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Core Competencies


Core competencies 1

Identify as a professional social worker and

conduct oneself accordingly

Practice Behaviors 1.1

Advocate for client access to the services of social work

At the South Eastern Family Violence center one thing that they do is refer clients to
other services. They have different programs within the agency that they receive grants
for to best service the clients. During my time at the agency one thing that I can do to
best help clients is stay informed about domestic violence.

Practice Behavior 1.2

Practice personal reflection and self correction to assure continual

professional development.
During my time at the agency I personally reflect by doing daily journals.
In my journals I write down what I experienced during my time at the
agency what I have learned and how it will help me as a social worker.

Practice behavior 1.3

Attend to professional roles and boundaries

While at the SFVC I have learned how to correctly assist a client
with out over stepping boundaries. For example, I spend majority of
my time at the shelter. While at the shelter I communicate with the
women without giving them information about my personal life. I
also uphold confidentially.

Practice Behavior 1.4

Demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and

The agency requires that while working or volunteering you need to dress
business causal. So I come dressed in appropriate clothing so that when I work
with clients they see that I am a professional. I do not wear clothing that draws
to much attention to myself. I use body language and hold good posture when
dealing with staff and clients.

Practice behavior 1.5

Engage in career-long learning

At SFVC they ensure the well being of there clients. One thing that they do to ensure
their well being is helping clients fill out paper work such as domestic violence protective
orders. My time at the agency I was able to seat in on a assessment and that was a
learning experience for me. I see how the staff used social work skills while working with
clients this helped me understand clearly what is required when working with clients.

Practice Behaviors 1.6

Use supervision and consultation

At the end of the week after I have written about my experiences at the agency I go to
my supervisor and I have her read my journals. I consult with her to make sure I have
not breached confidentiality within my journals and this also gives me a chance to ask
her any questions that I have. I also confirm anything before I just do something to
ensure that I do not misunderstand what it is I am required to do during my time at
the agency.

Practice Behavior 2.1

Recognize and manage personal values in a way that allows professional
values to guide practice.
At the SFVC I recognize and manage personal values. For example, while working
in the shelter I have thought many times that some of the women that come in are
not really victims of DV. I have to remember that I can not be judgmental and have
biases while working with clients. I have to consider all the information and make
professional decisions based off of the information that the clients give rather
then off my personal beliefs. I also learned from observing the staff use
professional values to guide practice.

Practice Behavior 2.2

Make ethical decisions by applying standards of the National Association of Social Workers Code of
Ethics and, as applicable, of the International Federation of Social Workers/International Association
of Schools of Social Work Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles.
One thing that the agency does to ensure that they are abiding by the NASW Code of Ethics is require every
staff member and volunteer to read manuals. I had to read and sign forms to confirm that I understand the
rules/ handbook. This will help me as I work with clients because I will be able to accurately service them. I
also abide by their confidentiality while at the shelter I do not give out information to other clients. If a client
shares personal information with me I respect that and keep it confidential. I empower the women for
example a client asked me if they had to stay in the shelter for 30 days, I let her know that she can make that
decision on her own and that she can do what she feels is best for her.

Practice Behavior 2.3

Tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflicts

The agency requires that someone has to be at the shelter at all times with the
ladies. On transportation day some of the ladies do not desire to go any where.
So they feel like they should not have to leave the shelter but if there is just one
staff member everyone has to go. Often times the residents feel resentment or
get angry when they are denied transportation. (They may feel like there being
treated like children)
When residents get angry or start to get loud, I assess the situation and use
supervision. For instance, I decided that instead of making a new mother and her
two week old baby go out early in the morning I would stay at the shelter with
her. I resolved the issue by making a decision that would best benefit everyone.

Practice Behavior 2.4

Apply strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at principled decisions

I use observations , and analyze before making decisions for
clients. I observe situations that the staff go through with clients
to help me understand what to do when I work with clients. I
analyze the assessment practices and intake forms to guide me
when questioning clients about their situation.

Practice behavior 3.1

Apply understanding of social economic, and environmental
Justice to advocate for human rights at the individual and
system levels
At the agency I review information on different clients in the shelter for referral services if
needed. For example, if clients need assistance and the shelter does not have the right
information or does not handle what they need I will provide them with information that will
best service them. I also familiarize myself with DV intakes, I sit in while the lead advocate
does intakes I also witnessed a phone intake being done.

Practice behavior 3.2

Engage in practices that advance social, economic, and
environmental justice.
While at the SFVC I plan to engage in practices that advance social, economic, and
environmental justice. I stay informed about the different programs that the agency
provides for clients. I attended meetings for the WAVE program that the agency
have. I use the information I learn from engaging in social practices to help me
understand the clients within the shelter. Engaging in the agency programs helps me
understand what I can do to help domestic violence victims.

Practice Behavior 4.1

Use practice experience and theory to inform scientific inquiry and
At South Eastern family violence center I use practice experience and theory to
inform scientific inquiry and research. One thing I do while at the shelter is
research the effects and causes of domestic violence. This information will help
me understand how to work with the clients that come through the shelter. My
experience at the shelter will help me in the future if I choose to continue to work
with DV clients. After spending time at the DV shelter I can now understand how
to communicate with clients without making them feel re-victimized.

Practice Behaviors 4.2

Apply critical thinking to engage in analysis of quantitative and

qualitative research methods and research findings.
Being able to understand domestic violence in rural communities helps me
effectively help the clients in the shelter. Robeson county is a rural
community so understanding the backgrounds helps me communicate with
the clients. Communication is important when working with clients because
they have to be able to trust you. Doing research and looking at quantitative
and qualitative research will help me

Practice Behavior 4.3

Use and translate research evidence to inform and improve
practice, policy, and service delivery.
One thing that is important to do when working in social work
professions is to be ethical. Meaning abide by the rules and regulations
that the different agencies have. At the shelter I research evidence and
history of domestic violence so that I can do what is needed for clients.
This is ethical and will help improve practice, policy and service
delivery. Being able to understand what it is that I am dealing with will
help me best service the clients, and empower them.

Practice Behavior 5.1

Identify social policy at the local, state, and federal level that
impacts well-being, service delivery, and access to social
At the south Eastern Family Violence center I understand the roles of
the staff within the agency by observing them. I also understand that
domestic violence is a social problem in Robeson county. I see what
services are provided local, and federally and what is needed in the

Practice Behavior 5.2

Assess how social welfare and economic policies impact the
delivery of and access to social services.
At the South Eastern Family Violence center I make sure that I ask questions about
the different policies. This helps me understand what policies they use to when
working with clients. I have seen that many of clients need more then just help from
the agency but from other social services. At the agency we give them information
on how to apply for TANF , and SNAP if they ask for assistance.

Practice Behavior 5.3

Apply critical thinking to analyze, formulate, and advocate for
policies that advance human rights and social, economic, and
environmental justice.
I did research on the different policies so that I can have a clear understanding
which helps me abide by NASW code of ethics when working with clients. I learned
that the agency although many of the staff members do not have a social work
degree still use social work Code Ethics when helping clients.

Practice Behaviors 6.1

Apply Knowledge of human behavior and the social environment personin environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to
engage with clients and constituencies

While at the South Eastern family violence center I have learned the
different ways domestic violence can affect a person. I have also had the
chance to understand that not everyone has the same cultural background.
Even though people have different backgrounds that can still end up in
similar traumatic situations such being victims of DV.

Practice Behavior 6.2

Use empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills to
effectively engage diverse clients and constituencies.

I review the different social work skills, and I use

the social work skills to empathize and interact with
diverse clients.

Practice behavior 7.1

Collect and organize data and apply critical thinking to

interpret information from clients and constituencies.

While at the south eastern family violence center

clients that call the agency that is looking for shelter
have to have an intake. I have done phone intakes with
clients getting information from them in order to see if
they qualify for shelter or not.

Practice behavior 7.2

Apply Knowledge of human behavior and the social environment,

person- in environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical
frameworks in intervention with clients and constituencies.

In order for me to apply knowledge of human behavior while at the

agency I attend meetings for the different programs within the agency
that help promote change. I understand how the programs work while
attending them and recognize the skills the staff uses.

Practice Behavior 7.3

Develop mutually agreed- on intervention goals and objectives
based on the critical assessment of strengths, needs and challenges
within clients and constituencies;

While at the SFVC, I observe the process of intake assessments. I

understand the needs of the clients after doing intake assessments. I
have been able to provide staff with information that can help them
decide whether a client meets the qualifications for shelter.

Practice Behavior 7.4


appropriate intervention strategies based on the

assessment, research knowledge, and values and
preferences of clients and constituencies.

As an intern at the SFVC I am not allowed to personally give out

referrals but I have learned how the staff members do them. I have
provided alternatives for clients that will best service their needs. I
also make sure clients safety if first, I am able to biases aside and
personal values.

Practice Behavior 8.1


choose and implement interventions to achieve

practice goals and enhance capacities of clients and

Help clients achieve goals they set when they first arrived at the
shelter. I seat and watch as they explain what their long and short term
goals are with the shelter coordinator.

Practice Behavior 8.2


Knowledge of human behavior and the social environment,

person-in environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical
frameworks in interventions with clients and constituencies.

I use the information I have learned from my social work classes to help assist
me with clients. I have learned what days housing in Robeson County does
applications so that I can inform the clients who reside in the shelter. I have
also learned about different information concerning housing authority.

Practice Behavior 8.3


inter-professional collaboration as appropriate to

achieve beneficial practice outcomes.

I work with the shelter coordinator and help advocate for

clients to improve agency services.

Practice Behavior 8.4


mediate, and advocate with clients and


When clients first arrive at the shelter I go over the handbook with them o that
they understand the rules of the shelter. I am not allowed to refer clients out
being that I am only an intern but I help assist with that. I let the clients no
about the different programs that are within the agency for example: The
WAVE program, & YFC. I have also had the chance to see how the shelter
coordinator does mediation for clients who are not getting along in the shelter.

Practice Behavior 8.5


effective transitions and endings that advance

mutually agreed- on goals.

I help clients when they first come into they shelter. I explain to them
that I no that this is a difficult time for them. I help them through the
transitioning so that although it may be a hard time for them they feel
comfortable and safe. I also help them achieve the goals they set with
the shelter coordinator.

Practice Behavior 9.1


and use appropriate methods for evaluation of


Give clients who exit the shelter surveys that have questions about the
services that were provided for them during their stay. This provides
information for demographics , and grants. Also do follow up with
clients after they have left the shelter and have been gone for 30 days.

Practice Behavior 9.2

Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment,

person-in environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical
frameworks in the evaluation of outcomes.

It is important to do follow ups with the clients to see if

they have reached their goals. I use information from
surveys to see if shelter stay was beneficial.

Practice Behavior 9.3


analyze, monitor, and evaluate intervention and

program processes and outcomes.

I continue to monitor the clients that through the agency and the
shelter. I evaluate the interventions that my supervisors use while
working with clients. I also continue to asses issues or
accomplishments of clients.

Practice Behavior 9.4


evaluation findings to improve practice

effectiveness at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
I use evaluations and discuss what can be done to improve
practice effectiveness.