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Lesson Plan

Date: March 3, 2016

level 3, period 2

Grade and Period: Spanish,

Strengths of the Class:

The majority of the students in this class are responsive, and
participate well either volunteering, or when called upon.
Unique Needs of the Class:
There are 4-5 students in this class who are close friends and typically
try to sit by each other instead of their assigned seats. Wherever these
students are sitting, are typically have to tell them to stay on task 3-4
times per class.
Subject: Spanish, level 3
Curriculum Standards:
I can understand when someone describes physical descriptions from a
photo or an art work.
I can mention the significance of a work of art in conversation.
Lesson topic:
Introducing main artists of the unit and how to describe works of art.
Homework (if any) from previous day:
Content Objectives for the Lesson:
Students will be able to write one thing they learned about Frida Kahlo
and 3 new adjectives that describe a painting.
Learning Objectives for the Lesson:
Students will be able to write 4 important facts about 5 different
Spanish speaking artists based on a short biography and describe one
work of art for each.
Language Objectives for the Lesson:

Speaking: Students will be able to orally communicate 3 different

adjectives to describe a work of art in groups of 5-6.
Listening: Students will be able to listen to a video biography of Frida
Kahlo and answer corresponding questions with at least 90% accuracy.
Reading: Students will be able to read 5 different biographies of
Spanish speaking artists in order to write 4 important facts about each
with at least 90% accuracy.
Writing: Students will be able to write one sentence for 3 paintings by
Frida Kahlo describing how the paintings make them feel, and what
they make them think of.
Starter: (5 minutes)
Students will identify the specific art form represented by 5 pictures in
Spanish. Students will not be able to change their answers. Starters
will be handed in for assessment.
Class Procedures:
State objectives on powerpoint (1-2 minutes). Review of prior
knowledge relating to art. Explain/model oral activity by giving
example of bean adjective comment (15-20 minutes). Review que
hay, and adjectives and how to answer both questions (2 minutes).
Check for understanding by reviewing word lists for each group(12). Explain stations activity (25-30). Model how to answer the first
question for first artist(1). Check for understanding by calling on
students(2-3). Activate prior knowledge about Frida Kahlo by asking
what they know about the artist (1-2). Explain listening activity (7-10).
Formative assessment by correcting worksheet as a class (2-3).
Explain Extended practice writing activity (7-10). Random
assessment call on students to share answers(3-4). Review
classroom behavior expectations/achievement (5).
Assessment: Exit tickets
Homework: None
Wrap up: (5 minutes)
Review classroom classroom behavior expectations/achievement.
Plans for enrichment:

High achieving students will compare and contrast all 5 artists/varying

artwork to each other.
High achieving students will write 1 synonym and 1 antonym for each
adjective they use to describe the artwork.
Plans for remediation:
prompts, hints, vocabulary written on the board, pair a student with a
high achieving student for assistance.
Plans for English Language Learners:
There are no ELL students in this class, but the same principles apply.
Pictures will be provided. Students may collaborate with others to
complete an activity. Students may look up a word in any language to
find its meaning in Spanish.
I felt this lesson was not my best. Mostly because I realized I had not
designed anything in the lesson that was informed by prior
assessment. I changed things a bit by not having students correct their
own bell starters, so that I could use this as a way to inform future
lesson planning. I did implement instructional strategies I have not
used previously, in hopes of reaching my midterm goal of
differentiating instruction and providing more variety in my lesson
Despite this, I felt the lesson went well overall. Maybe a 3.5 out of 5.
Im still obviously struggling with the formal lesson plan. I thought the
lesson itself went better than the lesson plan would indicate.