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In short, women will go to federally qualified health centers, which provide all

the services Planned Parenthood does and more, except

abortions. FQHCs also treat you regardless of your ability to pay (PP does not
provide any services for free). Like many millennials, I have received care
at FQHCs, and they are great.
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In another ongoing lawsuit, Sue Thayer, a former manager for Planned

Parenthood of the Heartland, alleges that, to enhance revenues, the Planned
Parenthood affiliate implemented a C-Mail program that effectively mailed
thousands of unrequested birth-control pills to women, and then billed the
government for these pills.
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According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 90
percent of the 8,409 safety-net health centers at which taxpayer-funded
family-planning services were provided in 2010 were places other than
Planned Parenthood. The vast majority of low-income women obtained
subsidized family-planning services at:
3,165 federally qualified health centers 2,439 health-department clinics
1,324 other non-Planned Parenthood clinics 664 hospitals The credibility of
the number of services Planned Parenthood has billed to government
programs is also seriously questioned by whistleblower lawsuits brought by
former employees across the nation.
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