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Driver Restricted Stock Unit Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

[This document is intended for clarification purposes only. In case of any conflicts
between this document and the 2016 Driver Restricted Stock Unit Plan the latter
shall supersede. Plan is subject to further legal review and approval by the relevant
committee or board.]
Last updated on March 28, 2016
What is the 2016 Driver Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) plan?
This is a fancy name for a program we are in the process of implementing that gives you, the
driver, an opportunity to become a Juno shareholder and benefit from the companys future
potential success if it goes public or is sold. When Juno was founded, 1,000,000,000 shares
were allocated to its founders. In this program, we plan to distribute 25,000,000 RSUs to Juno
drivers each quarter. The goal is that after a period of 10 years, Juno drivers, as a group, will
also own 1,000,000,000 RSUs / Shares, just like the founders. The other shareholders of our
company will be investors who finance our growth. Drivers earn RSUs by driving with Juno. The
more you drive, the more RSUs you will earn.
What is the difference between an RSU and a share?
As you drive with Juno, you get RSUs. Every RSU will become one Juno Share (or the cash value
of one Juno share) when certain conditions are met.
Who is eligible?
All Juno drivers are eligible to participate in the program. In order to receive RSUs, you need to
be an active driver for 24 out of 30 months. In New York, active is defined as online or busy
for a minimum of 120 hours per month. Note, you will only receive the benefits after these
criteria are met, and an IPO or sale of the company occurs.
How will my allocation be determined?
Every quarter we plan to distribute 25,000,000 RSUs among all eligible drivers, based on
their performance relative to other drivers. For instance, if during the first quarter Juno has
5,000 drivers, and each driver performed equally, each one would earn 5,000 RSUs. The exact
amount of RSUs you are awarded will be determined based on the pay you receive during that
period, with a bonus for top ranked drivers. For instance, if you are ranked among our top 10%
of drivers, your allocation will be bumped by 50%. You will be able to track your allocation in
the app. Note we reserve the right to change this formula in the future - we will provide you
with advance notice of any changes.

When does this start?

The clock determining eligibility (thats the 24 months mentioned earlier) will start ticking as
soon as you start driving with us, even if we havent yet officially launched. However, you will
only start accumulating RSUs at launch. This is expected to happen during 2016. The program is
still subject to approvals from authorities.
How much is this all worth?
The more valuable Juno becomes, the more the underlying shares will be worth. We are a
growing company and cannot guarantee how much these will be worth. What we can do, is work
together to build a valuable company to secure your future.
Where can I learn more?
Once we roll out the program officially, you will receive a copy of the Restricted Stock Unit Plan
and draft Award Agreement documents as well as any other information required by law.

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