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Administration of Human Resource Interview

The interview:
What are the demographics of the district?
We serve 7 different communities. Our free/reduced lunch rate is at 50%, students of color 50%,
# of students 11665, 15 different schools, 68 languages spoken at home, 1869 employees, and we
have 72% of our teaching staff with an MA or higher. Of our enrollment percentage, 9% are open
What are the key responsibilities of Human Resources?
Hiring, labor negotiations with unions, insuring that staff meets the state licensing requirements,
grievances, professional support plans, and overseeing benefits.
What is the process for determine the personnel necessary to conduct the
responsibilities of the district?
Start looking at the needs of departments and requests, figure out the bargaining group (clerical,
nutrition, etc.) and make sure people meet the requirements, and to also make sure the hiring
process is followed.
What is the process for hiring personnel?
Select the labor group, ensure that the process is done to fidelity, everything from posting
positions to interviewing, and making sure they meet the licensing requirements if there are any.


Because of the Unified District Mission, we advertise in multiple venues and openly seek
candidates of color.
What is the process for new personnel induction and orientation?
Depends on the bargaining group. Within each group, there is a point person who ensures that
the process is done at the site with fidelity. At the district level, the explanation of benefits is
done in a certain way, and the signing of the contract is done in a certain way. Some of the
orientation is district-wide.
How is ongoing staff development developed and implemented?
Done differently with each bargaining group. With teachers, its done through the Executive
Directors. With custodial staff, its done through Director of Buildings and Grounds. With
nutrition, its done through the Director of Child Nutrition. Reflective of changes at the state
level. At sites it is done based on need.
What is the process for staff terminations?
Verbal warning, written warning, suspension, and termination. If someone has done misconduct,
steps can be skipped. Determined at the district level and legal team determine if misconduct has
taken place. Keep in mind that the process may alter for teachers due to certain requirements
made by their union.
What is the role of the building principal with Human Resources?
Theres a working relationship that has to be in place. Building principal ensure that people are
doing their job and they are required to provide adequate supervision and evaluation. Director of


Human Resources make sure that processes are followed and consults on legal issues and
concerns and protects the district against any possible legal action.
How do the Human Resources and the different district bargaining units work together?
They have to work collaboratively to meet the needs of the district, but they are always reflecting
on changes that need to be made on negotiating contracts. Often some pre-negotiation takes
place before the actual negotiation process. They negotiate every 2 years. The thing that often
drives that is changes at state level and changes in finances.
What are the greatest joys of the district Human Resources administrator?
Finding quality people that make an impact in the district and having the opportunity to nurture
and watch them grow.
What are the greatest challenges the district Human Resources administrator has
Meeting the funding requests and needs from multiple bargaining groups, but clearly telling
people no and explaining why. The cost of health insurance presents an ever-changing
challenge as well as we see the changes in health care that ultimately affect us all.
Personal Summary of Interview
What have you learned that will impact your leadership development?
I learned that the human resource department has much more responsibility than the hiring and
firing that takes place. As a prospective leader I want to learn more about the ins and outs of HR
responsibilities to better serve my building and staff. The unified district mission to see more
diversity amongst employees is something that I would definitely build on as a leader. I have a


personal belief that staff should in some way be a reflection of the students that are being served
throughout the district and in each building. I know that this presents a challenge but I think the
effort to see the unified district mission be filled is the key.

What surprised you about the leadership and management of Human Resources?
The involvement with labor negotiations surprised me the most. I guess its easy to think that the
HR department makes all the decisions, however labor negotiations as well as other negotiations
determine a lot of what will happen in the district. Unlike teachers and building administrators
the HR department personnel all work on a 12 month contract. The HR department works year
round and there is never really down-time for them.
What areas in Human Resources will be challenges for you and why?
Learning the ins and outs of labor negotiations will be a challenge for me. I am not familiar with
the process but it is something that I am definitely interested in learning and becoming familiar
with. Human Resources as a whole will present a challenge to me just because of the simple fact
that it is something new for me. The challenge will be learning it but the reward will be
becoming better as a leader. My belief is that building leaders\supervisors should be an extension
of the HR department and should mimic a lot of the HR role. One of the challenges I dont look
forward to is the termination part and being a part of that process. I dont see it ever being easy to
let someone go from their place of employment however, I do understand that in many cases it is


How has this interview influenced next steps for you in your development as an educational
This interview process just inspired me to stretch myself as a leader. It pushes me to learn the
role and responsibilities of those outside of my everyday duties and responsibilities. A good
leader has to understand what it takes to be successful at the building level as well as the district
level and that all begins with the human resources department. They are responsible for so much
and set the tone for the district.