Essay: Freedom: Freedom from What?

Francois O'Haly What is freedom? Freedom from what? From ignorance? From debt? Materialism is our sickness. Very few of us are free from this affliction. What's wrong with enjoying ourselves sometimes? Why should we limit our consumption when it seems like nobody else is? More importantly there are too many of us on this planet. If I sell my car and buy a bike how much of a difference am I truly making? There are too many problems to solve and there is not enough time left to solve them all. Complacency? We are addicted to oil. You've heard all this before. Everybody else is driving. Driving right off of a cliff. I don't matter. I am too small. Why do anything when things will go on the same way with or without me? This is partly why people don't vote. How many elections were decided on one vote? And now the vast majority of humankind wants the same standard of living that we have? Look at what our greed has done to the planet. Add theirs to the equation and then what? We'll just let our children and our grand children clean all this up. At least we got rid of Saddam. That crazy Iraqi bastard. What was he thinking? He must have been a Marxist or something. I need a drink. At least our kids don't have to deal with the fuckin' Commies.