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March 16 Stories and values




General Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of aspects of Aboriginal spirituality and worldviews
Specific Learning Outcomes:
. 1. demonstrate an understanding that spirituality is fundamental to traditional Aboriginal worldviews:

appreciate and respect the value of Elders in helping people discover their inner gifts and

appreciate and respect the diversity of traditional spiritual beliefs and practices of
Aboriginal peoples
2. demonstrate an understanding that Aboriginal stories on creation of the world and Aboriginal peoples
provide a strong spiritual foundation
examine traditional Aboriginal stories on creation that have inspirational messages about
young people recognizing their gifts, journeying to take on challenges and accomplishing
feats to help others
examine the role of creation stories and legends in the lives of Aboriginal peoples in
appreciate and respect the diversity of oral traditions of Aboriginal peoples that provides
the foundation for Aboriginal worldviews and spirituality
Students will:

Reflect on yesterdays events

Create a personal narrative and retell events in a personal way

Create a values chart about which value is important to each student and why
180 minutes
Activity One

Welcoming the students chatting individually whyll getting settled

Breakfast and Field Trip debrief chart paper on the walls with questions
o Each student will have a different coloured marker for answering questions
o Reflection on what reconciliation means
Activity Two

The importance of Stories Richard Wagameses idea about stories being what we are and what we
will leave behind (short lecture)

Re-Read the Story of Eagle Child

Students will write about an accomplishment that they are proud of and how that has built them to
who they are today it doesnt have to be major, just something they are proud of

Stories are also what we leave how do you want to be remembered

o What kind of person do you want to be, what kind of path do you want follow?

I will be sharing with the students by answers to these questions

Break 10:30-10:35



Allow students to settle and finish up their thoughts with their writing assignment.

Establish a day for the quiz we will do a review tomorrow and a work period to get in any
unfinished assignments in

Finish the personal narratives and then go over the values poster some people have started their
posters so we will just be working on them.

Chart paper and markers

Prepped papers for the writing assignment

Small poster paper for the values assignment

Paper for reflection on reconciliation

Formative observations

Summative observations Values chart and Writing assignment

Assignments handed in

The kind of person that I want to be

When I leave this place, I want to be the person that anyone feels that they can
come and talk to. I want to be the person that is remembered for being open and a
hard worker. It is important to me that people know that I liked to be with my family
and friends and that no matter what, I would do anything for them.
As a teacher, I want to be remembered as a teacher who always has the open door
and is open to new ideas. Once I get the hang of teaching that is. I want to be
remembered as someone who looked out for the needs of others. I want to be an
explorer in the world, I want to explore new facets of knowledge, new places and
meet new people. I have already met so many new people that have already made
a profound impact on my life.
I also want to be remembered as someone who loved life. Someone who was
grateful for a beautiful sunshiney day. Someone who never took a day for granted
and lived life to the fullest. I do not want to be remembered as someone with a sour
look on my face so if you see me looking tired, tell me to knock it off. :P I want to
be someone who had laugh lines on the face, not frown lines.
I want to leave the legacy of a hardworking, family oriented, happy exploring

An Accomplishment I am Proud Of
I think the biggest accomplishment that I am proud of is when I graduated from the
University of Lethbridge with my Bachelor of Arts. It was a tough road for me in
university. High school was okay for me, I struggled with some classes but I did
okay. Getting into the University was a big deal for me because I did not think that
my grades were good enough. Classes in university were tough too. My first
semester, I had to drop a class that I really wanted to do well in but was just too
challenging and I still almost failed 2 other classes. I started making better decisions
about the classes that I wanted to take and not just what my friends were taking.
When I finally figured out what I was passionate about, school became getting a
little easier. I started taking classes that I enjoyed and wanted to work hard in. I
changed my degree from history and English to a degree In Native American
Studies. My final year of university, I had to make up for lost time and take 6
classes per semester but hard work paid off and I was able to graduate alongside of
my friends. I have always enjoyed school but it has not always been easy. I learned
a lot about myself, my interests and when I need time to just walk away from things
for a few minutes. But putting on that cap and a big flowy gown and taking goofy
pictures with my friends was possibly the biggest accomplishment in my life to date.

My Biggest Accomplishment to Date:

The Kind of Person I Want to be/How I Want to be Remembered