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2009.05.13 THREE Interviews With MTV Philippines Cool Shades)

2009.05.13 THREE Interviews With MTV Philippines Cool Shades)

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Published by: coolshades on Apr 29, 2010
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MTV Philippines --About CBTM Video -- 5/13/09 David: The video for "Come Back to Me" was uh, was somethin' that

...that um... [pauses] uh, we all kinda come up with in concert. I had this idea of, like, I wanna do a song backwards like Coldplay's "The Scientist." And...and incorporate this love story into it, and...um... [pauses] uh, I was really proud of the idea. Um, and then...it came to fruition, and they're like: OK. Well you have to learn the song backwards. And it's like: Wait a minute. What? Um...I spent two weeks...listening to the song backwards and typing the lyrics out phonetically. The fact that I had to commit that to memory, uh, I, I total--I'd joke around all the time, like, the next video has to be animated. Cuz I don't wanna do that again.

MTV Philippines --About DCTR -- 5/13/09 David: I definitely see...the sound evolving. Um...I, I, I am really proud of this record, but I don't wanna make another one like it. If that makes any sense. Um...you know, what I love about...what I love about this, this, this record that we just put out is that, to me, it, it, it has the same elements, the same concepts as...Analog Heart, the record I put out before all this in '06. But there is a progression. And I think lyrically, it's more mature. I think musically it's more mature. And, and um...I think it's gonna be a lotta fun to-- when, when all this...slows down enough for us to work on the next record. To really attack it differently, and try new instruments and try new sounds. And...um...yeah, but I don't-- I don't ever wanna...I don't ever wanna repeat myself.

MTV Philippines -- About Bar-Ba-Sol -- 5/13/09 [first part of audio unavailable] David: ...actually originally written by a really great band that I'm actually a big fan of, and we've managed to become friends with. Uh, a band called "Injected," out of Atlanta, Georgia. And uh, they'd written this song for their second record that never got released. But it was just kinda...sitting in limbo. And, and uh, we got in contact with the singer, Danny, who wrote it, and asked if we could...kinda have a shot at it. And uh...ya' know, tweaked it a little bit, and, and kinda made it our own. And it ended up bein' one of my favorite songs on The Record. Uh, I think just because it envelops...kinda the swagger side of, of this band. But it's just fun, you know, to, to kinda break away from, you know, a lot of the songs that I write I feel, I feel have an emotional depth to 'em. Um...and "Bar-Ba-Sol" to me is just...fun. It's a break, ya' know? And, and uh...crowd seems to get into it, which is cool.

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