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David Mueller

3 Currumbura Road, Ashmore, QLD 4214
Mobile: 0490/333640

Career Objectives
To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organisational skills, educational
background, and ability to work well with people to build a good relationship between the
public and our clients towards the City Council.

Educational Background
2004 - 2007

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Germany
Key Projects:
• Placements in different hospitals
• Thorough study of human anatomy and physiology
"The training as a Physiotherapist gained me a broad knowledge about the
human body and how to work well in an health industry environment "

2014 - 2016

Bachelor of Environmental Health, Griffith University
Key Courses:
• Applied Environmental Health
• Environmental Health Management
• Epidemiology
• Toxicology
• Needs Assessment and Program Planning
Key University Projects
Problem Solving of regulatory breach
• Analysing evidence and find regulatory instruments
• Writing official letter to stakeholder
Needs Assessment and Program Planning
• Finding needs of a specified population with epidemiological tools
• Creating a program to solve the needs inclusive budgeting plan
"These two projects gave me a practical experience on how to deal with
work related tasks and enabled me to use my skills in research and team

Technical Skills
• Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (basic knowledge)
• SPSS - familiar in data analysing and creation of tables and charts

Professional Skills
• Good oral communication skills
obtained through regular presentations at university and through the
work with patient in my role as a physiotherapist
• Effective written communication skills
obtained through various assignments at university
• Strong problem-solving and negotiation skills
a major aspect of my former work for an interpersonal level and for
academic problems through my study with Griffith University
• Good skills in analysing epidemiology data
a foundational knowledge gained through two courses at University
and furthermore because of my personal interest in statistics
• Ability to make administrative decisions
if necessary, I can make decisions in a group based on knowledge
and in time also based on experience
• Excellent teamwork skills
Physiotherapy is a strong team based working environment and
through several team work projects during my Bachelor of
Environmental Health study

• Achieved 8,5 in IELTS ( scale 1-9, with 9 the highest)
• Fluent in German (first language)

Community Volunteering
• 2010: David Fleay's Wildlife Park - park tours for visitors
• 2016: Election Helper, Gold Coast - handing out flyer and explain how to

Recreational Interest
• History
Enthusiastic about how historical events are interwoven with each other
and how it influences our daily life till now
• Reading both fiction and scientific books
An ideal way for me to relax and explore with interesting books about
physics, ecology or biology new scientific approaches and opportunities
• Riding bicycle
An ideal way for me to commute in the city and stay fit and healthy at the
same time. And hopefully encourage other people in doing so as well

• Associate Professor Anne Roiko
Course Convenor Bachelor of Environmental Health
phone: 07 55527870
• Zoe Morray
Lecturer Environmental Health
phone: 07 55527878