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Real World Mathematics

Objective: Throughout this project, you will express the concept of mathematics in the real
world through mulit-media and present it to the class.

1. Research a topic on how math is used in the real world
Examples: Parabolas in architecture, managing finances, starting a restaurant, creating a
park/building, etc.
2. Find how math is related to that topic and apply it to how you will present it
3. It must be presented through mulit-media. A list is given of examples of how it can be
a. Slideshows (Powepoint or Prezi)
b. Make your own facebook page ( or online poster
c. Make your own video
e. If you come up with another way to present through multi-media, run it through me first!
4. The presentation must be10-15 minutes long

What needs to be in the presentation?
1. Give the math topic that is found in the real world
2. Give facts on the math topic
3. Explain how it relates to the real work
4. Creativity is a must!

Topic/ Ideas

Connection with
the math topic









Provides the topic

Provides the topic

Provides the topic

Topic is not

visibly and the

partially and the

poorly and the topic

provided at all and

topic is clearly

topic mostly related

is barely related to

is not clearly

related to the real

to the real world,

the real world and

related to the real

world. All

but needs more to

needs more to it.

world. No

requirements met.

it. Most

Only a few

requirements met.

requirements met.

requirements met.

The math topic is

The math topic is

The math topic is

The math topic is

related evidently to

related partially to

related weakly to the

not related at all to

the real world and it the real world and it real world and it

the real world and it

gives recognizable

and the real world facts that show that

gives most

gives little

does not give any

recognizable facts

recognizable facts

facts that show that

it is in the real

that show it is in the that show it is in the

it is in the real


real world, but

real world, but


needs more.

definitely needs

Creativity shown
in the project

Creativity is

Creativity is good,

Creativity is blandly

Creativity is not

excellent and is

but can be

expressed in the

expressed at all in

expressed well in

expressed better in

project and hardly

project and it does

the project.

the project. It can

keeps someone’s

not keep someone’s

Pictures, color, and

keep someone’s



Real World Math Project
more keeps

attention for a short




Presentation of
the project

Presentation is put

Presentation is put

Presentation is put

Presentation is

together well and is

together acceptably

together poorly and

unorganized and no

spoken clearly. All

and is spoken with

there is not very

facts about the topic

facts about the topic some “likes” and

clear. Not all the

are given. No

are given and it is

“ums.” Most facts

facts about the topic

preparation is

very organized.

about the topic are

are given and are not shown.

given and is mostly