Emily Roche Jeremy Watruba Pod Cast Video Social Media March 31, 2009

Seconds 1-18 y y y Show tune Name of the show is introduced Topic of the day

Seconds 17-40 y Jeremy¶s ideas on facebook and how and why he does not have a twitter

Seconds 40-52 y y Emily talks about why she likes both facebook and twitter Convince Jeremy to sign up for twitter

Seconds 52-1.14 y y Jeremy on why he does not like twitter Also he talks of the pros of facebook

1.14-1.49 y y Emily discusses the pros on twitter About statuses, tweeting on walls, followers and following

1.49-3.25 y Discussion about celebrities on twitter

3.25-3.40 y Jeremy¶s new understanding of twitter, but how facebook is more personal

3.40-4.24 y Twitter pictures vs. facebook pictures

4.25-4.52 y Why Jeremy thinks he will try twitter

4.52-5.12 y Why one should have both twitter and facebook

5.12-5.20 y Closing thoughts

5.20-6.12 y y y y y Later show topics Foursquare PR open mic Interview with a PR professional Social media monitoring

6.12-6.25 y Closing credits

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