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Mata Pelajaran

: Bahasa Inggris
: 07.30 -09.30


Text for number 1-3
Hi, friends! This is my friend Miranda. She comes from Sulawesi. She was born in Makasar on
June 12, 1980. Her hobbies are singing and swimming. She also likes planting flowers very much. She
lives at 12 Jalan Jaya. She lives together with her parents and two sisters. They are Mr. and Mrs.
Yudhatama, Sherina and Tiara. Miranda studies at SMP 7. Her older sister is in the first year of SMA,
and Tiara is still in SD. They all love one another.
1. What are Miranda's hobbies?
A. Swimming and singing.
B. Swimming and planting flowers.

C. Singing, swimming and planting flowers

D. Singing and planting flowers with her friends.

2. Who is the second child of the family?

A. Yudhatama
B. Sherina

C. Miranda

D. Tiara

3. "They all love one another."

The word "They" in the sentence refers to ____ and her parent
A. Miranda's sisters
C. Miranda's father
B. Miranda's parents
D. Miranda and her sisters
4. To introduce yourself to another, you can say the following, EXCEPT....
A. Hello! I am Haryanto. What's your name?
B. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Tio. What's your name?
C. Maman, this is Ibnu, my brother. Ibnu, meet my friend Maman.
D. I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Indri. What's your name?
5. Teacher
: Good morning, students?
: ___________, Mam
: How are you ?
: Im fine thank you
A. Good afternoon
B. Good morning

C. Good night

D. Good bye

6. Silvi :Where are you from?

Susi : _________ Denpasar, where do you live?
Silvi : I live in Jl Dorowati no 7
A. Im from
B. Ok

C. Thanks

D. Sorry

7. Bisma : I have to go now, its nice to meet you

Bobi : ______________ too, bye
Bisma : Bye
A. Ok
B. Sorry

C. Bye

D. Nice to meet you

Complete the paragraph by using the information in the data.

N a m e : Liza Tanzil
A g e : 13 years old
Address : Merdeka Barat 113, Surabaya
Hobby : reading books
J o b : SMP Student
Hello, my name is ____ (8), _____ (9), years old, an SMP ____ (10). I like ____ (11) very
much. I have a lot of _____ (12). At home I read every afternoon and evening. If you want to
borrow a story book, please, come to my home, Merdeka Barat 113, Surabaya.

8. A. Lisa Tansil

B. Lisa Tanzil

C. Liya

D. Ria

9. A. Thirty

B. Three

C. Thirteen

D. thirty one

10. A. lawyer

B. teacher

C. student

D. students

11. A. reading

B. writing

C. shopping

D. swimming

12. A. books
B. book
C. pool
Arrange these sentences into good dialog
1. Fine thanks and you
2. To the library how about you?
3. Hi Dedy how are you?
4. To library too
5. Not bad, where are you going?
13. A. 3-1-2-5-4

B. 3-5-1-4-2

D. pools

C. 3-1-5-2-4

D. 3-1-5-4-2

C. 3-1-2-4

D. 3-2-1-4

Arrange these sentences into good dialog

1. Oh Im sorry
2. Excuse me, are you Joe
3. Never mind
4. No Im not. Im Rio
14. A. 2-4-1-3

B. 2-1-4-3

15. You meet your friends at 04.00 p.m. how will you greet them?
A. Good morning
C. Good evening
B. Good afternoon
D. Good Night
16. You meet a man and you do not know him. What do you say to greet him?
A. How are you?
C. How is life
B. How do you do
D. How are things?
17. How do you introduce your friend, Lucy, to your mother?
A. Mom, this is my friend
C. Mom, this is my friends
B. Mom, this is my friend, Lucy
D. Lucy, mom this is my friends.
18. You want to go to bed. What will you say to your mother?
A. Good bye, mom
C. Good night, mom
B. See you, mom
D. Good evening, mom
19. Betty lends you her novel. After you read her novel, you say ____
A. Its alright.
C. thank you Betty
B. I am sorry
D. Just moment, Betty
20. Khodijah
: I am so sorry. I cant come to your party.
: -------------.
A. Thank you.
B. never mind

C. youre welcome

21. Sofia
: Good morning, Mr. Fery. This is Shaka.
Mr. Fery
: _________. I am Mr. Fery.
: It is nice to see you too, Mr. Fery.
To express your gratitude you say the following, EXCEPT ___
A. My thanks go directly to you.
C. You're welcome.
B. Thank you very much.
D. Please accept my gratitude.
22. To express apologies we say the following ____
A. Thanks.
C. Please accept my apologize.
B. That's all right.
D. Nothing
23. Heny : Thank you for lending me a dictionary, Ana.
Ana : _____
A. Thank you too
C. You're welcome
B. That's very kind of you
D. Forget it
24. The correct polite command is ____
A. Stand up, please !
B. Dont cry !

C. Write It !
D. Dont go, please!

25. Martha : Can you open the door, _________ !

Dana : Yes, I can
A. help
B. All right
C. please
26. Fikar : _______ to take me a glass of water !
: Of course

D. pardon

D. see you

A. Could you
B. Would you mind

C. Would you like

D. May you

27. You want your sister to wash her shoes. How do you express your command?
A. Wash your shoes, please!
C. You wash my shoes, please!
B. Wash her shoes, please!
D. You wash your shoes, please!
28. Martha
A. Draw

: Would you mind _________ a flower please!

: Ok. I will draw it for you
B. draws
C. drawing

D. to draw

29. You prohibit your brother to ride the bike fast

A. You ride the bike fast
C. Dont ride your bike fast!
B. Dont ride the bike fast!
D. Ride your bike fast!
Read the announcement carefully!
There will be basketball competition on
Bima Sakti stadium at 21st December 2015.
Dont miss it

30. Where the basketball competition will be held?

A. Gajayana stadium
C. San siro stadium
B. Sriwijaya stadium
D. Bimasakti stadium
There will be no basketball extracurricular tomorrow due to Maulid holiday

31. Where does this announcement usually take a place?

A. Hospital
B. Pos Office
C. Supermarket

D. School

32. Why does trainer announce that there will be no basketball extracurricular for tomorrow?
A. because Tomorrow, he is busy
C. because he is busy
B. because Tomorrow is the day of Maulid
D. because he is absent

33. Where do you usually find this instruction?

A. In the truck
B. In the bus
34. The notice means that passenger
A. must fasten their seatbelt
B. may not fasten their seatbelt

35. Where we usually find the notice?

A. At market
B. At Air Conditioner Room

C. In the ship

D. In the plane

C. may fasten their seatbelt

D. must not fasten their seatbelt

C. At toilet
D. At rice field

36. What does it mean?
A. We can sit on the bench because the bench is wet of paint
B. We cannot sit on the bench because the bench is wet of paint

C. The bench is dry from paint

D. The bench damages

37. The meaning of notice or sign above is ______

A. We may park at this area
B. We may not park vehicle at this area

C. we may stand at this area

D. we may not park horse at this area


38. The following warning means that pedestrians should _______ the grass
A. cut
B. not keep
C. not water
D. not walk on
39. Born - 1993 - Luciana - on - was
A. 3-1-2-4-5
B. 3-5-1-4-2

C. 2-5-1-4-3

D. 1-4-2-5-3

40. We _______ the students

A. Is
B. Am

C. Are

D. Does

C. 3-5-2-1-4

D. 3-5-1-4-2

42. Sorry am that I hear to

A. 4-2-1-6-5-3
B. 4-2-1-6-3-5

C. 4-2-6-1-5-3

D. 4-2-1-5-3-6

43. Naziro : Im hungry ____

Verdi : Sure.
A. please bring me some water
B. please get me a box

C. please get me a glass of water

D. please bring me some foods

41. live you where - ? do

4 5
A. 2-3-4-1-5

B. 3-5-2-1-4

44. My mother goes to the market every day. She will make a cake. She ____ eggs, flavor and butter.
A. Buys
B. buy
C. sell
D. sells
45. Robert : Is Brenda fat?
Amin : No, _______
A. He is not

B. She is not

C. He is

D. she is

Putris School
Hi, my name is Putri. I am in the fifth class. I study in SDN Jaya Raya. My school is very
big and beautiful. It has two floors and has twenty four classrooms, five bathrooms, three canteens
and thirty three teachers. There is a flag pole in the yard.
I always go to the school canteen to have lunch in the break time. The canteen sells many
kinds of food and drink.
46. Is Putri in the sixth class now?
47. Does the school have one floor?
48. How many teachers are there at Putris school?
49. Where is the flag pole?
50. When does Putri go to the canteen?

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