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Week 5: Assignment

In each week the learning assignment is designed to demonstrate your
competence with the Terminal Course Objectives of the course. Prior to
working on the assignment, you should read through the week’s chapters
and lesson.
Clearly identify your work with your name, the date, the week number, and
the assignment name, and upload work to the Dropbox.
The questions are designed to probe the higher levels of thinking and
learning such as analyzing, evaluating, and creating, and so there often are
no correct answers. Instead of focusing and who wins or loses the case, you
should analyze, evaluate and create alternative solutions to the various
issues presented while arguing and debating the connections between
business, law, politics and ethics.
Terminal Course Objective: D
Video Case Study: Equal Opportunity in Employment—Isiah Thomas

Watch the video case study and then write a one- to two-page
reflective paper (double spaced) on the following questions while
discussing the connections between business, law, politics, and
1. Discuss whether there should be a different standard of behavior in the
workplace compared to personal relationships.
2. According to the video, Isiah Thomas put his arm around the victim, tried
to kiss her on the cheek, called her sexually charged names, and made her
feel uncomfortable on the job. Discuss how a court should determine what
constitutes sexual harassment and what does not. Should culture play any
part in that determination?
3. As part of this case, Madison Square Garden had to pay the victim
because of retaliation – she was fired for reporting the sexual harassment. In
this case, the jury determined sexual harassment occurred, that she
complained to the appropriate parties, and was fired for that. Given the
dollar amounts discussed in the video, discuss the risk that false sexual
harassment claims might be filed and what might be done to prevent that.

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