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Canyon Lands Trip Proposal

Final Expedition
Instructor: Jeff Jackson
Group members: Thomas Barratt, Peter Langland, Caroline Barker, Avila
March 2, 2016

Trip Plan Proposal

Utah Canyon Lands

Purpose of the trip: The purpose of this trip is to demonstrate all the skills and
material we have accumulated over the course of the past two years, and utilize our
skill sets to plan and execute a safe, successful, and memorable final/advanced
In particular, we have a few goals which we hope to achieve while on this trip:

Safely manage our group on a daily basis and make sound judgement calls
based on our experience. We want this trip to run as smooth as possible and
for everyone to be able to take care of themselves. In the event that a group
members status inhibits their ability to think clearly, we hope that the rest of
the group can consciously make the right decision based on the situation. We
hope to actively assess and manage risks we come across. We all start the
trip together and we want to end the trip together! We will measure this goal
by executing this trip with as little injuries, and mitigating any potential risks
through aggressive planning, sound judgement, and proper preparation for
the area.
Explore what Canyonlands National Park has to offer. This park is rich with
history and scenic views and we hope we can properly appreciate all it
portrays. From mesa-top views to slickrock scrambles to hoodoo dotted
canyons, the Needles district of Canyonlands is world famous. We are very
excited at the idea of travelling through an area with abandoned westernstyle buildings while seeing some spectacular sights. We are very excited to
see this park! We will measure this goal through video we will create after the
trip. The video is a culmination of our experience in Utah and will hopefully
capture some of the beauty that we hope to encounter.
A very important aspect of this trip is what we take away from it. We hope to
take away the skills and assets required to successfully run an international
expedition. We are looking forward to putting the past two years to the test
over the course of 9 days. Also, seeing how this is our final hoorah in the
program, we are looking to take away some awesome memories and good
vibes. This is going to be measured through how we feel about our
experience post trip. It is our goal to look back and be able to talk highly of
our time spent in Utah. It will also be measured through the video we will
produce after the trip. In preparation for the hike. All group members will go
on a minimum of four 10km hikes with weighted back packs. In addition
group members will be encourage to run 5-10mk 2-4 times a week.

The activities we will be participating in include:

Historical interpretation
Spelunking (potentially)
Jetboating (potentially)

Utah Canyon Lands

We chose Canyonlands National Park as the location for these activities because it is
such a vast, beautiful part of the country. Canyonlands features large mesas,
canyons, sheer cliff walls of various stones, powerful rivers, and a rich historical

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Chesler Park to Salt Creek Canyon

Saturday, April 16
The evening will be spent at Avilas Cousins House in Grand Junction
Sunday, April 17
Campsite #1: EC2
Start at Squaw Flat Camp Grounds. Walk to Elephant Hill trailhead, hike south
to the adjacent mesa top, climbing steadily past aromatic sagebrush and
canyons with capped, mushroom-like spires. As you gain elevation, turn
around for a pace-halting scene: The snowcapped La Sal Mountains rise to
12,000 feet behind distant mesas and gorges, while pink-and-white-striped
rock towers line the foreground. At mile 1.3, bear right before passing
through two less-than-10-foot-wide gaps in the slickrock and descending to
Elephant Canyon.
Option: 3.6- mile side trip to Chesler Park
Climb southwest up a side canyon and traverse a sandstone ledge above the
canyon floor. Next, turn left at mile 2.4, and crest a pass bordered by toothy
formations. Soon after, the route enters Cheslers 960-acre expanse stippled
with bunchgrass and rimmed by 800-foot-tall, multi-colored spires. Return to
Elephant Canyon, then head south .6 mile to camp#1 at EC2
Monday, April 18
Campsite#2: BS2
Go south .2 mile to where the canyon forks.
Day hike: Leave your pack (grab day hiking supplies), bear right for a 4.5mile round-trip to 85-foot-high Druid Arch, reminiscent of Stonehenge;
backtrack to pack.
Head southeast up the east fork of Elephant Canyon, and climb a metal
ladder into neighboring Squaw Canyon (mile 11.7). Traverse northeast along
the exposed northern rim of the canyon for a mile. Drop into Big Spring
Canyon and follow it northeast 1.4 miles to your second camp at BS2 (mile
Tuesday, April 19

Utah Canyon Lands

Campsite#3: LC1
Hike northeast less than two miles to Squaw Flat trailhead (take a half-mile
detour to fill water in Campground B), then wind south into Squaw Canyon
through a wide, hoodoo-rimmed meadow. At mile 18.4, veer left for a
slickrock scramble to a 5,480-foot pass; carefully descend a steep pour over
with loose rocks into Lost Canyon. Follow the snaking, cottonwoodlined wash
northeast for 2.5 miles past pools with bullfrogs and salamanders, and turn
right at the junction. Sleep at LC1 100 yards away.
Wednesday, April 20
Campsite#4: Angel Arch Camp
Traverse east on ledges roughly 200 feet above lower Lost and Squaw
Canyons; down climb a ladder through a three foot- wide slot; then descend
stone steps into lower Salt Creek Canyon. Sleep at Angel Arch camp, shaded
by two large cottonwoods.
Thursday, April 21
Campsite#5: SC3
9.1-mile day with a four-mile out-and-back to Angel Arch, named for the
winged figure that seems to be leaning back on a 135-foottall arch. Next,
hike south through grassy clearings with wild rose bushes to Upper Jump, a
15-foot waterfall pouring down tiered ledges. Overnight at SC3 where the
canyon broadens (mile 39.9).
Friday, April 22
Campite#6: SC1
5.3-mile stretch of relics left by ancestral Puebloans in 1200 A.D. Pass a
round stone-and-mortar granary, pictographs (one resembles four figures
playing musical instruments), and cliff dwellings. Camp at SC1 (mile 45.2).
Saturday, 23
On the last day (4.1 miles), follow the overgrown creekbed south. The lush
riparian scenery transitions back to parched desert as the trail gains 1,000
feet in two miles to the rim of Salt Creek Mesa and your shuttle car.
**Pick up at Cathedral Butte Sunday, April 24** There is one day allotted as a
duff day (that day is tbd)

Utah Canyon Lands
Pembroke to Toronto: Carolines vehicle will be used to get from Pembroke to
Airport to Grand Junction campsite: Avilas Cousin
Shuttle to start of hike: Avilas Cousin
Shuttle end of hike to Grand Junction campsite: Avilas Cousin


Departure: Friday April 15

Return: Tuesday April 26
Cost: Free entrance to canyon lands April 16-24
Estimated Budget


$ 360.00

Permits /
Gear rental



Utah Canyon Lands

Total Cost
(flights not
Total Cost
(flights not



$ 540.00


Group Members

Caroline Barker (Trip Leader)

Thomas Barratt (Assistant Trip Leader)
Avila Holland
Peter Langland

Caroline Barker (Trip Leader)

List of Certifications:
WHMIS Certification (2015)
Wilderness First Responder (2015)
Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 3 (2015)
Licensed G Driver (2014)
Paddle Canada Intro Lake Water Tandem Canoe Instructor (2014)
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (2014)
LNT Instructor (2016)
CAN-Fit certified personal trainer
Search and Rescue training
List of Strengths
Detail oriented and self-motivated worker

Utah Canyon Lands

Able to asses and mitigate risk

Good at multitasking and prioritizing tasks
Aware of my own strengths and that of my peers, thus able to delegate
or share responsibility appropriately
Good knowledge and practical application of map and compass skills
Able to read a topographical map
Easy going with a decent sense of humor

List of Goals
To learn about the geological, historical, and cultural history of Utah
and Canyon Lands National Park
To create an accurate and realistic budget for the group
Fundraise enough money to cover 50-100% of all group costs
Challenge myself by planning a trip that is physically demanding but
also fun and realistic
Take skills that I have learned throughout ODA and apply them in the
planning process of this trip
Be physically fit for the hike. To accomplish this I will run 3-4 times a
week of a total of 25km
Thomas Barratt (Assistant Trip Leader)
List of Certifications:
WHMIS Certification (2015)
Wilderness First Responder (2015)
Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 3 (2015)
Licensed G Driver (2014)
Paddle Canada Intro Lake Water Tandem Canoe Instructor (2014)
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (2014)
ORCKA Moving Water 1A+B (2014)
ORCKA Canoe Tripping 3 (2014)
ORCKA Camp Canoe Instructor 1 (2014)
Parks Canada Certified Snake Wrangler (2014)
Standard First Aid w/CPR-C (2014)
Smartserve (2013)
ORCKA Lakewater 1A+B (2009)
List of Strengths
Able to react in a life threatening situation
Demonstrates leadership characteristics and feels comfortable being in
a leadership position
Possesses the ability to assess and mitigate risks

Utah Canyon Lands

Maintains positive attitude in the worst of situations

Reliable source of energy and motivation
Easy going and relatable, personable and engaging
Detail oriented

List of Goals
Successfully and safely run an international expedition
Go on a trip which I will remember for years to come
To experience a new climate and terrain
Fundraise enough money to fully cover our trip
Make a top notch final expedition video
Avila Holland
List of certifications:
WHMIS Certification (2015)
Wilderness First Responder (2015)
Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 3 (2015)
Licensed G Driver (2014)
Paddle Canada Intro Lake Water Tandem Canoe Instructor (2014)
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (2014)
LNT Instructor (2016)
Ski coach Level II
CSIA level I
Search and Rescue training
List of Strengths:
Good organisation and preparation skills
Strong fitness base
Multi day hiking trip experience
Traveled to the Canyon Land area before
Good knowledge of potential trail conditions
Able to identify and mitigate risk
List of Goals:
Improve physical fitness prior to trip departure
To achieve this goal I will: cross country ski, run, swim, at least once a
week as well as yoga and weight training.
Contribute in an equal and positive manner to the group and trip
planning tasks
To use my navigation and map and compass skills

Utah Canyon Lands

Peter Langland
List of Certifications:
WHMIS Certification (2015)
Wilderness First Responder (2015)
Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 3 (2015)
Licensed G Driver (2013)
Paddle Canada Intro Lake Water Tandem Canoe Instructor (2014)
Paddle Canada Tandem Whitewater Canoe (2015)
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (2014)
Mountain Bike Trail Steward (2014)
Smartserve (2012)
LNT instructor (2015)
List of Strengths
Advanced Situational awareness
Educated at evaluating risks and managing them
Great teamwork and core leadership values
Ambitious and Goal-seeking/achieving
Intermediate navigational skills
LNT proficient
List of Goals:
Achieve success in planning and implementing our trip
Use what Ive learned in New Media to take good pictures and create a
trip video the likes of which has never been seen
Experience a new climate and terrain
Use my skills in navigation and compass work