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Question 4- Who would be the audience for your

media product?
We have a primary audience and a secondary audience. We
want our product to attract Caucasian male audiences.
However, we used Black and Asian actors instead of Caucasian
actors as we could not get hold of any Caucasian actors old
enough to feature in our film. This meant our product would
attract audiences of different races and nationality despite
them not being our target audience. I feel as though if we
included Caucasian actors we would attract a much wider
We used English as the main language of our media product to
attract public from US/UK. This will also attract people other
countries who know English. A person would go to a film that is
in English if they don’t understand the language
I will show you who our audience will be and how we have used
the micros elements to show what we have represented in our
films opening. I will talk about the following;

Mise En Scene

The mise-en-scene used in our film indicates what type of
audience our film opening is targeted to. We have implied this
through the use of the costumes used in our film. Our actor
Marcus wears casual clothes to not differ from people in the
background as he was trying to stay low-key. Casual clothes
represent that the actor within this film is more towards the
working/middle class than the upper class. This is shown by
Marcus wearing clothes that are considered to be modern. The
clothes that Marcus wears within the scene shows that he is a
confident character.

The use of editing indicates what type of genre our film is. In
terms of editing our film consists of many different aspects.
Quick cuts were included in our film which indicated the
intensity of that particular scene i.e. the scene where Marcus is
spotted by one of the organisation members he was hiding
from and their reactions are in the quick cuts.

We have used non-diegetic sound within in our opening. We
have included background music as well as a voice over. Both
the background music and the voiceover can’t be hears on set
which makes it non-diegetic. Our background music is
represented through the suspense that builds up in the scene
which gets the adrenaline of our audience up. We have a
voiceover at the beginning of our scene to interest the
audience and let them know of what’s going on. This builds the
suspense and tension up.
We have used cross cutting during the scene where the KVL
operative gets shot. We used this to show how tense the
situation was and to capture the image from both sides. This
makes the audience feel how real the situation is and the
intensity of how quick and fast it is all happening. This
represents that our audience is young as they are known to be
more hyper and enthusiastic.

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