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North Central Missouri College

Technology for Teachers
5-E Cross-Curricular, Parallel Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate: Kim Leach

Date: 3.2.2016

Subject Area: American History

Grade Level: 10th

Computer with internet connection
Prezi presentation with embedded YouTube videos
Post-It notes, two per student
Dry Erase Board and Marker
Handouts of lyrics for the six songs in the lesson; one copy
per student
Highlighters if students need/want them for highlighting
Students need paper and writing utensil
Students need computer or tablet and access to a program
or app they can use to create a graph and turn it in
In pairs, the 10th grade students will choose one pro-Vietnam
song and one anti-Vietnam song to compare and contrast while
identifying at least 5 similarities and 5 differences between the
Individually, the 10th grade students will analyze one of the songs
from their compare and contrast activity while writing a one
paragraph response consisting of 10 to 12 sentences.
Individually, the 10th grade students will identify the number of
times words from the list provided are used in two songs, one
pro-Vietnam and one Anti-Vietnam, and create a bar graph
containing 10 bars that accurately reflects the rate of word


MoSPE Standards:
Standard #1 Content knowledge aligned with appropriate
instruction. Quality Indicator 2: Student engagement in subject
matter. Quality Indicator 5: Diverse social and cultural
Standard #2 Student Learning, Growth and Development. Quality
Indicator 4: Differentiated lesson design. Quality Indicator 5: Prior
experiences, multiple intelligences, strengths and needs.
Standard #3 Curriculum Implementation. Quality Indicator 3:
Instructional goals and differentiated instructional strategies.
Standard #4 Critical Thinking. Quality Indicator 3: Cooperative,
small group and independent learning.
Standard #5 Positive Classroom Environment. Quality Indicator 2:
Management of time, space, transitions, and activities.
Missouri Learning Standards:
Social Studies: X. Causes, comparisons, and results of major
twentieth century wars: Examine the wars of the twentiethcentury pertinent to US history including: causes, comparisons,
consequences and peace efforts
Fine Arts Music: Connections Between Music and Related
Arts and Humanities: 1. Develop and apply knowledge and
skills to understand the relationships between music, the other
arts and disciplines outside the arts: Compare characteristics of
two or more arts within a particular historical period or style and
cite examples from various cultures
English Language Arts: Reading Standards for Literacy in
History/Social Studies 6-12: Craft and Structure: 6. Compare
the point of view of two or more authors for how they treat the
same or similar topics, including which details they include and
emphasize in their respective accounts.
Math: S-ID 1: Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative
Data: Summarize, represent, and interpret data on a single
count or measurement variable: 1. Represent data with plots on
the real number line (dot plots, histograms, and box plots).
Digital Literacy: 3. Research and information fluency:

Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use

information. C. Evaluate and select information sources and
digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks
Teaching Presentation
Engagement: Load the Prezi presentation. The first slide is a
YouTube video of the song Run Through the Jungle by
Creedence Clearwater Revival with no images set to the music
other than an image of the band. Give each student one Post-It
note and ask them to label it Before. Play the song and ask the
students to listen. As they listen, ask them to write down what
the music and lyrics make them think of and what it makes them
feel. When the song is over, ask the students to set aside the first
Post-It note. Give each student a second Post-It and ask them to
label it After. Then move to the second slide of the Prezi. This
slide is a video of the same song, only this one has video taken
in-country during the Vietnam War set to the song. Ask students
to watch the video, listen to the song, and write down on the
second Post-It what the video makes them think of and how the
video makes them feel.
Exploration: Students will be provided a packet which contains
the lyrics of six different songs. Three songs are patriotic songs
from the Vietnam War Era: The Fightin Side of Me by Merle
Haggard, Hello Vietnam by Johnnie Wright, The Ballad of the
Green Berets by Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler; and three are protest
songs from the Vietnam Era: Feel Like Im Fixin to Die by
Country Joe McDonald, Masters of War by Bob Dylan, and
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Go to the third
slide of the Prezi presentation. This slide has a list of 5 words. Ask
the students to write these five words on a sheet of paper. Then
ask the students to choose two songs, one from the pro-Vietnam
section and one from the anti-Vietnam section. Students should
then read through the lyrics of the two songs they chose and tally
up the number of times each word appears in each song. Using
this data, ask students to use a program or app to create a bar
graph representing the data they collected. Discuss as a class
what this data means in terms of use in propaganda.
Explanation: Present the Prezi presentation while facilitating a
class discussion about propaganda in general and specifically
regarding the Vietnam War including, but not limited to:
What is propaganda?
What is its purpose?

What are examples of propaganda?

Why do you think it is effective?
Who uses it?
Is it still used today?
Where do you find instances of propaganda in the world

Elaboration: Ask students to pair up with another student. In

pairs, ask students to choose two songs from the packet, one proVietnam and one Anti-Vietnam, and together have them compare
and contrast the two songs while providing 5 similarities and 5
differences between the two songs. When this is finished, ask the
pair to write a response paragraph to one of the songs they
wrote. One student from the pair should choose the pro-Vietnam
song, and the other student should choose the anti-Vietnam
song. The response paragraph should be 10-12 sentences long.
The paragraph should answer the following questions:
Why would you consider this song propaganda?
What do you believe the purpose of this song is?
What does this song make you think about or feel?
Do you agree with the sentiment of the song?
Evaluation: Each pair will be asked to share their five similarities
and five differences lists with the rest of the class. The bar graph
and one paragraph responses will be turned in to the teacher at
the end of the class period to be graded.
Closure: Ask students to return to the next class period with one
example of propaganda from their lifetime. This can be a video,
an image, a song, commercial, etc.
Note: This lesson plan template would be used for any lesson given in a content
area (i.e. math, science, and social studies). Template is based on the 5 Es and
lesson concludes itself with effective closure.