals are
very precious to me. They have my most personal thoughts and experiences.

The process and skill of Leadership, Collaboration, and Teamwork is one of
great worth. We know as performers that it is always for the sake of the
ensemble or team. This ranges from the Director, Stage Manager, and includes
your fellow actors. We are all a team for each experience. This changes from
show to show, class to class, and goal to goal. I can negotiate from team to
team and put on whatever cap is asked of me. I can be a follower as well as a

leader. In Westminster’s production of Godspell I played Jesus. It was the biggest
leadership role I had in a show to date. It wasn’t about me though; I approached
that role with the ensemble in mind and tried to make sure the entire cast and
all directors felt respected and welcome. It was a very difficult task but in the
end we created something special. I have taken every dance class I could
possibly while at Westminster! I love it, and it is all about working together to
create something. I have made great art with my teammates and collaborators
and learned about who I want to be while being in different leadership roles.

When it comes to Writing and Communication Skills, I have learned that
communication is the glue of all forms of relationship. Acting is always
communicating. My job is to effectively communicate ideas, thoughts, stories,
movement, and intentions. Meryl Streep once said, “…I am the voice of dead
people, the singer of lost songs.” As an ambassador to this art form I am
constantly communicating my wants, character wants, all forms of want. I have
a great awareness of when I am not getting my want or when others are not
which informs me of my communication in that moment. I feel that my resume
is the most effective way to showcase my writing because in an audition it is the
first thing that they see. It must be clean, clear, and effective. What you wear,
how you speak, and what you do in an audition all communicate something and
can make or break your chance at a job.

The final CWLG is Global Consciousness, Social Responsibility, and
Ethical Awareness. The ability to be aware of the customs, culture, and issues in
the world and the part you play in it. Every production I have been in helps

increase my awareness of perspectives I didn’t consider going into the process.
For The Diviners the knowledge of poverty came into being, Getting Out
informed me about the justice system and all the flaws it has, and many more. I
have taken Vegan Revolution which inspired my consciousness and
responsibilities when it comes to the food industry. I, like every person on earth,
am responsible to make conscious and ethically aware choices in all aspects of
my awareness.

In conclusion I am a capable actor and person. I am able to engage
life with a strong sense of self and intelligence. If I face a problem I will be able
to dissect it and act accordingly. I will continue to be creative and create art.
Also continue to strive towards effective communication and actively live a
conscious life of self and outer awareness. I am ready for the performing arts
industry and life!