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Jason J.

12 Westwood Dr. Mantua, NJ 08051 - 856-685-8185 (H) - -

Professional Profile
Detail oriented human services professional, excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under
pressure, is seeking to expand horizons. In addition to the qualifications listed below, applicant
possesses broad field experience, including managerial, direct care, program planning, and quality

Strong verbal and written communication

Quickly learns new concepts
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Extremely well organized
Consistently meet goals and deadlines set forth by superiors
Strong communication skills, necessary for building bridges between multiple service lines


08/2014 to Current

Quality Improvement Specialist

As a Quality Improvement Specialist, my primary responsibility included conducting internal investigations into
allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Part of the investigative process includes recommending
improvement actions to the various programs within Bancroft, in an effort to prevent future occurrences,
mitigate risk, and overall improve the quality of services to the individuals Bancroft serves. Following the
completion of investigations, it was also my responsibility to follow up with any recommended actions, to ensure
that program enacted proposed changes or provided recommended trainings, through program support visits.
During my time in the Continuous Quality Improvement Department, I also serve on Bancrofts Human Rights
Committee, have had a shared role in Bancrofts Core Values Committee as the CQI representative, and am
currently the Faculty Advisor for Bancrofts Aktion Club, a subsidiary of Kiwanis International.

11/2012 to 08/2014

UIR Coordinator, Continuous Quality Improvement

As Bancrofts UIR Coordinator, I was the primary liaison between Bancroft and the State of New Jerseys
Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) as it pertains to critical incident reporting. Critical incidents
include, but are not limited to allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the clients who receive services
from Bancroft. In addition to this responsibility, I would also conduct internal investigations into the allegations
of abuse, neglect, and exploitation; help identify areas of risk within the organization as it pertains to such

incidents. My day to day job functions included maintaining an Unusual Incident Report Database, maintaining
compliance, per DDD standards as it pertains to incident reporting, receiving, revising, and submitting unusual
incident reports.


04/2010 to 11/2012

Program Manager
Cherry Hill, NJ
As a Program Manager at Bancroft, I was held to a high standard of performance from my supervisor. Some
of the responsibilities that I was placed in charge of included; hiring, training, and completing staff reviews,
both 90-day and annual. Also falling under my responsibilities were scheduling and time keeping of all staff
employed within my department. Finally, although not the end of my duties, other important job
responsibilities include identifying areas of weakness within my staff and program and work to manage staff
up through counseling and constructive feedback.

04/2009 to 04/2010

Program Associate (Floater)

Cherry Hill, NJ
As a floating Program Associate in the day programs at the Jacob Schafer Vocational Center, my primary
responsibility included reporting to my immediate supervisor and help him to identify programs within the
building in need of an extra staff member. My year experience as a floater provided me an opportunity that
many staff in CVSA do not get. I was able to work with every person who attends the vocational center as
opposed to only working with individuals we support within a specific department during the year that I was
employed as a Program Associate.
Kelsch Associates

06/2005 to 11/2008

Residential Program Manager

Westville, NJ
As a Residential Program Manager at Kelsch Associates, I performed many of the same job responsibilities that I listed
above in the Bancroft Program Manager job description. However, the most notable duties that I performed at Kelsch
that were not listed with Bancroft were, maintaining my program's budget as well as overseeing the budgets of the 16
individuals who resided in the apartments that I was given charge over. I was also responsible for scheduling doctors
appointments, ordering medications on a monthly basis, and helping the individuals to adhere to the diet prescribed by
their Primary Care Physician.
Burlington County College
Human Services
Associate of Arts
Pemberton, NJ
Active Member of Burlington County Colleges Human Service Departments Curriculum Advisory Board


Burlington County College


Addictions Dynamics and Interventions

Certification from the Addiction Professionals Board of New Jersey
Pemberton, NJ

Rowan University


Bachelor of Arts
Glassboro, NJ

Graduated Summa Cum Laude

2013 Samuel Whitchell Medallion Award Recipient for Sociology
2013 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient for Sociology
Wilmington University
Administration of Human Services
Masters of Arts
Wilmington, DE

Expected graduation Fall 2016