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Rachael Lacey  (916) 899-7118

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

May 2016

Honors Degree in Environmental Science; Minor in Creative Writing
GPA 3.90/4.00
Phi Beta Kappa Society

EcoQuest Education Foundation, Whakatiwai, New Zealand

January-May 2015

Study abroad program in New Zealand with a focus on restoration and conservation ecology & policy; scientific research
Spent final five weeks doing research and completing a paper on the effects of cattle grazing on a remnant native forest and stream on local Maori farm

Work Experience
Docent for School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Ann Arbor, MI

September 2015-Present

 Leading tours of the Gold LEED certified building for 3rd-12th grade students as part of the Environmental Stewardship program.
 Using public speaking, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the green aspects of the building while leading a multitude of interactive presentations about
different sustainability topics and careers.

Campus Day Honors Peer Mentor, Ann Arbor, MI
January-April 2013, 2014, 2016
 Presenting information about the University of Michigan’s Honors Program (of which I am a part) to accepted prospective students and their parents
on designated “Campus Days” for these students to tour the campus and learn more about the school.

 Utilize public speaking in answering questions, sharing personal experiences, and making students and parents comfortable with the University.
Residential Dining, Ann Arbor, MI

Fall Semester 2013, January 2016-Present

 Working in the University dining hall, applying great customer service in greeting students and staff, serving food, maintaining a clean work area, and
working quickly, efficiently, and with a positive attitude.

Summer Research Associate, WaterNow, San Francisco, CA
June 2015-September 2015
 Worked for a non-profit called WaterNow, creating a directory of elected officials in Southern California who influence water policy on a local level.
 Compiled 7-10 pg. profiles of 28 cities in Southern California, complete with water sources, action plans for the drought, sustainability initiatives, etc.
Forest Census for the Smithsonian Institute, Pinckney, MI

June-August 2014

 Worked with Middlebury professor Dave Allen and a team of 10 students to complete a census of a 23-hectare, 41-species plot of the E. S. George
Reserve, according to the standards of the Smithsonian Institute (census available to the public on the Smithsonian Website).
 Gained scientific field experience, identification of S.E. Michigan tree species, and utilized teamwork and a positive attitude in the outdoor conditions.

Leadership Experience
Solar Spring Break through GRID Alternatives, San Diego, CA
March 1-8, 2014
• Volunteered with 11 other students for GRID Alternatives, a solar company that uses volunteers to install solar panels on low-income homes for free.
• Helped fundraise over $6,000, spent my spring break on the La Jolla Luiseño Native American reservation, learning about solar power, how to install
solar panels, and then using strength, patience, and effective communication to install solar power in two homes.

First University of Michigan Rush Class, Epsilon Eta Environmental Fraternity

September 2015-Present

 Epsilon Eta is a professional environmental fraternity that promotes environmental stewardship, activism, and careers. I am part of the very first rush
class at U of M, which has only the third existing chapter in the country.
 Membership duties include environmental-related volunteering, professional development, and strong teamwork and leadership development.

Leadership Committee, Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, Alpha Sigma Class

February 2014-Present

 Phi Sigma Pi, University of Michigan’s Honors Fraternity, values the “tripod” of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. I collaborate with the
Leadership Committee to plan events for the fraternity that develop and embody the idea of Leadership.

Emerging Wolverines Mentor, University of Michigan Career Center

September 2013-December 2014

 After participating in the career center mentoring program my freshman year, I became a sophomore mentor, using leadership and communication
skills to guide freshmen through the explorative and empowering experience of discovering their career plans, and developing the required skills.

Interests & Skills
 Interested in Sustainable Food, Water Issues; Past research of Shoreline Management of the Great Lakes with U of M professor Paul Webb.

 Member of University of Michigan Club Cross Country/Track Team; San Francisco Marathon ’12, Detroit Marathon ’13, Chicago ‘14

 Columnist for The Michigan Daily Fall 2015, as well as other various contributions to the paper

Slam Poetry
 Active participant and leaderboad position in bi-weekly Ann Arbor Poetry Slam, monthly U of M Poetry Slam

 Hopwood Award ’13: U of M creative writing award, category Creative Nonfiction
 Barger Leadership Institute ’15: provided with scholarship to partially fund New Zealand study abroad program

Proficient in: Speaking/Writing/Reading Spanish, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Office