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Community Achieves is a proven model for community schools to provide wrap-around services to students,
families and the community. It turns schools into hubs for these services and programs built around four areas of
• Health & Wellness
• Social Services
• Family Engagement
• College & Career Readiness
Because of the barriers that face many students and their families, Nashville and Metro Schools must continue to
do address the adverse childhood experiences that impact our students socially, emotionally and academically.
The current Community Achieves network consists of 20 schools. The budget proposal for 2016-17 would expand
the network to 23-26 schools, depending on whether any of the selected schools choose to provide matching funds
to cover half of a site manager’s salary. Every Community Achieves school is supported by a full-time site
manager, therefore an expansion would require hiring more school-level staff. The program has also reached a
point where more district-level staff is required to support the site managers and help them coordinate
community resources.
Community Achieves is completely data-driven, with a variety of services and programs offered in schools
depending on the specific needs of the school, its students and their families. It supports a positive school climate
and promotes improving the conditions for learning inside and outside of the school day. Community Achieves
also aligns to other district strategies such as the PASSAGE initiative, the expansion of out of school options for
youth, mental health support, and academic intervention.




3 Additional Site Managers – These employees are dedicated to one school each. They give full-time
attention to developing and managing a full service community school. Site managers will coordinate a variety
of wrap-around services to be provided in the school based on student, family and community need. If a
selected school chooses to provide matching funds to cover half of a site manager’s salary, the district funds
for these positions may stretch beyond three schools.
1 Program Manager – The program manager is an additional district staff member to help manage the
growing number of Community Achieves schools. He or she will assist Community Achieves staff at the
district and school level in data collection, student and family management and partner alignment.