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Sligo City Church


A community with Gods heart for

family, growth & mission
Hallelujah! As we come into a new month how wonderful that
the joy of Easter does not have to stay in March, but that we
are a people who carry the joy of the resurrection and Gods
salvation 12 months of the year.
This month as we are challenged by the book of James and
as we seek God to move in our worship, we hope and pray
that you will grow deeper into Gods love and grace but also
that God will spread your fruit and arms wider into the church
and our community.

This month on Sunday

This month we will begin a series looking through the book of
James. James is one of the first books written from our New
Testament Scriptures. The book is full of challenges that we
as Christians not only talk about our faith but that our actions
and daily life match our words. The series will challenge and
teach us to make sure we are changing the atmosphere of our
town and land not only by our words but also by our actions.

Being the hands and feet of God in our community

Couples Retreat Away in

Lough Lannagh Holiday
Village, Castlebardetails
coming soon

Worship Training Event

happening soonget in
touch with Josh
Hardingham for more

United Youth Group

begins this term on Friday
8th in the CRIB at 7:30pm


France Trip

KNEKT is always one of the highlights of my

year - not only is it a way to reunite with my
non-Sligo friends but also a place I can
encounter God amongst other youth. This
year's them was "Running the Race" (based
off of Hebrews 12:1-2). I think the talk that
stood out to me the most was Saturday
morning's given by Matthew Boardwell. It
was about what happens when we fall. I feel
everyone needs to know that it is okay to fall
sometimes. We don't need to feel like we let
God down, He isn't tracking our failures and
holding a list against us - but he is there
beside us encouraging us to get up. No
matter what we may feel we've done, God is
our biggest supporter and always will be. I
was also involved with worship and a song
that was prominent to me throughout the
weekend was "You Give Me Joy". I felt God
telling me that nothing compares to the joy
that he provides and that weekend I really
experienced his joy (It was also great to see
the rest of my friends on the band dancing
with their instruments with the joy of the
Amy McSharry

There is still opportunity to get

involved with the Mission Trip to
France this summer BUT you need
to act NOW! It will be a great way to
reach out to a nation that touches
many countries and people. As we
look at ensuring our words match our
actions, let us not just talk about
outreach but lets get on and do it!
The trip will take place from August
10th20th and will cost 650 per
person. If you would like to be
involved or for more details please
speak to George Rich.

Couples Retreat Weekend

Unfortunately we have not been able to co-ordinate the couples weekend for the
dates we had hoped. We are looking at further dates with the accommodation site
in Castlebar, so keep it in mind. If you are interested in the weekend and want
more details please speak to Daniel.

Carrick on-Shannon
The meeting we held on Good Friday at the Landmark Hotel
was a positive contact point for some of those in the town
who are seeking a Pentecostal church. However, there were
several away due to school holidays, which meant the
contacts made were not as many as hoped. Daniel is
continuing discussions with people in Carrick and with Elim
to see how we can continue to help pull people together and
begin to set down some roots for a church to be built upon.
Please continue to pray for Carrick and for us as we seek to
encourage the believers there.

Worship is...
It is great to be able to come to church on Sunday to meet with like minded people and worship
our amazing God. And it is a privilege for all who are involved in the music at church to
encourage everyone in this area. But as we know worship is more than just music. It would be
great to come to church on Sundays and to hear so many stories of the worship that is taking
place from around the week so that it can enhance our singing praise together. Along with that
worship is about being creative and God has given us so many different creative gifts. Music
plays a big part or our praise but it would be good to incorporate other art forms in our worship
on Sundays. At the KNEKT weekend (see other page if you havent already!) there is an arts
table that is covered in a roll of paper and is free for anyone to come and paint and draw on
whilst we are singing. It might be a prophetic picture or an encouraging word but it is still all
part of worship. Dance is another area where it would be great to see people using these gifts
as our love for God overflows from our hearts. Because thats what our sung worship is all
about and it is important for us to do this.
We read in Luke 19:28-44 when Jesus enters Jerusalem that the Pharisees wanted the people
to stop shouting their praise to Jesus. Jesus responds If they keep quiet, these stones will
start shouting. So it is important for us to sing and shout our praise. For all who are involved
from the front it is not that we are specially chosen, we are all called to make a joyful noise to
the Lord, and this can be done in a completely out of tune way! We are called to praise and in
doing so make a joyful noise.
Having said that there are lots of songs in the Bible that show that singing is a big part of
worship and something that we should keep going as Church. Songs are also a great way we
can learn theology. If we were asked to memorise a passage of Scripture we could probably do
it even if it took a lot of effort and was quite hard. But if we are asked to memorise a song it can
be a lot easier. Some of the songs we sing in church teach us lots about Gods love, salvation,
our relationship with him and so much more. So through these songs we are learning so much
that we can easily recall when necessary, and we are learning parts of the Bible and writing
them on our hearts.
There are some great, dedicated musicians that play for us on Sundays (and other times
throughout the week) and we are thankful for them all and blessed to have them. It would be
great to see the number of those involved increase as others discover a musical ability that God
has given to them. We dont want to be reliant on those who are already there and it would be
great to have even more on the team.
There will be a training Day at Sligo City Church for all those involved with worship, growing and
strengthening your gifts and ministry and seeking God on how to deepen our Sunday worship.

Get involved:
If you are interested in getting involved in the Sunday worship at SCC,
through music, singing, sound or AV then get in touch with Josh

This month at SCC:

Prayer Meeting: Every Sunday morning at 9:30am we
meet to pray for our service that Sunday. We believe that
prayer can change things and as we meet to pray we
create an atmosphere where God is welcome. This
opportunity to pray takes place at the Mercy College and
we would love you to join us.
Prayer Requests: As a church we are committed to
praying for one another throughout the week. If you have
prayer requests or answers to prayer that you would like to
share with regular attenders at the church, please send
them to 086 8492552 so they can be circulated throughout
the church.
Pastoral care : Tom and Kathy McGarvey are available
to help and

support people through difficult or testing

times of life. They have a heart to serve and care for those
of us who find ourselves facing such situations, offering
prayer and wisdom. Please feel free to contact them on
087 7003211, if you would appreciate their love and time.

United Youth Group


ministry continues to run
allows our children to
enjoy worship, bible
teaching, crafts, games,
prayer and more, in a
fun and child-focused
aged 3 to 12 years are
welcome to attend.









meeting at The Crib on







a town wide

youth group meeting just

outside Sligo City. For



speak to Josh and Kat


HOTS (Healing On The

continues to
take place every Saturday
morning from 11am1pm
in Wine Street Car Park,
Court. Being out as a visual
presence in our community
is so important. Each
morning there are many
opportunities to pray for
Gods healing over lives and
situations. If you would like
to get involved in this area
of church life please speak
with Jerome McNamara or
George Rich

Life Groups
Sligo Town meets on a
Wednesday Night at
8pm alternating between
the Richs and the
Hardinghams home.
Coolloney & Coolany
group is still meeting
together as one group at
Mickey & Maureen's
home on Tuesday at