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Bryans in Rwanda
Serving at Kigali International Community School

from us
March has truly flown
by for our family.
Weve battled some
sickness (colds,
coughs, a fever, and a
bacterial infection) but
mostly had a
wonderful, full month.
Elias is doing more
each day and we love
hearing him babble. His
highlight of the week
was when Douglas let
him lick a piece of mango
during dinner. He looked
like a sweet, little puppy.

A Special Visitor from the Village

Many of you have heard us discuss talk or write about
Emmanuel, the guy who works for us. Several years ago
we went to the village to visit his family, including his
aunt. This month she was staying with Emmanuels
family in Kigali and she came to see us . I was showing
them pictures that my mom had sent me of the big snow
storm in Michigan. Since snow is, quite literally, a
foreign concept here, she had many questions. Mostly
she was concerned about the well being of peoples
cows and also how the houses hold up to such hars h
weather. She went on to discuss how if there was snow
here in Kigali, it would create many problems for people.
I loved hearing the perspective from someone who lives
in the land of endless summer.

Thanks for praying with us!
*Please pray for KICS as we
continue to seek teachers to
fill roles in primary (Pre-K, K,
1, & 2 and a principal), as well
as in the area of learning
support. Check out!
*We praise God for the
positions that have already
been filled! Were grateful.
*Please pray for our school
and Mike Epp (an ACSI rep.)
as he visits KICS next week.
*Pray for Rwanda as April is
the time of remembrance for
the Genocide of 1994. Pray
for people as they grieve and
follow Jesus example of

Elias with
Zuri visited
with her


MARCH 2016

Mailing Addresses
For Easter this year, we sent out our first
postcard. If you didnt receive one, and
would like to be added to our mailing list
(that kind that comes to your real mailbox),

Whats Happening at KICS?

If youve known us for awhile, then you might
remember that we were both apart of the
accreditation process several years ago. At that
time KICS was accredited by ACSI (Association of
Christian Schools International) and next week a
representative is returning to KICS. He will be
checking on our Continuous School Improvement
Plan and the progress weve made. We look forward
to his visit and his guidance as we grow.
Each March, the elementary classes celebrate a
favorite author with Dr. Seuss week. To the left
youll find some pictures from Hat & Tie Day!

Old & New Friends!

This month we had the opportunity to host a woman
at our house for a couple of weeks who came with a
friend of ours. Jeana and Cherri were here to pass
out kits with the Days for Girls program, as well as
to teach jewelry making to women who are working
to get out of prostitution. It was special to see
them using their unique talents to serve some
Rwandan ladies. We felt it was a good example of a
short term trip with a lasting impact.

Thanks for reading!

We are grateful that you chose to read our
newsletter. If you are in the States, wed
love to see you this summer!
With love,
Douglas, Kerry, & Elias Bryan
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