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Pentru admitere în clasa a IX-a cu program bilingv
A. Complete the gaps with the correct tense of the verb: (10 x 1p =10 points)
If you (1) _____ (wish) to see the new books, you have to go to the town library. The new editions
(2) _____ (arrive) two days ago, by plane. We (3) _____ (unpack) since then but we
(4)________(finish) yet. If we (5)_________________(have) more employees, we
(6)________________(work) now. It’s only Mr. Davis’ fault. He is such a greedy man! I wish he
(7)____________________ fire) last week. If the opportunity (8) _________________(arise)
again in the future, I(9)____________________(vote) for his dismissal. He (10)
_______________________(deserve) it!
B. Circle the correct answer.

(15x1p=15 points)

1. She was dissatified _____________her exam results.
A) from
B) with
C) of
D) about
2. Mr. Smith is fit as a_______________, despite his age.
A) fiddle
B) bat
C) glove
D) hat
3. We saw a great film at the cinema two weeks____________.
A) ago
B) yet
C) since
D) before
4. Is it worth ____________________so much money on space travel?
A) spending
B)to spend
C) to spending
D) spent
5. The more carefully you read, ______________________you will understand the book.
A) the better
C) the best
D) better
6. My phone is twice as _______ as yours.
A) more expensive
B) expensiver C) expensive
D) the most expensive
7. He _______ a new job last month.
A) was offered
B) is offered
C) has been offered D) will be offered
8. It’s time the children_________________to bed.
A) have gone
B) went
C) go
D) will go
9. It was_____________bad weather that we stayed indoors.
A) such
B) such a
C) so
D) very
10. I wish you_________________about the bad mark you got at Maths.
A) told
B) had told
C) have told D) were telling
11. Most people prefer watching TV _________reading a book.
A) too
B) than
C) to
D) then
12. There are hardly _______ cars in the car park.
A) no
B) some
C) every
D) any
13. _______ book have I found on the stairs?
A) Whose
B) Who’s
C) What
D) Who
14. She would prefer to go out_________________stay at home.
A) rather than
C) to
15. Do you fancy_____________________a pizza tonight?
A) to order
B) ordering
C) having ordered
D) to ordering


QUALIFY 8. The jumper it is too small for me. Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits in the space: (10 x 1. The mountains were________________and the valleys were charming. Timp de lucru: 60 minute 2 . To be a good teacher. 3. IMPRESS 9. Santa Lucia has always been on one of my all-time favourite holiday destinations.C. There is one extra word in each sentence. French ___________believe they’ve found a substance that helps hair growth.5p = 15 points) 1. If only she had been caught the train. 7. FREQUENT 2. will ask Sarah to help. It seemed it was going to be having a sunny day. Take my business card in case you will want to contact me. If Tom is busy. Western ______________eat more than two million tons of chocolate a year. Jupiter if the ________________planet in order of distance from the sun. a teacher_________________is not all you need. PROTECT 3. Jenny told to me that I’d lost weight. 9. SCIENCE 5. Young children need their parents’______________________. 6. Our_______________was cut off because we hadn’t paid the bill. She has been had her house repainted. EUROPE 10. Chocolate also contains caffeine. She didn’t go to the work because she was ill. which is_____________________ ADDICT D. DRAMA 7. She has changed ____________since the last time I saw her. 10. Trains run _______ throughout the day. Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu. 4. 2. Every October I like to go to the France for my holidays. find it and write it on the exam paper: (10x2p=20 points) 1. FIVE 4. 8. ELECTRIC 6. NOTĂ: Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. 5.

D-any 13.C.C.went 9. scientists 5. (10 x 2 p = 20 points) 1. to 2. (10 x 1p = 10 points) C.B-had told 11. the 4. arises 9. Europeans 10. addictive D.fiddle 3. having 10.expensive 7. had been fired 8. dramatically 12. on 6. B-with 2.was offered 8. been 5. the 3 . wish 2.A-such 10.ago 4.B. will vote 10. will 7. frequently 2. electricity 6. qualification 8.A.PROBA DE VERIFICARE A CUNOŞTINŢELOR DE LIMBA ENGLEZĂ Pentru admitere în clasa a IX-a cu program bilingv MODEL ANSWER KEY A.A-whose 14. wouldn’t work/wouldn’t be working 7. been 8. have not finished 5.A.A.the better 6. have been unpacking/have unpacked 4. deserves B. (10 x 1.A.rather than 3.5p = 15 points) 1. fifth 4. (15 x 1= 15 points) 1.C-spending 5. arrived 3. impressive 9.B-ordering 1. had 3. will 9.